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Growing your visibility in your business CAN be fast… if you want to spend a ton of money on ads. OR you can play the long game and leverage other people’s audiences to get in front of your potential buyers.

In this episode, we’ll share our THREE favorite strategies for getting in front of audiences that can become hot & ready leads.

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Alyson Lex 0:03
They say the best time to plant a tree, I don't know is what like 300 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is today. The same holds true when it comes to gaining visibility in your business. The best time to start is yesterday, the second best time to start is today. And the style of visibility building that Jenny and I absolutely love is leveraging other people's audiences. Ads are expensive. Building it by yourself is really, really slow. But when you leverage other people's audiences, you're able to show a group of people who have already been gathered, who have already raised their hand and said they're interested in something like what you talk about. And you get to show your expertise in front of them using the credibility of the person that you're affiliating with. Right, so today, we're going to talk about three of our favorite ways to use and connect with other people's audiences. We just call it the OPA strategy. And it's, I you know, for some reason, every time we we talk or we say Opa, I just hear that are you down with Opa? Yeah, you know me.

Jennie Wright 1:41
Okay, you know, there's literally a blog on my website, right. Are you done with Opa?

Alyson Lex 1:46
I did not. But I have to go read it now. And there's

Jennie Wright 1:50
so good. I also did a quick tip called, are you?

Alyson Lex 1:54
Oh, yes, that's exactly it. Are you down with Opa? We are. Oh, yeah. And our first OPA strategy I've been using, oh, gosh, since like 2015. pretty consistently.

Jennie Wright 2:15
Oh, okay. Yeah, I you started using it before me. I was not ready. Didn't feel worthy, all that kind of crap. But I started using this first method. Probably. What? Maybe 2018?

Alyson Lex 2:33
Maybe about then. Yeah, a few years ago. Yeah. So

Jennie Wright 2:37
yeah. So it's getting on podcasts getting exposure to other people's audiences. Podcasts are a very underutilized, underappreciated way of getting in front of other people's audiences. They're also the slow game. Okay, they were not playing the Fast and Furious over here, we're playing this low game is gonna get you repeated results over time, right. So think about a podcast, you get on one of these things. You know, we there's other episodes that we have about how to get on a podcast, and we have resources on stuff like that, and whatever. But if you're gonna get on a podcast, think about this. It's 2022. And you get yourself scheduled on a podcast for April. And that podcast comes out in May. Right, you record it, it comes out. Awesome. Congratulations. Until that podcast host removes that podcast, from all online distribution. That podcast is always there. And it's always getting attention. Right? What do we do when we find a podcast? We really like? We go back,

Alyson Lex 3:49
we binge, right?

Jennie Wright 3:53
We binge and when we binge we listen to all the episodes or we pick and choose a boatload of them to listen to. And so you will get that exposure. And Allison has like a really famous story about this and how it actually like, has made her money. I like the story. Oh, yeah.

Alyson Lex 4:11
Okay. So I was on a podcast. And it was one of those baby podcasts. I was actually episode number one. I was the first episode of this baby podcast. And I mean, the host just loved me, gave me a great testimonial, all this stuff. And then he put together this little mastermind informal meeting, and one of the other people in that group really enjoyed all of my feedback and everything. And so it was a great relationship. Well, that person referred me to someone who paid me right off the bat $15,000 And then that person referred me to to another, someone who paid me off that $15,000, who has since paid me a lot more than $15,000. And then that person for me to basically, I can trace this podcast, and the relationship that I built with this podcast host to hundreds of 1000s of dollars in my business. Hundreds of 1000s of dollars.

Jennie Wright 5:26
Yes. And what does that tell you about being the first person on a podcast? You know, a lot of people when Allison are like, get on some podcasts doesn't matter if they're baby podcast doesn't matter if they're brand spankin new, you know, we get back,

Alyson Lex 5:37
we get the I don't want to waste my time.

Jennie Wright 5:39
I don't want to waste my time. I don't want to be like if unless they have a huge distribution. I don't want to be on that podcast. Excuse me. We're not here to I don't know, stroke ego on this show up on all of the ones that make sense. And I don't mean, like, get on a baking podcast if your businesses, I don't know, creating it platforms, okay, like don't go on the wrong podcast. But go on all the podcasts that fit. And one, it's great experience. It's huge development in terms of networking, right. The connections that you can make on podcasts are massive, just like Allison told you with like hundreds of $1,000 in business. And I can actually verify this story. I've been analysis life long enough to see that this person continues to refer Allison clients and has come back repeatedly. So true story. Yep. But people are certainly not looking at podcasting the right way. If you come at things, if you come at OPA with an ego, you're better off hiring a Facebook Ads Manager and spending, you know, between two and $10,000 on ads, go do that strategy instead. Opa is a humbling strategy, opa is understanding that

Unknown Speaker 6:59
you have no

Jennie Wright 7:04
you have no placement, that you can lord over anybody. Everybody's equal in Opa. And everybody has an opportunity to create other connections and build stuff up does that? Does that sort of make sense?

Alyson Lex 7:21
It does it does make perfect sense. Because you're not using podcasts, or OPA the other two that we're going to talk about today. It's not just getting it out. The the real profit, the real benefit comes from the relationship that you build. I have an the next one. I'll just, I'll just give you a spoiler. Now then, the next one we're going to talk about is being a guest on summits. I have hosts that I've been on their summit. And they've referred me business because I showed up the right way.

Jennie Wright 8:16
Oh my god, I've gotten so much business that way. Oh, my gosh,

Alyson Lex 8:18
I've built the relationship with the host of the summit. In such a way that it sends me business. It's not always about the lead you get from the thing? Yeah. It's about how they put you in front of their audience on a regular basis. So one of my little ninja strategies for podcasts specifically, is after the recording after you've delivered the value after you've had a good time. Ask them, Hey, do you have a group or membership that you want some advanced training for? How can we work that out? Ask them for the next step in the relationship. Right. You can do the same for summits?

Jennie Wright 9:04
Oh, yeah, of course. It's one of the best things you can do. I mean, what even as a host, and we'll talk about that a little bit later. But even as a host, I'm always asking people, Hey, do you know anybody who would be a good fit and working at that way. So if you don't know what a summit is, and you listen to this podcast, you've been living under a rock, this. Some is our online list building activities are email growth strategies, where you as a host would interview anywhere between 20 to 45 experts, and you release them, they're pre recorded and you release them at a later date. And you include some nice live components and things like that in there. And then the whole goal is to build your list all of your experts promote to their lists, and as a result, you grow your list. So and we have tons of trainings on that go and check in our podcast library. You can find more and we have a special Summit Series coming up. That'll go in more depth about Certain aspects of building a profitable and successful summit. So you can check that out, it's coming up soon. But being on a summit or virtual stages, or in person stages are massive ways to create list injections. So Alison and I were on the same Summit. Last year, I believe it was in I think, April. And this summit got a lot of exposure. It was a huge Summit. I also was producing the Summit and the expert and the you know, the the client had me on, which was great, and had also on Allison, and I saw somewhere in the range. Over the three days of the summit took place, Alison and I both got multiples of hundreds of people to sign up for our lead magnets. And in addition, we also because we drove them to our lead magnets, but we also drove them to this podcast, we saw the biggest download month that we had ever seen at that point in the podcast. So and and we've continued to have people if I look at the metrics on who's listening, and by the way, this this host lives in a different country, and our audience was in was in a different country than Allison and I are we're in North America, this was on the other side of the world. Our audience has increased in that particular region of the world. And our only guests can be that we've maintained some of those people as a result of being on the pocket like us as a result of being on that summit. I've also got clients from that summit, haven't you? Yeah.

Alyson Lex 11:30
Oh, yeah. So showing up on other people's stages can be their summit, their conference, their event, being a guest expert in their challenge. It can also be showing up on their live stream show up the you know, in a in about what is it a month, maybe a month and a half, we have Cheryl who's going to talk about hosting your own show. And those need guests, it's almost like a podcast, but it's it's different. Because it's a stage. So look at stages as any kind of event that people will tune into. And again, don't be snobby. If it's got a small thing, that's okay. Now, you want to make sure it's going to be worth your time, make sure the audience and the topic are a really good fit. This is going to be for anything you do. But it's okay if it's new, or if it's maybe a little the summit that Jen and I were talking about that was her first summit.

Jennie Wright 12:50
It was incredible. It was Yeah. And it was our first time doing an English.

Alyson Lex 12:54
Yes. Yes. Like it was incredible.

Jennie Wright 12:57
Yeah. And I want to pull in something. So, dear listener, have you ever done improv? Improv? There are almost no rules except for one. And the one rule is that you don't say no. Right? You go with the flow, and you go with what's going on. Right? So that's the almost like the yes, let's or Yes, and versus saying, well, and no, or something along those lines. So you're always trying to keep the flow going. And how this applies to you, is when you're looking at opportunities, unless it's a real distinct, non fit for your business. It's in the wrong niche. It's the wrong people. It's the wrong list this and that, then it's a yes. Yes, let's do it. Do you want to go on to live with me? Absolutely. Do you want to be on my clubhouse? On their date? And time? Please? Do you want to do this? Yep, no problem. Because guess what, if you it doesn't matter if you have a $500 program, a $5,000 program or a $15,000 program. You get one client out of one of those things. Boom, right it's it's worth your time unless and this is where I keep talking about ego and I know we're not going to like pontificate on ego today. And apparently I am a little bit but with OPA you can't have an ego

Alyson Lex 14:22
can't and well, and I want to make sure that that we say you need enough of an ego to know you're worth it. That it's worth you showing up that you have something to bring to the table, but not so much of an ego that you think they're not worth it.

Jennie Wright 14:37
That's a different style of ego though. That's not like I'm to to make sure sexy for the you know, it's not that

Alyson Lex 14:45
what is the best singing songs?

Jennie Wright 14:48
I don't know. But it's not that I'm too sexy for thing. It's the I'm not so hottie tottie in my stuff that I am beyond the point I'm beyond doing rice that's

Alyson Lex 14:59
exactly Exactly. So those are the two that we talked about the podcasts and the stages are hopping on to things that other people have created. Now, the third, you may guess, what we're going to tell you to do.

Jennie Wright 15:19
host, John lesbo, maybe

Alyson Lex 15:22
this is where you are creating the opportunity for people to want to come onto your stage and share you with their audience. And this most commonly looks like a summit, it can look like a giveaway, they have very similar promotion strategies, right? A whole bunch of people come together, they provide value, and they all promote the same thing at the same time, you get in front of a bunch of different people at one time. And like Jenny mentioned, in a couple of weeks, we are going to have our Summit Series, which is I'm really excited for it. I think it's we've we've laid it out really well. And it's, it's going to be I think, six episodes, that we were doing six episodes, at least, at least on really step by step on what to do to be successful with Summit. And I think that if you're thinking about a giveaway, you could probably listen to the Summit Series and swap out the word summit with giveaway and easily and still get a whole lot of value. But there are a few things to think about when you're leveraging other people's audiences for your own list build. And the first thing that I'm going to say is don't have an ego. We're not looking now, okay. Jenny and I are of a slightly different tack about this. To an extent, when it comes to the big name, right, Jenny is very much like avoid them all. I would love I like to have one or two bigger names that people want to learn from, in order to be a quote unquote, draw. Yeah, because like he speaks. Like, yeah, marquee speakers, Premier speakers. That being said, they have to actually draw their name has to actually have that kind of poll. And those are really hard to find and get. So hinging all of your thoughts on I'm going to fill my event with Premier speakers, big names, blah, blah, they're hard to get, they're not as big a deal as you think. And they are promotion is usually not as effective. So if you can set aside your ego and say, I'm going to go for the secret weapons, the unknowns, the best kept secrets, the up and Cummings, they are going to likely put more effort into your event, as well as maybe even provide better value.

Jennie Wright 18:14
There was a time not too long ago, where you couldn't get on a summit as again, as a speaker, unless you had a 5000 or better person list. And that was a thing. And it was a it was a thing that was croup that was started by these people who were touting summits as a strategy in your business. They made up that rule. And that rule doesn't work. For many reasons, and we'll go into more of that during our our Summit Series. But I just want to say that, because there's so many of us who no longer accept, that is the minimum list size that we do willing to accept as a summit producer or as a summit host. It opens it up to everybody. It opens it up to people who have a very small but nation following and it opens it up to people who are just starting so if you're thinking Jenny, Allison, this is good, but nobody's gonna accept me because I'm brand spanking new. Nobody's gonna want me on their podcast, nobody's gonna want me on their summit. Nobody's gonna want me on their virtual stage. I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. And if you have that self limiting belief, then you're holding yourself back. So I promised Allison before we record it wasn't going to preach and here

Alyson Lex 19:31
she has broken that like 23 times

Jennie Wright 19:36
23 and a half so yeah.

Alyson Lex 19:39
So okay, so here's the thing with your Summit. You are going to find people who serve the same people that you do in a slightly different way. Okay, it does not have to be a competitor free zone for you. This is Something that I wasn't going to get preachy either but here I am. I would have happily had copywriters on my Summit. Even though they offer copy, like I do, because it's different. It's different than what I teach, it's different than what I do. They serve slightly different people in a different way. Or they might have the same broad audience, but they're there. You know, key in audience is different. And that's okay. So look for people who are around you who compliment you, who you can be build those referral relationships with. There are a lot of people that I've been on summits with I've had on my Summit, that if somebody comes to me and says, Hey, do you know someone who teaches or does XYZ, I have someone now in my pocket that I can send them to. And what it does is it creates a really great community for you a network, networking is huge. And I think really, at the base of Opa, the way that I use it, leverage it in my business, the most successfully is the relationship and network aspect. And of discussion.

Jennie Wright 21:22
Absolutely. And, you know, I don't want to get into necessarily tactics on how to use or how to get on stages and how to get on podcasts, you know, Allison, and I have other resources for that. And we're happy to share those as well. And we can do episodes, and we have in the past. I've even had guests. But I think the main thing here is it's getting out there. And here's you might be saying to yourself, how do we actually do this? Great. Thanks for the ideas. Jenny and Alison. How do we actually do this?

Alyson Lex 21:58
I get it. Alright, here's your challenge. Are you ready? I want you today, today, to go find five podcasts that you can be on. You can use resources like pod match, or or listen notes or I don't care, Google, okay, go find five and figure out how to pitch to them. Figure out how to send a message, hey, I'd love to be a guest. Blah, blah, blah, right? We could talk about that in another episode. Assignment number

Jennie Wright 22:41

Alyson Lex 22:43
This week, I want you to think and look for people that you can collaborate with on a live stream or another virtual or live stage. How can find 115 podcasts one stage? And in the next two weeks, I want you to think about whether a summit is right for your business. Okay, because in three weeks, our Summit Series kicks off with episode number 144. You have already decided that a summit is right. And you can follow along as we help you through the process.

Jennie Wright 23:20
I like that challenge. All right, go get it guys. Go get on there. Go start doing this. We will see you soon. Thanks so much for listening, and we'll be back soon. Take care



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