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You’re doing a LOT to promote your summit. You’re social posting and live streaming and emailing and working HARRRRD… but if your landing page isn’t on point… your hard work will go to waste.

In this episode, we’ll break down what we KNOW works (based on real data)… and share some mistakes to avoid along the way.


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Alyson Lex 0:02
We've talked a lot about promoting your Summit, how to ramp up get the runway that you need, and what kind of posts and emails you can write. We've got a ton of episodes on that. All that promotion means nothing if your landing page sucks, right? So, today, Jason, I am dying to have I know Jenny loves up well, we'd love to talk about conversion, because the truth of the matter is, you'll hear what like what kind of conversion rate is, quote, unquote, industry standard for a good conversion on organic traffic

Jennie Wright 0:43
20 To

Alyson Lex 0:44
35% 20 to 35%. And so if 20 to 35% of your people visiting are registering your, you're doing alright. Minimum minimally, and I Jenny, and I really strive for 50 to 60. We've hit at two and a half. Um, that was awesome. That was awesome. That was a really niched event. So was really excellent, excellent speaker quality. So there's a lot that goes into your conversion rate, that is not your landing page. But there's a lot that goes into your conversion. That is your landing page. And so today, we really just wanted to have a conversation about what that high converting opt-in page might look like.

Jennie Wright 1:33
And luckily, on this topic, Allison and I are in complete agreement. Yeah,

Alyson Lex 1:39
yeah, here we are. We're not gonna fight on this. We're just gonna brainstorm and talk and have a good time, right?

Jennie Wright 1:46
Yeah, we're so not gonna there's nothing on this one that you and I, like have any disagreement on whatsoever? Because when it comes to conversion, you and I feel exactly the same.

Alyson Lex 1:58
If it doesn't convert, it's not worth it. Yep.

Jennie Wright 2:02
If it isn't a hell yes. It's hell no.

Alyson Lex 2:05
And, and so we base everything we know off of the numbers. Yep.

Jennie Wright 2:10
Every single time and the numbers don't I mean, math, and numbers. And data, for the most part, don't lie. Unless you have some sort of a page glitch, which we've had in the past. We're like, well, we're converting so well away. Our stats need to be reset. But that's your remember that one? That was bad. That wasn't an us thing. That was the provider and the provider actually, we Woopsie were like, don't look see anyone

Alyson Lex 2:34
you can't see on conversion, right. So there are a couple of things that people do that, that kind of tanked their conversion. And I really want to start at the top with the headline.

Jennie Wright 2:49
Of course, you're gonna start with copy. Well, why wouldn't I?

Alyson Lex 2:56
What's behind us, hello, copywriter, but your headline is the thing that's going to grab their attention, get them to read more, and let them know that what you have has value for, for the visitor to your page.

Jennie Wright 3:12
And let's just be clear, we have about three seconds to grab people. Yeah, yeah, we have very little time when they get onto a page, they're going to make a snap decision. And then they're going to look around really quickly. So even if they're looking on mobile, and or a desktop device or an iPad, whatever they're looking at, whatever snapshot they can see, as soon as they look at the page, be it the headline and other things that are on that on that page that they can see without scrolling. That's going to be where they make their first snap decision. And the headline is, I agree with Alison is probably the first thing they're gonna see.

Alyson Lex 3:49
Mm hmm. Yeah, I think um, so tick tock. I know at the time of this recording is I know this. There's a segue here. Tic tock is promoting content that is seven seconds in length. Because that is the attention span.

Jennie Wright 4:04
No, they're making Okay, I'm gonna fight with you on that one. They're making that the attention span there. That's driving

Alyson Lex 4:10
okay. If they're making that the attention span, then let's play into that and say we have seven seconds. So just trying to pull up some numbers that backup this three to seven second thing we just dropped on people.

Jennie Wright 4:24
Just try I'm getting sloppy. Here. I

Alyson Lex 4:27
am trying to route this in like data. And anyway, yeah, so we did an episode way back in the ye olden days of System to THRIVE. Episode number five was about headlines. Oh, my. I know we were such babies. It's one of my favorite episodes actually. Because we got to talk about copy the whole time. But if you want to know how to write a good headline, check that episode out. Check out the resource that we have for you there and really focus on this part, because it's going to matter. And then the next thing that you really want on your opt in page is a video. A lot of people are foregoing video on their opt in page, and they're missing a really big opportunity.

Alyson Lex 8:03
That being said, this is your opportunity to begin to connect with your audience. Remember, you're having your speakers send their traffic. And now it's time for them to get to know you. And so there's a really good opportunity for you to start that relationship off on the registration page. Alright, they want to know who they're working with, or who they're signing up for. Which is another thing that Jenny and I teach. And it doesn't belong below your video. But it's a good segue. So I'm going to talk about it. Put your bio on your landing page. So many people aren't doing that.

Jennie Wright 8:48
No, they're not. Not having a bio. A lot of people don't have a bio. When I first started doing summits three years ago, I'd like a landing page and opt in page had a headline, maybe a video and a sub headline with an opt in box. And that was the page. Nobody even put experts on it. And they certainly didn't put a bio. The thing is,

Alyson Lex 9:16
we're inundated with opportunity to learn to register to sign up.

Unknown Speaker 9:24

Alyson Lex 9:28
if we're going to make the decision to register for something, we want more information about what we're registering for. We want to know like, is this worth it? Is this worth getting yet even more email in my inbox that's already bursting at the seams. Is this something I want to invest my time into? Mm hmm. I mean, remember, you're asking your audience for First time commitment and attention commitment. And they may not know you yet, so give them more information than you think they want.

Jennie Wright 10:12

Alyson Lex 10:14
And this is something go ahead, I was gonna say this is something Jenny has really helped me even do.

Jennie Wright 10:21
Well, actually, I can't take the credit because you taught me about it a little bit about it first, in terms of looking at a long form sales page, and talking about different types of readers and people who interpret information. So some people scan some people read some people, you know, there's different ways of learning, with an opt in page for a summit. There's different things that people look at. And depending on your audience, there's a couple things that I think are like super necessity, one of them put the pictures of your speakers on your page, please. First of all, it gives your speaker some, you know, some credit like, Hey, I'm on this thing. You don't want it to be a surprise. The days of doing summits where the speakers are not on the page are long over. So put pictures or just put the speaker pictures on the page. Do not though, do not link their names to the speaker websites, whatever you do, do not. Right. Alison's like cringing right now super hard.

Alyson Lex 11:21
Oh my god, I've seen this. And we've had clients want to do this. And I just

Unknown Speaker 11:26
just know why.

Alyson Lex 11:29
Why would you encourage and this is this is another mistake that people make is they encourage people to leave the page without registering.

Jennie Wright 11:37
Yes. Yes, you do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. Please, for the love. Right, stop, you know, so pictures are the experts is a must. Another thing that really is helpful is an FAQ in the FAQ section, which is usually in the bottom third of your page, you can absolutely look at explaining how the summit works. Right. So this is a totally free Summit. And, you know, yes, there'll be a VIP auction. And everyday, you'll get videos at x time, or there's a live component. Explain how the summit works, because that's a big barrier to entry as well. Because people assume with the summit, that potentially that it could take a lot of their time. And one of the things that you want to say is, you know, the videos are available on demand, like the things that are going to help. The FAQ is supposed to help people make a decision to Yes. And the FAQ is for people who require a lot of additional cajoling a little bit. Yeah, detail detail to make a decision. So make sure you have it FAQs. They don't take a lot of time, it's actually quite helpful. I love them. So do that.

Alyson Lex 12:48
Yeah, I've just started adding those to things I didn't, I used to just include it in the copy because I prayed long, but this is a really great way to pull it out. People look for that kind of thing. The thing that I include, and I'm kind of, quote unquote, branding, this is connection copy. Okay, this is this is copy that is, I know I'm back to copy. This is copy that is designed to build the emotional bond between you and the person, your potential registrant. It is the I understand you copy the stuff that says I know how frustrating it is to experience the frustrations you experience written better than that, please write, I under like, here's why you might be struggling a little bit. Here's one thing. I'm calling this out so that I am showing you not telling showing that I get you, I hear and see, I hear and see you. And that's why I'm committed to blah, blah, blah.

Jennie Wright 14:00
I'm just thinking about the other day when you wrote the connection copy for my next Webinar while you were sitting on the couch with like six cats on your lap. And your kid was running around the living room and you're like connection copy coming and you found it on your phone. And you sent me this perfect connection copy paragraph that went on to my next Webinar landing page. And I just I mean, I just love that you do that. But the connection copy is such an important piece of people leave it out when the connection copy. I mean, if you think about a landing page for a summit, it can be quite formulaic, right? It sounds like okay, but your headline put your video put your opt in box, you know put some FAQ put your bio but where on that page are you getting somebody to go? This is the right event for me on an emotional level. And the headline can usually start that like it's it's the headline kind of lights the match. The video can begin to create a little bit more of that, you know, that warmth that because they're seeing you. But the connection, copy this connection piece. And by the way, it's not buried, it's literally in the second third of the page that gets people to go, she gets me, she sees me, she understands me, she acknowledges me. And she's got a plan for me to achieve success.

Alyson Lex 15:19
I'm laughing because my brain just got stuck on the fact that you said the second third of the page, it took me a second. Oh, you could have just said the middle.

Jennie Wright 15:31
I break pages into thirds, first, third, second, third, third, third, whatever.

Alyson Lex 15:35
Because that's what I was in a row. Anyway. You're funny. You're absolutely right. And it doesn't have to be this overwrought thing. It's just speak from your heart. What's the problem they're experiencing? And how do you help them solve it. And you know, I really like a transition of and your first step is this thing. So don't be afraid of the long form opt in page. Now, because we're going a little long form, we need more than one button. And I know you're gonna say but Alison, earlier, you told me don't include lots of links, but the buttons all do the same thing. And that's get them to register. The point is, we don't want them to have to scroll all the way up to the top all the way to the bottom of the page in order to take their action. We want to give them buttons to register throughout the page. Because it is longer, we want them to have the opportunity to register. When they're ready to register not when you're ready to give them a button. That's really important. The way that the way that I do it in the way that I teach is, if you're building your page on a desktop, it should be every one and a half to two scrolls have your little mouse wheel. It's more forgiving on a phone because we're trained to scroll on phones. But we do not want people on desktop to have to scroll scroll scroll to get to the button. So every one and a half to two scrolls have your mouse wheel and or where it is the most appropriate. Don't just throw a button into the middle of a section. Now we had a summer

Unknown Speaker 17:28
button. Oh look,

Alyson Lex 17:31
a button in the middle of a sentence. Um, we had a client who had like, I don't know, 50 speakers, which OMG. And I actually advise to put a button in the middle of the speakers.

Jennie Wright 17:46
Yeah, the speaker. Yeah, we do that as we build it so that there's a breakout. Yeah, cuz if not, you're just scroll, scroll scroll.

Alyson Lex 17:53
Right now, if you have 10 speakers, don't put a button in the middle. If you have 40 speakers, put a button in the middle, right? Just really look at how you can visually break it up. That's more Jenny, you know, that's Johnny's wheelhouse, but

Unknown Speaker 18:07

Alyson Lex 18:11
And, you know, really just look at how it's going to show up on desktop, on tablet on phone. More than half of your traffic. I would venture to say even three quarters of your traffic is going to be on a phone.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
Two thirds. Yeah. The second third of your second third

Jennie Wright 18:30
of your Yes, yeah. Yeah.

Alyson Lex 18:34
The first and third thirds, first and third thirds of us are going to be on the phone. Yeah, the second third will be on that. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, half to two thirds of your traffic are going to be on the phone.

Jennie Wright 18:45
Yeah. And you have to meet you have to be responsive, your mirror, copy the look of it, everything has to be mobile responsive. And that's a big thing. I love having lots of opt in buttons. I think they make a lot of sense. The other thing is having a pop up. You can give me grief, you can give me love. Pop Ups work. They can love for me, right? They can add they can add some like some some real points, some good percentage points to your opt in page. Sometimes as much as two to three or even 5% More options. And you can love them or hate them but we're trained to see them and we're trained to read them. So use them. They're not hard and you know, pop ups can be really short and sweet and to the point. The next our next point has been the bane of so many people's issues. It can kill and tank your opt in page like nothing else. And it's all about testing.

Alyson Lex 19:52
Oh so many people hate testing.

Unknown Speaker 19:56

Jennie Wright 19:59
I mean Even as somebody who produces and builds Summit's testing can be a pain in the butt, because if you've built it and then you find something wrong with it, you're like, really? I did that? Are you kidding me? Or if somebody on your team builds it, and then you're reviewing it, which also happens, you're like crepes. Why isn't that working or, but this is, but these are the things and I will tell you that if you don't test it, your experts are going to find the mistakes right quick, and they're gonna let you know.

Unknown Speaker 20:31
And you don't want that.

Alyson Lex 20:35
Or you're going to realize, six days into promo that something's not working when you have no registrations.

Jennie Wright 20:43
Oh, we've, we've heard of that happening. Or

Alyson Lex 20:47
you're gonna find that there's a breakdown between your tech and you have to now manually input all these email addresses or something, right, if you don't test it to make sure everything is happening as it should. Emails firing. sign yourself up for your own Summit. When you're done building,

Jennie Wright 21:08
buy your own VIP, hello, test your VIP. If you're on VIP, if you're on Clickfunnels, you can put your funnel into test mode, and they even give you a fake credit card number to test it out, test it out, test out all the things and make sure everything's firing because if you don't, and then you're like, why aren't we getting any VIPs? Well, maybe your product wasn't created properly, or it's not connected to your payment processor, or Alison and I had this happen on her event. And we found it in testing. And we spent about three days testing, we found that when you tried to buy her VIP, instead of it processing the credit card, it just reloaded the credit card form again, every time you hit submit the credit card form or just reload, but no purchase was going through. And that was the whole thing. And you know, we had to it's actually not even a thing that we did it was a Clickfunnels bug.

Alyson Lex 22:02
You know, um, I think I've blocked that from my memory. Yo, but you don't want to test it close to your traumatic, but had we not tested that would have happened right? During live. Yeah, and I would have lost money, I would have lost VIP sales.

Jennie Wright 22:17
Yeah. So if you test early, then you can get these things fixed.

Alyson Lex 22:21
And it also allows you to see the exact

Jennie Wright 22:25
cause customer process, the journey

Alyson Lex 22:28
that your people are on. So imagine that you already have some welcome automations set up. Okay for your your general list. And then you have some summit automation setup for your summit list. And you forget about those welcome automations. And when you sign yourself up for your Summit, you're now getting your summit welcome, and your regular welcome and your VIP welcome and your VIP upgrade. Welcome. And you've been hit with four emails in two minutes. And you are all done.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Then that happened to us last week? For that? Yes.

Alyson Lex 23:04
It has happened to me more often than I've even told Jenny about. Because at this point, I just shake my head and realize they didn't think about what their people I remember I signed up for something. And I think in the first two days, I got almost 20 emails. Because I got event notifications. I got welcome notifications. And I got nurture notifications.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
That's I had whole ring competing

Alyson Lex 23:32
automations set up, and it bombarded me. And had they tested their event funnel.

Jennie Wright 23:43
Mm hmm. They would have seen that the opposite is also true. Remember, we ran into a situation where a client was trying to get people to sign up for their summit. But there was an exclusion automation that if they didn't sign up, if they if they

Alyson Lex 23:58
didn't, if they didn't double opt in, they got deleted.

Jennie Wright 24:02
Yeah, they got deleted within 24 hours and it wasn't even it wasn't even fully the double opt in it was if person is on list but has not opted in for such and such lead magnet. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Removed from list. Well, the pendant person did it deleted. Like I'm talking dozens of people over here.

Alyson Lex 24:22
No more than that. It was I think it was almost half of their total registration. That's right. It was half that. Yeah, you're spending money like ad spend.

Jennie Wright 24:29
Yeah, it was it was it was insane because that part wasn't tested.

Alyson Lex 24:34
So, you know, we might be scaring you a little bit with our horror stories. But

Jennie Wright 24:40
no, I think horror stories helped really learn. It's important.

Alyson Lex 24:43
It's important to to just think through every little piece and how it interacts with everything else that you have set up. There are I think we really went over everything for you Landing Page. I mean, there's nuances and stuff. But, you know, this is a limited time

Jennie Wright 25:04
show. So honestly, we could do a masterclass. But that's not what this could and we probably should at some point, right? Absolutely. Well, we can talk about this forever. But yeah, I think it's just, it's a conversation that you, it has to be had. But it's also a sticking point. It's why we work on landing pages and funnels so hard. I mean, Alyson and I, our whole goal is conversion with a copy with the visuals with the flow. And I think that's why we work so well together. But yeah, so I recommend that you listen to this episode, I recommend you go look at episode number five for the headlines as well. And you can hear baby Allison and baby Jenny from the beginning of the podcast, because things were definitely done.

Alyson Lex 25:48
Did we ever go back and re edit that audio? I don't say yes. Before we look to it. Now.

Jennie Wright 25:54
Caveat enjoy the audio. Because those were the baby days before we knew what we were doing. And we've purposely let it I mean, yes, we could have gone back. But no, we're not going back. We really should. But I pretty bad. It's pretty bad. I forewarn you with the breathing sounds because oh my god, I did not know how to edit them out. And,

Alyson Lex 26:15
and we didn't know how to breathe for mics at that point. So we get super excited. And we will be like,

Unknown Speaker 26:22
oh, oh my god. It pains me

Jennie Wright 26:28
to think of what those sounded like. But it was so much fun to do. Whatever. Anyways, head on over to system to Check out the show notes for this episode, go check out Episode Five. There is actually also a good download on that episode. So you can go grab that download, and it'll help you with your headlines. And then if you need help with your summits, head on over to system to and connect with Allison I we can absolutely have a conversation about how we could support you and what that might look like and you know, things like that. And you can also please leave us a review on Apple podcasts or wherever that you're listening. And if you have any questions reach out to us as well. So thanks so much, everybody. We're glad you're here. Thanks for coming along for this ride with this Summit Series. We still have two more episodes to go in terms of what we're going to talk about in this series. And that'll wrap up this Summit Series. We'll talk to y'all soon. Take care



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