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If you google how to launch your product, program or service… you’ll get a million different ideas from a million different people. BUT not every strategy is right for your business AND not every launch plan will succeed. 

How do you know the difference? Listen to us talk with Launch & Process Strategist Lara la Sala about how to pick the right thing for your business, your goals, and your abilities… and when it’s time to give a tactic a pass.


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Alyson Lex 0:03
When you're thinking about releasing a new program product, or re releasing or opening your cart, you're probably going to Google launch strategies. And what you're going to get is a bajillion different suggestions from a bajillion different ideas from, you know, different people, all claiming that this is the best idea ever. And this is the path that you should no matter who you are follow. And that would be wrong. If you've listened to us for more than four seconds, you know, we are not about that life. And that is why we have asked Lera Lasala to come today because she is all about customized launch strategies for your business. In fact, that's what she does launch and systems strategies. So Laura, thanks so much for being here with us today.

Lara la Sala 0:56
Thank you for having me.

Jennie Wright 0:59
Hi, go ahead. Awesome, go, No, I was just gonna leave, I was gonna get in before we started because Lera and I had an opportunity to work together, which was awesome. So we've already got a bit of history, we were working together on a previous team for a while, which was great. And we got to know each other, we're both really distinct personalities. So until I actually figured out how to really work well, with Laura, I actually was struggling to understand because she's such, she's so you guys are going to learn today that she's so good at what she does, because she's done this so often. And I felt like I was a little bit like I was good at what I was doing. But I maybe wasn't as great as what she was doing. So it was. So it was a lot of fun to work with her and and learn from her. And you know, now after that that sort of working relationship sort of has been able to finish, we've been able to stay in touch and kind of keep this, you know, keep this thing going, which is great. So I'm glad you're here. Because you and I when we work together, we did a bazillion launches in a very short period of time.

Lara la Sala 2:00
But we did. And I just have to say, I probably felt the same way at the time that you were really good at what you were doing. And I wasn't as good as what I was doing. So that's so funny that you say that and that, you know, that perception that we have. And yeah, I mean, we've grown to have a really nice friendship. And I really, I'm really excited to have this opportunity to chat with both of you. Absolutely.

Alyson Lex 2:23
I'm just going to say I love it when I can watch two people fangirl over each other. Because it makes me it makes me happy. Now to the question I was going to ask before I was so pleasantly interrupted Jenny. Sorry, hey, do you think that there are so many different processes and systems? And though one strategy that rules them all? Why are there so many of those?

Lara la Sala 2:54
You know, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Because I'm like developing my own group program. And, um, you know, I've obviously been doing I've been in the online space for almost seven years, we've seen a lot of launch strategies over that time. And I was thinking, like, there's not many that are like that new, right? I mean, everything's kind of like an iteration of something else that somebody else already created. And it's really people putting their own framework or propriety, or trademarking, or, you know, this certain process that they've developed out of these already existing strategies that people have been doing for years. Right. And so, I think, you know, just like anything in the coaching industry, it's becoming really saturated with all you know, all of these different options. And one of the things that I see a lot is that, you know, there's always like, the, the latest and greatest, right like that, like this, this new strategy that comes out, that's kind of again, like an iteration of existing strategies. And a lot of people see that and, you know, works for one person, and then they're, like, you know, everybody kind of like, oh, this is the new thing to do. Right. And so I think it's, there's a lot of different formats of strat, you know, different kinds of strategy, but they're, but they're all kind of iterations of very similar things.

Jennie Wright 4:17
With a weird part is that, also I'm going to interrupt you again. But the weird what the weird part is, is that and I think this is, this is a strange part of our industry, because you and I and Allison we all do lunches is that there? Isn't anything supremely new. Everything is a recombination it feels like, right, I feel like it's Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, and we're just mixing up the scoops to make a different style, which is totally fine. Because that, you know, that depends, but I also find that when we look at this, there is no one size fits. All. Right, right. And I think one of the struggles that people like you and I have is, and I would love your opinion is that, you know, we get clients occasionally who think that if they run it like Amy Porterfield if they run it like Marie Forleo if they run it like, you know, whomever, Russell Brunson whatever, yeah, if they, if they do launches like these people, they're going to be guaranteed the results. And I think the misnomer and I'd love your opinion on this is those people have already put in the bazillion hours of work, and they've got the teams and they've got this and that. But how do we take those big, beautiful strategies that we see those people do? And how do we? How do we integrate those into somebody who's at five fingers and wants to go to six?

Lara la Sala 5:38
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think there's a lot of things when and I've definitely been through this with clients over the years, again, that there's like this new strategy that their friend did, and it worked really good for their friend, or you know, what I mean, they see someone else that's like, crushing it with a strategy. And they're like, oh, man, like, I should run it, I should do that, like I've been looking at, you know, people are like seeking that, that magic bullet kind of thing, right? Like, what's the thing that's gonna finally, like, take them to the next level? And the thing is, is that we don't know that the behind the scenes of anybody else's business, mostly, you know? And so, like you said, Jenny, you don't know. Well, first and foremost, I always think when you're considering any strategy is to think about if it aligns with your company values, right. And so I've seen that a lot, where there's these strategies that are very still in like, the kind of hustle right, like, pace, and I've had clients are like, oh, I want to do that, right. And like, well, we've been talking about, like, doing the opposite of the hustle, you know, so like, this might not be the strategy for us. So I think looking at strategies that align with your company values, and in order to do that, you need to know what your company values are, right? Like, what and what direction you're, you're taking your company, and what things are important to you and your team. So I think that's, you know, that's the first thing to look at. And sometimes there's launches that are super complex, you know, I've done I've done those, right. I mean, what my first launch, I did, when I came into the online space, when I didn't even know what I was doing. Honestly, it was it was a seven figure, like stacked event of like, webinars, challenges, like q&a, like that whole thing. I mean, it was like a bunch of moving parts. And like, if you don't have the systems, the team, the resources, the budget, to execute those, well, you're gonna, you're, you're gonna have really unrealistic expectations on the results that you're going to get. And it's gonna be really deflating, you know, so I think it's really important when people are looking at what strategy to do and how to combine those different, like conversion events, with nurture, with, you know, all of that, is to really look at what do you Where are you at currently in your business? And is this strategy going to support? Or is that going to support the success of this strategy? You know, this journey, right, like on you, and you probably to us, and we're just getting connected? Like, a lot of people will launch a strategy where you need to already have an highly engaged audience, right. And they run it. And without a highly engaged audience, they have no runway, right? They have no nurture leading up to the launch. And then it falls completely flat. And they're going well, I did it just like this other person did it. Why didn't I get those same results? is a huge thing. Yeah. So I think that's so important. Go ahead, Allison.

Alyson Lex 8:23
Yeah, no, I was gonna jump in. So I invested in a coaching program that was, you know, promised a to z and all of that stuff. And it was run by somebody that I really respect and had worked with in a different capacity in the past. And what ended up happening is that, yes, their strategy could be A to Z. If, right, and that if was not discussed. Well, I didn't meet the if, yeah. And so I didn't make any money from that entire, and it was not a small investment. Actually, Jenny, I just paid it off. Just paid the credit card bill off yesterday.

Jennie Wright 9:10
That's all done. I'm really glad.

Alyson Lex 9:12
But you know, and so I really I understand. And I think that that's something that's really important to talk about is is that quick little test that you just said, Is this going to support my business where it is right now? I think a lot of times we get so aspirational and so ambitious, that we think we can overcome. Yeah, and frankly, there are some things that just can't be overcome if you have five Instagram followers. And what you want to do requires that you have 5000 Instagram followers. That's not something you can overcome in the next few months.

Lara la Sala 9:52
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I agree. And I love this actually, I was thinking about this radio Recently as well, I did a, I did a social media post on my, on my personal profile about it was kind of cheeky, but just about if if we started requiring coaches to publicly share their revenue, like their numbers saw that, yeah, that a lot of people might stop posting like about how much revenue they're making. And I'm really with that I was really going deeper into like the honesty of what people like post, you know, in terms of their results. But one of my former clients, the person that I did that my very first seven figure launch with actually posted on there, um, because some people were saying, you know, I don't have a lot of overhead, like, you know, I run an online business, there's not a lot of overhead, most of my expenses go to coaching and mentorship. And my former client jumped on, she said, that's so funny, I never really spent a lot of money on coaching and mentorship, she said, all of my investments were in team and systems. And I said to her, I said, You are one of the only and the few people that I work with that have fully leveraged their team and their systems, to the benefit of their business. But she didn't even need a coach or mentor because she was tapping into her team's expertise. And they were her advisor. They were her consultant, they were her coach, because and this speaks into what you were saying, Allison, when you're looking at their strategy, you're like, Well, how do I know if it's for me? Ask your team, yes, in the behind the scenes of your business they know but your business better than any coach or mentor that you're going to jump on a sales call with, it's going to try and pitch you into a program without knowing if you meet those requirements. Like you said, Allison, your team knows. And I had I honestly I've had really honest conversations with many of my clients, like in the past year, because like, people just don't do that, right. We're in this kind of this strategy of not strategy, this mindset of like more and more and more more leads more sales more this more that right. And like we're not maximizing what we're what we already have. And that is again, leaning on the expertise of your teams before you go out and you buy a course or you invest in a coach, talk to your team, because I know, I've had clients that have invested in things. And after the fact, I was like, I've done that strategy before with other people. And I could have told us that we didn't have the systems and the team in place to execute it successfully, you know, and then you're in this, you know, this situation that they've already invested. And you know, it's after the fact and you've just got to run with it and make the best of it. And I've had clients that we've still done it really successfully. I've had clients where it was like, okay, lesson learn, right. And now we know for next time. So I think that's super important when you're thinking about it's not listen, the marketing is so flashy, right? It's so like, everything's like, yeah, we we're going to we're going to give you everything on a silver platter, all the processes, all the copy templates, all the things, right, that's not the stuff you really need to know that stuff can be created, you need to know if the strategy is going to be successful. And if you have the stuff to make it to make it

Jennie Wright 13:07

Lara la Sala 13:10
I want to say about that.

Alyson Lex 13:12
I mean, tell me how you really feel

Lara la Sala 13:15
I got really passionate about this. So

Alyson Lex 13:17
well. And you said something that I just wanted to quickly clarify like your team does not mean you have 30 employees sitting in your office with you. It is your copywriter, your list build producer, your launch strategist, your you know, business bestie your VA,

Lara la Sala 13:35
I have clients that, you know, they can tell you, Oh, we ran this lunch and the VA will say, Yeah, we were burnout. You know, like, they can tell you like that running strategies like that, like, Okay, what do we get to do differently, you can ask every level of your team, I work most of my clients honestly have like three team members. You know, I have clients that have 10 to 15 team members, but a lot of my clients have really small teams, but they're experts in what they do and on in their role on the team. And they all have valuable feedback to provide.

Jennie Wright 14:09
I have been on a team where the client had a coach and the coach is like, you need to do this strategy. XYZ. And everybody on the team was like, that's not gonna work is not gonna work at all. And the clients like, well, we got to do it because my coach told me we're gonna do it. And I've, you know, I've committed to doing it, we're doing it by this date. And the whole team is like, Okey, dokey, here we go. Right, you do it. And you're gritting your teeth through the whole thing. And then, you know, the clients like, Why didn't that work? And they're looking at the team going, why didn't it work, guys? And the team's like, well, we kind of told you this was gonna happen. Yeah. So I like the idea of leveraging your team more because quite honestly, you could save yourself a ton of money if you listen to your team because depending on who's on it, they're going to be the experts. In the thing, yeah. And they're worth listening to.

Lara la Sala 15:03
And they're the experts in the behind the scenes your business and what they know what's already where, you know what, and they're on other most most of my clients are working with contractors, right? Sure they're on other teams, they've seen these strategies, they've run them, they've executed them. So they have first hand experience, and what the experience is like, for the team and for the CEO, and if it's, you know, if it's a viable strategy for, for that business, and it's incredibly credibly empowering to the team members and makes them feel more invested in the business, if they're asked their opinion, and to be part of the process, like if you ask them to be part of it, and provide their feedback and things, I think it really makes them more invested in the business versus just, I'm a contractor for such and such person. And my job is to put up such and such landing page, it's

Jennie Wright 15:47
more like, they're really in it, which I like, yeah.

Lara la Sala 15:51
And everybody gets to share in the results, then. And that's great. You know, and it brings the team closer together. When you go through that experience like that, and everybody's like feedback and experience is taken into consideration on those decisions.

Jennie Wright 16:04
So Allison, I've been dying to ask you, okay, because we do this, too, we're dying to ask you this question. What is your favorite launch stack strategy? Oh,

Lara la Sala 16:15
my favorite launch track strategy.

Jennie Wright 16:20
And buy launch stack if people don't understand this is the different components that you bundle together before the launch to help make it a successful launch. It could be webinars and challenges and summits and Facebook ads, and all these different types of things. And, you know, I'm just really curious, Laura likes to use you.

Lara la Sala 16:39
Well, I think it I mean, I love I love challenges personally, like a challenge. And then to like a conversion event, like a webinar, or something like that. And honestly, the shift I've been seeing that I really like, personally, is incorporating really like more personal outreach as part of as part of those things. So I think there's this, like, for teams, or for companies that don't have like a high volume yet, of, of audience, I think the personal outreach is what I found to be most effective. So I love like the challenge strategy to a webinar stack. And then like the personal outreach, interwoven, I think that goes back to the like maximizing what you're already doing, you know, really, in terms of like, challenges. Most people have the content already for a challenge, right? They've done Facebook Lives, they've done you know, they have all of the content. So it's not like a heavy lift in terms of like recreating, like an entirely new flow. It's figuring out the stuff you already have, how to piece it together, and like a really solid journey for the for the people that's going to get them a result at the end. And then weaving in really that that personal touch throughout it.

Jennie Wright 17:57
I was dying to ask that question. We I totally agree. We do the same sort of, you know,

Alyson Lex 18:03
it's funny I was. Yeah, I mean, I love the engagement event, like a challenge. Yeah. For other people. For me, and this goes to where it's not just about. I mean, I know it has to be was right for your audience. But for me, personally, I struggle to maintain that, can that show up? Yeah, like I run it. I call it running out of charm. So I'm not showing up the way I want to by the end of it. Yeah. So it's not really the best fit for me. It has to be like, uh, you know, stars align unicorns floating. Yeah, rain clouds kind of thing. But one of the things that, that I just thought of while you were talking is we really look at different aspects of it, you have traffic, how am I going to get eyeballs on my thing? Right? Then I have entry? How am I going to get them into my world? Then you have sales? How am I going to sell them? And in there, you can stack in all these different things. Why I can run Facebook ads, I can do live streams, I can be on podcasts, I can do all this. That's traffic. Right? And then how am I going to get them into my world? Why I can do a challenge I can do a webinar to do a summit I can do this, I can do that. Then how am I going to sell to them? I can do a sales page. I can do a webinar I can do one on one call I can write like and so it becomes a mix and match book almost you just kind of pull these things and put it together apart.

Lara la Sala 19:34
That's the fun part of it is it's like a puzzle. And like it's fun, like that's my favorite but I love like watching like I love it. I know there's so many you know I see Facebook ads or like get out of the live launch and like, do it right if you have the team and the systems and your and your strategies aligned. It can be so fun. I have a client we're doing the Kelly rich live launch method right now and We are having so much fun. And that's like a, you know, there's a lot of moving parts to that strategy. And we're just we're having so much fun. I said, we jumped on a connection call yesterday, like after one of the lives and, and I just said, I said to the I said to the CEO, I said, I'm just like, I can just feel we're so grounded together as a team, this strategy. And it's, and it's fun. And so I love I love piecing together all I mean, that's what I do. together all those things.

Jennie Wright 20:27
Yeah, I love that too. It's one of the, it's so much fun to take something and create the jigsaw puzzle that becomes the live launch. And live launches really do give you so much data, and so much information on how people actually respond to the offer. And I'm always telling people not to go into the automated launching until they've live launched like a bunch of times, like, yeah, a bunch of times, you absolutely need to be doing that. Because if you if you live launch once and then go into automated, it's too quick, in my opinion.

Lara la Sala 21:03
I agree. Yeah. And you see God, oh, God, no, continue,

Jennie Wright 21:07
I was just gonna say like, I think it's better to live launch. If you if you know, the product is eventually going to go evergreen, I think it's important to live launched three, maybe four times just to really get out all the kinks and figure out all the things and improve the stuff that needs to be improved and eliminate the things that don't need to do need to be part of it. And it really like gets that launch strategy down. And I think it leads to a better product and a better experience.

Lara la Sala 21:32
Yeah, I agree. And again, that's like, that's where the magic is, is the once you launch something first, and you have a baseline of what worked and what didn't work. It's like tweaking all of you know, all of the little levers and seeing doing it again. And I think that's another thing that people don't do very often. Maybe they do something once and they're like, Oh, it didn't work so well. And then they, you know, they kind of trash it and move on to the next thing without giving things enough time to like figure out well, what like debriefing, right? And what didn't work? And even if we're going to do the same strategy again, or we're going to do something different, at least we know, like, what worked from that strategy? What didn't you carry that forward?

Alyson Lex 22:13
We have been talking a lot as three marketing experts who know all of this stuff. Because I mean, you said you've been doing this thing for just about seven, seven years, Jenny have been eight ish, eight or nine.

Jennie Wright 22:27
It'll be nine in like two weeks. Yeah. And I'm coming up on 15. I

Alyson Lex 22:32
think I don't even know. Yeah, I'm coming up on 15. So like, there is some experience here in the marketing world, and specifically with online marketing, and product sales, product launches, those sorts of things. What about somebody who doesn't have all that? Who? And you know, the majority of our listeners, are business owners and their expertise is their business, not our business? How to? How do we figure out what to do? Where to start? who to trust? How do we help them do that? I have my thoughts, but I want you to know the guest.

Lara la Sala 23:09
Yeah, I mean, there's lots of different ways to do that. You know, I mean, there's, there's tons of free resources out there, of course, free resources out there, of course. But I really think figuring out there is there is value in investing in an expert and figuring out how to do that. And that doesn't mean that you have to, you know, jump into a 12k or 15k mentorship with someone, right? But figuring out looking for those people that you follow that feel you feel good when you watch them. And then when you follow them, right, there's people that you can feel that your values are aligned, and that they're running their business the way that you want to run your business, you know, and again, you never, you never always seem like the full picture. But you get it, you know, you get the vibe from people I people that I follow, you can tell they're really genuine, they they run their businesses and in integrity, and, you know, seeing what, how to leverage the resources that they do have. And I think it's, it's a lot of trial and error when you're at that point. You know, it's I think one of the most important things really is the systems piece and looking at even if you don't have a team yourself looking at the statistics, and what's working and what's not working, because people run things, and they're always looking at the top number, like how many registrants do I have? How many followers do I have? Right? They're not looking at the things like engagement. They're not looking at the landing page conversion, Jenny, I know you know all about this. I know how you are about your landing page. And you know, they're not they're not looking at their numbers. And that can feel scary because people you know, people aren't numbers people but that's where all the gold is, you know, and so even if you're running a master class by yourself, right? It's like having some layer of systems in place that's giving you data and helping you learn each time you do it, like how to do it a little bit a little bit better. And I think there's a ton of free resources out there for that. And again, it's following people that are doing it, that feeling aligned, you know, in alignment, these people do share a lot of free free value and stuff like that.

Jennie Wright 25:23
Absolutely. And I want to wrap I'm going to round this conversation, because we've been talking about launches and the different things and your favorite launch stack. And, you know, we're all thumbs up and loving this. What launch strategies need to disappear from the face of the earth and never be seen again? Oh, good question. All right. Let me it's a hard one right for a little bit. It is. It is a hard one. So I I wanted. Allison has one little word.

Alyson Lex 25:50
I have one. I'm gonna buy Lera some time to think with mine, which is the fake cart close. Oh, the cart closes in 24 hours, the carts closing the carts closed. And then three minutes later, by the way, I've reopened it. Yeah, due to popular

Jennie Wright 26:07
demand. Nobody's demanding it. Like that big

Alyson Lex 26:12
cart close reopen thing that is my go away. Strategy.

Jennie Wright 26:18
Mine is the faked live webinar. Oh, yeah, the faked live webinar where you I don't care. Like I know people use the tool, and that's fine. But it says like, there's 24 people currently on this webinar. And it's that it's all baked and fake, right. It's, that's fine. And I understand that people use that strategy. And they think it's great and awesome. Have at it. But I don't like that strategy. And I wish it would go away. Because you get a lot of people who are like, I thought this was live. And they're asking questions, you know, they're trying to get their questions answered, and there's nothing happening. So I think that should disappear as well.

Lara la Sala 26:52
I mean, I think all of the fake fake names should just go see there's a theme here. People know, like, people know, they're not stupid. You know, I think it I think it really undermines the integrity, you know, and people, I mean, people still people are still running these strategies, because they work to an extent, right. And I think there's, I mean, I've really seen a shift in like, the people that I'm working with, where we're really like letting go of that stuff. And it's like, Oh, I know, I know, one. I don't know if this would be like a launch strategy. But the I just opened up my calendar spontaneously today to do coaching calls. Oh, my gosh, when I, when I see that I like onStop on the text messages, you know, like, and I know, like, I mean, that's when it's been around for a while, but it's like, I work in the back end of people's businesses, like we know, we know, in advance. We know or planning that out a month in advance. Like, No, you didn't spontaneously wake up this morning. Like just say, hey, we have 10 spots open on our calendar today. You know what, I gotta make it like, yeah, I got this morning and thought of you. And yeah, 10 spots on my calendar. Yeah.

Alyson Lex 28:00
Me is Jenny had a trip planned and wasn't able to go. Yeah. And I said to her, I said, email your list and get some calls booked? Yeah. And she said, so her email was I think I wrote like that the, you know, the bonus, and she justified it. But it was basically like, Hey, I was supposed to go on this trip this weekend. It got canceled. I don't have anything to do want to talk you want to you want to talk? And because she had set it up so that she was authentic with her people. They believed her which is good, because it was true. Yeah. And you made money from that.

Jennie Wright 28:37
Oh my god, I was I bought up 38 calls from that. Wow. And out of the 38 calls I probably booked I think the results are written out somewhere there and some blog, but it was something like at the time like six by close six or seven clients right there and then and then closed another 10 or 11 You know, future down the road, but I was authentic about it. Like it was true. I was supposed to go on this ski trip and I got I got a I got bronchitis and I had a fever of 104 and then it dropped and everything but I still couldn't go on the trip because I had bronchitis Yeah, right so I couldn't go and I was really authentic about it but I like the fake Yeah, I don't want that anymore.

Lara la Sala 29:14
No, I mean if it's genuine go for like go for it because that again it works right but when it's just inject anything disingenuous Yeah, you know, I just don't think like you said like the fake cart closes the I have clients who are now moving into like rolling and you know, their programs were rolling into enrolling enrollment rather than having you know open opening closes and so we're you know, that's a that's a big way to do it. There's a lot of different things you got to think about when you when you shift to that and then so it's like, how do you still create that urgency for people to buy without the fake without all the fake stuff?

Jennie Wright 29:49
I have one last big thing. And that is the email that is like re Colin

Alyson Lex 29:56
right like the fake reply

Jennie Wright 29:59
the fake reply I read your invoice we I missed your call re

Lara la Sala 30:04
whatever our our call today

Jennie Wright 30:06
or call today? Yes, all of those all of those.

Lara la Sala 30:09
I think about that all the time. Those all the time because I get you know, we all got them all the time. Email marketing is one of my I was I was in I'm in an entrepreneur's group and someone posted like what are your best, you know, highest open rated subject lines? Gosh, guys, the stuff people were posting, I was like, it was so spent, like just like baby January again. And I was just like, I can't believe people are promote even sharing that they're that they're doing these things like it was like your crypto had I don't know. It was like the weirdest stuff. And I was like, oh, man, I was disgusting.

Alyson Lex 30:43
Well, and what happens is, it's like those vanity metrics, right? Oh, I have so many followers. Oh, my email got open so many times, you know? 79%, open rate. Okay, how many people clicked? Yeah. How many people? Right. So that kind of stuff is his vanity metric. Because you're not looking at it in the full context of everything going on in your business, which is really where having that complete, holistic, just full view launch strategy comes into play. And that is what you help people with as well. Right? So how can people get in touch with you.

Lara la Sala 31:28
So you can follow me on Facebook on Instagram, and my website is Lola salad calm, I'm going to be restarting a live stream every week in March. So that'll be upcoming as well. So following me on Facebook and Instagrams the best way to stay in touch.

Alyson Lex 31:47
And one of one of the things that I noticed when I was doing some light book, call it research, stalking on lawyer's website is that she has a one on one consult that you can buy. That's like, you know, your launch, customized launch strategy console. And that's a good way to kind of try someone out, get some information, get some help get to know someone. So in addition to the free stuff that Larry was talking about earlier, you can always look for stuff like that, head to our website, which is in our show notes at system to And see if one of her packages will help you out as well.

Jennie Wright 32:29
I took a look at them. I think they're really, really reasonable in terms of what you get. So I would, I mean, considering because I know your value, because I've worked with you. Right? Like, I think those are pretty reasonable. So this was a lot of fun. I mean, you know, I remember I remember when we worked together and, and there were, there was stress, and which was awesome that it I'm glad we've been able to move past that past that because quite honestly, and this is not being weird or anything. But sometimes we butted heads because there was so much going on. Right. And it's nice to get to know you and to have like worked on a friendship that is outside of that. And I realized, you know what, like, in the, in the, in the heat of the moment, there was a lot going on, you know, and I was getting frustrated at times and stuff like that. So it was just really cool to, to see you in a in a non crazy timeline deadline.

Lara la Sala 33:23
Like, yeah, I think I think some of those experiences were, you know, just made it clear on on what, what I do want to do and what I don't want to do and the relationships I do want to have in the relationships I don't want to have and I think those are all, you know, and honestly like launches, bring that out, right? Like, yeah, because they are they're really intense periods. And that's why they're, that's why I love them. Because there's so much learning that gets to happen if you take the time and the energy to capture it. And there's really great, you know, your team bonds, right and like learns and learns together. And that's why I think they're so they're so valuable to your business overall. They teach you a lot about your overall business, as well. And Jenny, I'm just super grateful that we've gotten to stay connected to Yeah, love seeing how much you've grown and like, you know, it's just, yeah, blown up

Jennie Wright 34:12
some salutely Absolutely. And I love like Alison and I have done so many live launches together now. We know our stressors, we know how the other person is going to react. We're able to be really real with each other. And do not book vacation before launch. am awesome. Yep, she's not going to leave that one out on Oh, I love

Alyson Lex 34:32
her try not to move during the summit. Oh, you did that twice. Sorry.

Lara la Sala 34:39
Sometimes it takes us a couple times to do in the season. We

Alyson Lex 34:41
get snarky with me right.

Jennie Wright 34:45
Oh my god. I love the Snark so we know each other pretty well. We know what we're gonna do in a launch. We know how to react right? Just cool. So everybody head over to system to Check out those episodes, show notes. Make sure you get in touch I mean Leros. Pretty cool. You've heard everything from her today, which I think is awesome advice. If you're live launching, check it out. You know, see, see how she can potentially help you. And I'm really glad you've been here. So thanks so much for doing this. And we'll talk to you soon. I hope hope we we have another conversation. That'd be nice. Sounds great.

Lara la Sala 35:17
Thank you so much for having me.

Jennie Wright 35:18
All right, everybody. Take care. Thanks so much for being here. We'll talk to y'all soon. Bye.



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