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Do you want to grow your business and your income… but you’re already burning the candle at ends you didn’t even know existed? And because of this you feel that you can’t possibly make more or grow to where you want to go… because you simply don’t have the time, energy or bandwidth to do anymore.

Enter the discovery of balance in your business and how Fabienne Fredrickson has grown her business to multiple 7-figures for 10+ years. Her strategies, surprisingly… involve doing less to make more!

She’ll break it all down in this episode.


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Alyson Lex 0:03
We've all probably heard the term leverage, especially as it comes to your business. But you may have wondered, what does it really mean? And what's more? How can you make it happen for yourself? There are a few things that might be standing in your way. And Fabian Fredrickson, she's got a book that helps you with this exact thing. And today, she is going to share how you can get that kind of leverage in your business to make your life better. So Fabian, we're so excited to have you here with us today.

Fabienne Fredrickson 0:38
I'm delighted, thank you for having me.

Alyson Lex 0:42
So I referenced your book. And actually on the little subtitle, I guess it's called it talks about going from overwhelmed at six figures to kind of loving your life that seven figures. Is that really possible? Talk to me about that? Mm hmm.

Fabienne Fredrickson 0:58
Yeah, loving your life so much that you're not working evenings, weekends, and you can take 14 to 16 weeks of vacation unplugged a year, while your business continues to grow, your impact your income and all that. So yes, it's very true. This is a methodology that I've been putting together for 21 years now. It is something that has come from working literally with 10s of 1000s of women, mostly women, a few great guys, too. And it's all about understanding that what got you here at six figures, making eight to 10k a month consistently, is actually not going to get you there. If you want to get 20k 50k 75k 100k a month with your life back. I'm not looking to I know plenty of people who are making you know, 2 million a week hope not, I don't know plenty of people who are doing that plenty of people who are doing really well but have zero life. So it's about understanding that what got you here won't get you there. But to grow, you need to do less, better.

Jennie Wright 2:18
Or there's you add anything less. And that's why we

Fabienne Fredrickson 2:22
work less, and it's by working less than you will grow, which is contradictory for most people to Jen, I get interrupted, you know,

Jennie Wright 2:30
you're fine. You're fine. I think, I think maybe my mic was cutting in and out. I'm not sure. But I'm really interested in the work less be, you know, have a smarter thing. But first, I think we need to give you a little bit of you know, talking about the gravitas of who we're talking to today. Right. So if you don't know about Fabian, you have to go check her out. Because this is a woman that's been in business for 20 plus years, this name, your name has been on the lips of so many people that whilst I was growing my business back starting in 2012. So we're in an amazing company, you've been featured on major publications everywhere, you know, all the big names, there's a ton of places that we could name drop, but you've been featured everywhere, you're an author, you've got several books, you've got a thriving company, you've got all this kind of stuff. So I also know you're very happy. And we feel very fortunate to have you on. So we appreciate that. But first of all, the second thing is, is that a lot of the people that have come in you're like up and behind you and up behind you are teaching similar things to you. What is the difference maker in how you approach that's getting people from that 8k a month at 10k a month, to those 2030 $50,000 a month without us literally losing our lives, right? Because the hustle culture is a thing. And we're doing such a

Fabienne Fredrickson 3:52
thing that has been celebrated and rewarded for ever since businesses have been here and for 1000s of years, the masculine energy of doing doing doing being being being like being busy all the time, is what is celebrated and work there. It's this accumulation, this competition, this deep hunger for just always being in motion. And I'll tell you something, I have had way too many conversations with women who will tap me on the shoulder after I've, you know, gotten off the stage or who've seen me wherever and they'll pull me to the side and say I heard you speak about leverage. I hear that you take women to a million but I'm about to throw in the towel on my business and I'll say you know, for example, how much you making I know we're just getting to know each other 150 or 250, but it's unsustainable. I work every night after I put the kids to bed until midnight, I don't even know what it's like to go on vacation without my laptop all that fall that it's not worth it, I'm working more than I would ever agree to working for somebody else. And I pay myself less than I would ever agree to be paid for all the work that I do. And what I have said to these countless women is that you are approaching this in a very masculine way. So other people might be teaching a form of leverage, but they're not doing it the way that we're teaching our ladies. And that is to understand that everything that works in nature works is a combination of yin and yang, feminine, masculine energy. The if, if you look at the energy of the masculine, it's a doing energy, it's an action energy. It is. It's a linear energy, it is a solo energy, you don't have to explain this to you. The feminine energy, which we don't really spend a lot of time thinking about is being energy, it is an attraction attracting energy rather than a pushing energy. It is an intending a feeling a nurturing a loving a resting energy. And while it's been ridiculed, at best in business for hundreds of years,

however long you want to say, you have to understand that the things that work are a combination of both, yet we women who have been who are ambitious women who are forces of nature, who want to be rewarded, have understood, I'm not saying this is the truth. This is my truth from from working with so many 1000s of women each year. And what I've noticed is that they go full speed ahead in their masculine energy, because they want and I'll break it down about what that looks like. I know this sounds theoretical, but first, the philosophy of it. And then we can go into the nitty gritty, and I can share lots of insights that are immediately applicable. But when we want to be rewarded as ambitious women, we go into our masculine doo doo doo doo doo, and we ignore all that makes us so powerful. An example of this is if you look outside, then you imagine that we're just going to have sunshine, 24 hours a day, bright hot sunshine, it will not work, we will not grow vegetables and fruits, that everything needs rest. Conversely, if everything was pitch black, nighttime, all the time, we would not grow vegetables, and fruits, there would be no sun. So you understand we need both. And when we this is not something that we put on, on the website. At bolter, we don't say oh, we approach it, you know, 50 It's not that it's understanding that when you cut off a part of all your power, as a woman, the power of attraction, the power of intention, the power of manifestation, the power of having downtime, the power of the strategic do less better. When you cut that off, you're just running on fumes, and an oil lamp without oil in it cannot shine. So that's the theoretical part. The the, the more pragmatic answer to your question, Jenny is to look at the fact that the 8020 rule is very much at play in every business. In your life, you probably wear 20% of the shoes that you own 20% of the clothes, you end up, you know, probably getting the same 20% of foods from the supermarket. In your business, only about 20% of the things you do are creating 80% of the results. Okay? Conversely 80% of the way you use your time and your business is creating 20% of the money. So if you start thinking in terms of leverage, what is leverage where, let's say, you know, you put a stick under over a little another stick, shall we say and you can you can use leverage, you can use little effort to create big results. This is what we want to do in your in your business. So when we can figure out the ways to leverage every single aspect of your business, leverage your team and I can talk more about that leverage your systems, leverage your time I'm not talking about old school time management, I'm talking about very specifically stopping the busyness. And, for example, I only work about three hours a day at this, and I've been doing that for many years. And I've been at multiple, seven figures a year for now, 14 years. So I do know what I'm talking about in the sense that if we were to stop doing 80% of the things you're doing now, and really focusing on the 20%, that works, this is where your company continues to grow. Your income continues to grow, your impact, but also your downtime. And what it requires is a combination of your masculine and feminine, right the doing and the being. But it also requires that you stop letting people hijack your time you stop working on stuff that doesn't actually create results. And that you see everything from this moment forward through the lens of leverage.

Alyson Lex 11:11
Wanted to also note, because you said you primarily work with women and a few wonderful men. And the same holds true for our podcast listeners, we have a lot of female listeners, and a few amazing men. And what you're saying also holds true for men, men need to tap into their feminine energy, just as women need to tap into their feminine and masculine, it's everybody needs both. Yeah, it's not just just women. So I really wanted to clarify that because it's kind of a hard concept sometimes to wrap your head around that, oh, I'm being really masculine right now. But I identify as, as female. So it can be maybe jarring for some people who haven't spent time learning and researching, especially as much as you have, right,

Fabienne Fredrickson 12:01
I just got off a call right before our time together today with our ladies that are on the leverage path to a million. And I told one of them, I said, this is the time to get into masculine, this is like you gotta go go go and set those strong boundaries and power through this thing. That's this obstacle. And, and then it's also time to schedule in some time for using all of the other things that are not typically being used. And I say this to our lovely guys as well.

Jennie Wright 12:37
Wonderful. Go ahead, Alyson. Go ahead.

Alyson Lex 12:39
Sorry. We both have so many questions help. How do you know when it's time to hop over into that masculine? How do you know when it's time to focus on the masculine or the feminine energy within yourself?

Fabienne Fredrickson 12:54
So I'll give you an example. I'll go a roundabout way of answering your question. The reason my company's called Bold heart, is because it's a combination of the feminine, which is the heart and the masculine. And I'll explain what that means. I asked people to put their ear to their heart and listen hard, right? What are they passionate about what they want to create? How do they want to change people's lives or the world etc, and then boldly go after what they want. And that bold piece, I believe is the masculine. So I'll give you an example of something that happened. Not too long ago, there was this one woman who had been in our program before and, and increased her her results dramatically. And then she took a break. And she came back. She was newly married, with this guy with a very masculine energy. And she'd been wanting to get back into our program for a few, a few years. And he always made it so that it was his final decision, even though it was her business. So I said, just because I've known you before, I'll jump on a zoom with both you and your new husband. And I'm talking and I'm realizing this guy is going to bulldoze her and she's never going to be able to do what she really wants to do. And I went into I went from being in my feminine to being in my masculine. And this is what it looked like. So it does. So it sounds like John, you are. You're a really important guy. And my sense is that you are probably almost always the most powerful man in the room. Well, yes, Fabian, that's the case. And you know, really being feminine and all of that. And then I said, Well, when it comes to taking women from overwhelm that six figures to seven figures with their life back, I'm the most powerful man in this room.

Jennie Wright 14:51
And I just got goosebumps on that one.

Fabienne Fredrickson 14:53
Yeah. And that's in the contract was signed. Six hours later, after six months, what did you notice Jenny,

Jennie Wright 15:08
the shift, the so the shift of just saying, Look, you're the, you're the person in power in this situation. But when it comes to this, I'm that person, I'm the expert. I'm the one that has the information. And I'm the one that can take your, your person, your wife, or whatever, I'm the one that can get them there.

Fabienne Fredrickson 15:25
Exactly. And what that required was, but I'm still very courteous and all of that. But I was not afraid. And this is what we teach. This is a bold heart, right? This this unapologetic way of going after what you want, while still remaining feminine most of the time. And this boldness of the other examples is that there's a lot of times that women will self deprecate or not go after the thing that raised their prices, not thinking, let me get ready to get ready to think about doing the book, let me get ready to get ready to think about reaching out to that JV strategic alliances. And I do believe that when we can go into that, or get into action and break up our days, so that we're really leveraging each energy, we create results that are unparalleled. Don't speak about this as much in the leveraged business book. But this is something that because you asked is, is woven into everything that we do. And I'll tell you, there's actually a mini documentary on the website. On the program's page, I flew in this team from California who focuses on documentaries. And I said, I'm going to be in Connecticut for a week morning tonight for five days with my clients, come in film us and then tell tell us what we do differently. And a few weeks later, she hands me the documentary. And it's all about community and feminine energy. And I'm like, this is supposed to be a promotional like marketing film. I can't I can't put this out there. She said Fabian, the thing about the community, the thing about rising tide lifts all boats, the thing about the unparalleled support, women don't have that in their lives. And when they have this, there's nothing they can't do. When there's there's hundreds of other women giving you an image of how powerful you are, and how valuable your dreams are, there's nothing you can't do. Because in isolation, most of us will talk ourselves out of it, especially women within 48 hours, that big dream unless other women unless you can leverage the the vision of other women believing that you can reach your vision, it's not going to go anywhere.

Alyson Lex 18:12
I know that I'm gonna come back to this masculine versus feminine thing and I am doing this because I've recently done a lot of research on it. So I'm okay I'm feeling up to date on it. But I'm also recognizing that maybe many in our audience aren't feminine and masculine energy has nothing to do with your biological gender or your gender identity, how you present to the world and do you find that people who present as masculine or who are typically more masculine and I want to be very inclusive here because this does not you know, matter about gender? No, do you find that people who present as masculine and are maybe in very masculine roles or industries, do they benefit from utilizing the same strategies and feminine energy?

Fabienne Fredrickson 19:09
I really do I really there are. I have seen this again and again, when the in many different ways there is a utilization where we can maximize and leverage both feminine and masculine energy. By the way, there are some people that I have had the privilege of being with that have very little masculine energy and they needed a lot more of it. You know, there's sitting there, um, we raise the money, we're the clients. I'm like, girl, you gotta go You gotta hustle. You gotta get out there for hours of marketing and day we got to go out and get out there and, and sell, you know, with integrity, but you got to make some offers and things like that. Everyone benefits in my experience only from having a combination that shifts from masculine to feminine, it's really about leveraging each of them. Again, I mean, if you look at the world, right now we have an overabundance of masculine energy, we need to leverage some more of the feminine energy if we want things to work, right. And this is the same with work. Otherwise, what happens is that if too much in the masculine whether you're male or female, or however you present, whatever is the right thing to say, I'm honoring of everyone, believe me. The if too much in one energy, for example, the masculine you will feel depleted, you will feel resentful there if there's not enough downtime, there is not enough creativity. If there's enough, not enough pause, there's not enough vision. One example of this is you really can't create a million dollar business in between client appointments. You really need to get out of your office for one to two days, once a quarter. I and many other business masterminds provide this, because it is absolutely crucial to have some think thinking feeling visioning time, as well as strategy, hustle, go, go go implement, you need both.

Jennie Wright 21:22
One thing you were I have a question. But I wanted to relate to something you said, which was you've got to get out. And you've got to have those masterminds, my partner and I, we've been in business together for, you know, since 2012. And one of the things that we did last month is we went and we sat in a space, it was a beautiful space, it was a co working space, we'd never been there before. And we spent the day there, we were actually supporting a client who was doing a photo shoot. But there was a lot of downtime in the photo shoot. So we had a lot of time to talk and just strategize. We came home and wrote out almost like this manifesto of everything we wanted to do in our business and how we wanted to change it and how we wanted to re gear it. And it was a result of sitting in this space for you know, six and a half or seven hours and being outside of this room. And, you know, that's a big deal. And I and one of the things that we said is we're going to do this on a regular basis. We're actually doing it later on today. So we're really excited. My question relates back to something you said about 10 minutes ago. And it was about the 8020 rule. And I'm a huge believer in the 8020 rule myself, I'd like to get into a little bit of the minutia of what is the 80% of fluffy things that we shouldn't be doing, that are not creating the income that we want, can you give some examples of things that people are probably doing, that will not get them, maybe it's making them the six figures, but it will not get them to the seven figures?

Fabienne Fredrickson 22:43
Absolutely. So let's start with the activities that you work on. And I'll talk about a couple of different things during your nine to five, let's just say although it's probably more than nine to five, there are many things that you're working on that are producing some results, and some things that are not producing results at all. If you look at the quadrants, you can you know, the, the, what I call in bold heart called the unique brilliance quadrants, you've got the excellence quadrant, the competence and the incompetence, if you actually and you can do this for both of you and for your team, sit down and actually list everything that you've done all day, this week, last week, the week before or for the next three weeks. And then Park those all of those activities into the four quadrants though unique brilliance is where you're in the zone, you're in the flow, the activities are come to you naturally, people say oh my god, she's so good at this. And you're passionate. And if asked to do it for free, all day long you you would and you would be your heart would be filled, your soul would be satisfied. And if asked to do it again, the next day for free, you'd say, Oh, all right, because you get better and better at it. Those, that's where most of us should be spending 80% of our time. And this is where I spend 80% of my time in my business and it was work. It's not like, you know, this landed on my lap. This was strategic, then the excellence is also you know, what you're, you're recognized by others of being really, really good at. But frankly, at the end of the day, you're a little tired. And if asked to do it for free, you'd be resentful. The bottom two quadrants, the things you're competent at, you know, you can do it, but frankly, somebody else could do it better. And the incompetence quadrant is you know, really, you you really stink at this, you're actually costing your company money. And when you understand that you make money in only the top two quadrants, but most people live in their competence quadrant that's a big awakening. And one of the first things that I talk about when we, when I teach the the lever, leverage your time activator is to have people do this with me, and then show them that if they could just delegate eliminate, automate their bottom two quadrants, they gain back so much time. And after a while, you want to even move yourself out of the excellence quadrant and into the unique brilliance quadrant. And that's where you make 80% of your money 80% of your impact. So that's one way to use the 8020 rule. Another if we're going to look at marketing is, you know, the marketing that gets you to six figures is not the marketing that will get you to seven figures. And I learned this, you know, 14 years ago, when I first in 2008, went to 1,000,009 months, what you're looking for, and I talked about this in the leverage or marketing chapter of the book, is that you're looking to go from, you know, onesies, twosies marketing, even if you think you're doing great, I mean, you guys are experts at marketing, you know, let's not forget that. But you're looking for omnipresent marketing, where you don't really have to show up that much. Right? You show up a little but then it's reduce, reuse, recycle. It's, it's how can I have the perception of being everywhere, omnipresent, ubiquitous, without actually being everywhere. So the whole focus is on evergreen, again, I'm preaching to the choir here, you know, you guys

Jennie Wright 26:42
want to hear it, I mean, keep talking about it, this is great.

Fabienne Fredrickson 26:47
The whole idea is going forward, to do as few things live as possible. So taking what you're doing now, or at least, instead of doing one to one, you start doing it one to many, and then maybe you record that, and that gets used on all the channels, and it gets transcribed and it gets, you know, meme. And, you know, I mean, this could go on and on and on. But the idea is that you create an evergreen body of marketing that lives on without you. So that the whole idea of leveraging your marketing is so that you aren't on surround sound in people's lives, your people's lives, it doesn't need to be all over. It's this idea of you know, I remember this one woman interviewing me for a podcast many years ago, and I said, How could you find out about me? And she said, how can how could I not? A friend told me about you, I saw your webinar here. No, you're telling, you know, all this stuff, you're on surround sound and my life and that's what you want to manufacture? But of course, not with this, are you no energy, just lots of value, lots of love, so that you're wooing people in the best possible way, with with with high content, high value, and just also a lovely feeling. And when you can automate that, and extrapolate that and, and systematize that it takes a creates, it's the high touch in a high tech world that can be leveraged ad infinitum.

Jennie Wright 28:35
When 1,000% agree, and I think there is a, it's with it's building it with intention. So and I think that is probably one of the key things in what you're talking about is having that intentionality in what you're creating so that you can take those things that are evergreen, or those things that were live in turn that evergreen, Allison and I have a almost like a saying, right? So we tell our clients, they have to go live, they have to launch live first, we need to work out the bugs, we need to understand where the opportunities are, if the market likes it, things like that. And then we can take those and we can go evergreen, we still have clients that we tell them. No, no, no, this is not a challenge, you're going to do evergreen, for this, you can do a live challenge, right? So a lie a five day challenge, but it leads to an evergreen course. So those kinds of things that marriage of having that omnipresent sort of feeling, but also with an intentionality of this piece is important to have live. This piece is important to do evergreen so that like we were talking about pre show, we were talking about one of our clients who's a content creator, she's a tick tock person. And she's a one to many, but we do a live launch for her course so that she creates that know like and trust they get some one on one sort of feeling one on one time with her in Facebook groups and stuff. And that creates that oh my god, I just got 15 minutes with this person, you know, and then they go on by the court And it led to an incredibly successful successful launch. It's important, I think that we work through the four quadrants that you're talking about, with intentionality as well, Alison and I both love being in the mix. We love to create graphics, we love to, you know, play in our little stuff. But that is not the thing that elevates and grows the business to where it needs to be. And we both recognize that it's just where our comfort zone is. And I love what you were talking about with that. So thank you, I appreciate that one.

Fabienne Fredrickson 30:30
Yeah, and I think we can also be intentional, let's not forget about the quality of our life. For me, it was an non negotiable I saw so many because I was in all the masterminds, all the people, you know, you know, all the guys. And they can't be on the playground with their kids without being on their phones the entire time. And I am not throwing anybody under the bus, you know, I've been there. And you'll have been there too, if you have kids. But the the idea is, I wanted to be really intentional about having what I call an obscenely high quality of life. I'm half French, I live in Paris. And there's a whole culture of pleasure here we're in. In other countries in the world, the word pleasure is associated with guilty pleasure, sinful pleasure, we don't have that at all here, and I was raised here for the first 10 years. So for me, I don't really need multiple, seven figures, if there's no pleasure in my life, and that means downtime. And that means living according to my values. And that means being with my kids, and have three kids. And I have been able, I was able to get to seven figures and remain at seven figures, while raising three little people and being available for them. And I really, I wanted to jump on the intention piece, Jen, because many people have the family piece, the pleasure piece being an afterthought. And it is at the root of everything that we do. Yes, your impact. But yes, your freedom. Yes, money, but yes, downtime, at the same time, and they're not mutually exclusive. And this is where sometimes women who come into our our world or program our ecosystem, they have to unlearn this whole idea about that work ethic, they feel guilty making a million and having so much downtime, they feel guilty about their team, somebody just mentioned it. Again, on a call I just had, we have to undo that mindset of grind, grinding it out. You know, I'm watch me be busier than everybody else. No more pleasure, more downtime, more family, more travel, more delicious meals, more vacations, without the laptop, please, let's shift this pendulum that has just been crazy. And I'd like to be the pied piper for that one.

Alyson Lex 33:12
I will tell you really feel and I'm there with you. It's, um, you know, when I when I started my business, I talked to my then fiance, he's now my husband, about the goal for the future, which was I want to do the family thing and have time for the family thing. And then I built my business in such a way that I couldn't. Yeah, and then and then my kid came along. So it actually I was able to then step back and reassess. And I still, you know, it's, it's still an up and down. It's nobody gets it perfect the first time they try it, to do this balance thing and take time off. So I think that it's really encouraging to understand that whatever your most pleasurable or your ideal life is, like it's it's yours. Mine very much like Fabian is is spending time with my kid and being available for that stuff and, and our listeners might have different ideals, which is fine.

Fabienne Fredrickson 34:14
Yeah, and I talked about having it all this is the one time when I disagree with Oprah. She's my idol but she I think she once said, having it all is a myth or a fallacy and I don't agree with that. Having it All according to what society thinks I've had. I've had the big big house with the 13 bathrooms I've had the everything you can imagine. And what I realized is that's somebody else's version of having it all. I understand that. If you want freedom and impact and scaling your business, and and making very good money for you and your family. You can have it if you want if having it all for you is the laptop lifestyle, you can have it, if it means moving to France and splitting your time between Paris and Provence, that if that's you, great if you want to live in Bali, great. If you want to build houses in Kenya, with the money from your business, great, you can have it all. But what it requires is, again, taking your ear to your heart, and listening hard to what your values are, and not somebody else's, what gives you pleasure, what, what is important to you and your family above all else, and then the business is there to facilitate that for you. You don't most people don't really need that much money. I know because the last chapter of the book and one of the activators that I teach is leverage your lifestyle. And it's a combination of getting somebody to somebody to run your business for you because most of us should not be running our own businesses. But it's also a having your dream lifestyle, your ideal life actually doesn't cost much money. We, we put it off until we make a million. I'll tell you this, I teach this all the time, reaching seven figures in your business is actually a very anticlimactic day. It's not about the money. And every gal that I take every gal and guy that I take to a million says I didn't believe you at first. But yeah, it was just another day at the office. What's really important, what's really the biggest insight is who you became in the process of overcoming the resistance, overcoming the small thinking, changing your, your beliefs, changing your your expectations of what you're made of acting in spite of fear with courage and a bold heart, and really being unapologetic. Even if you know there are the haters. And there are the family members who will question you and talk you out of it. And there are you know, all the things right? Getting past your own inner critic. You can, you can get to seven figures. But you don't actually need it for supremely high quality of life. It really doesn't cost a lot. It really if you if you listen to your values and your pleasure, it doesn't actually cost a lot.

Jennie Wright 37:25
No, it doesn't. And I love the idea of taking the taboo out of saying a lifestyle with pleasure. I not like you I did not have that opportunity. You know, I didn't grow up in France and things like that. But I did have the the wonderful opportunity of having been there for a while and it is a different is a different lifestyle. And it's it does encompass more of that relaxation time, it's more important, like work is not everything like they don't even answer emails or phone calls after the darkest time, which I love. We don't have that North America because it is we're tied to these devices. There's so much to learn from your book. There's so much to get from your book, and it's available everywhere, which we already know. We're also going to have a link to add a direct link to it in our show notes for this episode. So if you're interested in finding out more about Fabian and her amazing book, and as well as the incredible business that she has just go to system to forward slash 159, which is this episode number we'll have all the links, the necessary ones linked to the book and everything as well as bold heart so that you can check out the website which I have been on for probably about a good hour before we even did the episode. Just checking on all the goodness that's in there to be able to find that five Yeah, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to be on our show. to grace us with your information and everything that you had to say we just were so honored, then we really appreciate it.

Fabienne Fredrickson 38:49
Thank you. That's so nice. You're both so amazing. I am a big champions of yours.

Jennie Wright 38:54
Thank you so much. And again, check out Fabian and check out leverage businesses are this is a great resource. I've already got my copy ordered and it's on its way. So check it out. And I'll make sure to leave a review as well. So thank you so much, everybody. And if you haven't already, please do check out the rest of the podcast. We have so many episodes like this and others. You can follow LIKE SHARE, COMMENT, all those wonderful things. And we appreciate it very, very much. We love our listeners. So thanks so much, everybody. We'll be back again soon. Take care



Episode 164 – Real Talk About Numbers, Scale, and What It’s REALLY Like To Grow a Business with Tara Newman

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