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We hear it all the time – get visible, get out there, put yourself out there. But what does that really mean? How do you leverage it? How do you make it happen even if it sounds awful and terrible?

It doesn’t matter what personality you have – whether you’re neurotypical or neurodivergent, introvert or extrovert, excited or dreading the prospect… visibility IS doable for you.

In this episode, we talk with Crissy Conner about creating the best visibility plan for YOU and your business.


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Alyson Lex 0:03
You've heard us say it. You've heard other people say it. You've heard it all over the world that if you're not putting yourself out there, if you're not doing the whole video on social thing, it's going to be an uphill road for you. And I think it's, it's probably and we'll we'll ask our amazing guests this in just a second. It's probably possible to be successful without it. But it's not real likely. And it's going to be pretty hard. So we have the visibility Queen back with us today. As part of this visibility visibility series. Of course, he Conor Chrissie, thanks for coming back with us.

Crissy Conner 0:36
Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here.

Alyson Lex 0:40
We are stoked to have you back. And I am now going to ask you what I thought I was going to ask you. So is it possible to not put ourselves out there to not be on video and still be successful?

Crissy Conner 0:54
So previous Christians would have told you no. And I will say that this with a preface Yes, you can, however, it's going to take you a lot longer. And you're going to struggle a lot longer, right, because you're not going to get the I feel like visibility Fast Tracks us to where we want to go, it takes a lot longer for your audience to build a relationship with you if they don't get to see your face, right. Like we know, being on this podcast, your audience can build a relationship with you on a podcast as well. But it's a lot longer cycle to build that like know and trust than it is on video showing up seeing me have imperfect moments or make mistakes and seeing like the real me. And also I think when we can see somebody's face, there's a lot of our the intention, the confidence, and so that we pull them in or push them away really fast when it comes to video. So it just depends on if they're interested in us if they're attracted to us, not everybody's our people. So yes, and no, but video will fast track it every single time.

Jennie Wright 2:00
I am a behind the scenes kind of girl. And doing video has been, you know, over the years a difficult transition for me to kind of get into however, I know that it works. And so I just kind of suck it up and do it. How do we get people over the hump? That you know, I don't look good on camera. I don't know what to say on camera. Nobody's gonna listen to me, you know that. That whole? Nobody is going to be on my live. What's the point of doing all this? How do we overcome all those gorgeous head trashy things that people say to themselves that keep them from actually doing it?

Crissy Conner 2:39
So the number one thing that helped me I'm an introvert, I can sit here and watch videos of myself and pick them apart. I say I'm way too much. You know, like all those things that they trigger me, they bother me if I really sit down and think about them. And the one thing that really helped me get over that was video is not about me. It's about who I'm serving and who I'm supporting. And I may have said this on the last episode, but the question I asked myself, if I could change somebody's life, if I could make somebody's day better if I could make their minute better? Is it worth it for me to get on video? And the answer is always yes. And nobody's ever told me no, when I asked them that question. So when we can look outside ourselves, because all those fears how we look saying the arms, wondering if anybody's going to watch like, that's all internal. And it's very scarcity mindset, right? Whereas if we're putting ourselves out there, we're being in abundance because we know we're going to change somebody's life. We know we're going to help somebody. And we may not always get that instant gratification. But please understand this. Somebody is always watching. Always, they may not tell you because they may be an introvert like me like introvert Chrissy doesn't like always acknowledge, hey, you've changed my life, hey, you've made my life better. It's uncomfortable, right for me to do that. Because as an introvert, I just would prefer to like, hide, like, don't look at me. But as the business owner introvert, I know that the only way to get my message out there, the best way to get my message out there is by being on video and putting my feelings and fears aside, knowing that I can serve and support and help somebody else.

Alyson Lex 4:13
I am one of those hypercritical people of myself. And you know, I'll say something to Jenny, about myself. And she says Don't talk about my friend that way to my friends, isn't it? It's you really, you know, and I think if you're really struggling with this, have somebody on your side on your team that that can say those kinds of things to you and just be like, Oh, this is so good. And that can build you up because it is hard to get over and you pick apart every little flaw that you think you see. Right?

Jennie Wright 4:53
Does anybody actually care if you show up with a messy bun and a T shirt like Does anybody care Chrissy?

Crissy Conner 4:58
No, no Not at all. Not at all. I mean, especially if that's like who you are like being vulnerable, being real and raw is what is going to attract more people

Alyson Lex 5:09
to you than not. One of the things that, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, I was all over the place with my brain. But I was really thinking about the word vulnerability, because authenticity and transparency and vulnerability, they all kind of work together. But vulnerability is another level. And I think that vulnerability is really the willingness to be authentic. Knowing that you may receive judgment, yeah. Oh, yeah. Put yourself out there in a way that allows other people and to be okay with it. And that's the part that I think a lot of people really struggle with. I'm not trying to make this like a self help episode, I really want to talk about

Jennie Wright 5:55
kind of how but let's go with

Alyson Lex 5:59
today, what can I say? But if you want to get the benefits of visibility, you have to be okay. Being vulnerable, right?

Crissy Conner 6:12
Yes. And I mean, I think when we turn the camera on, whether we're about to talk about something in motion or not, we're sometimes just being vulnerable. Because we're putting ourselves out there. When we choose to get on camera or go support and serve somebody else went out, we're having a crappy day at home, being vulnerable, right? Because we don't know what's going to come out of that, especially if you're alive. You never have any idea what's going to come out of your mouth when you're live. Right. Is anybody else with me on that? Oh, yeah, I plan. But sometimes it can do it a U turn. And like, it can become very emotional really fast, especially if things are going on. So I feel like every time we put ourselves out there, and it's not scripted. We're being vulnerable in some way, shape, or form.

Alyson Lex 6:54
I know like right now, the shirt. Yeah.

Jennie Wright 6:56
What do you think about just going live? And just saying, oh, you know what, it's x day. Next time, I'm just gonna go live? Or should you be planning ahead and letting your people know, what's the best kind of tactic to make it? Get the most out of it? So

Crissy Conner 7:13
I have a hard time doing a proposed time and doing air quotes. Because my life is just like, everyday is different, right? Sure. But I do know that I have lots of friends in the industry as entrepreneurs who do a scheduled show, either once a week or every single morning at the same time. And it does really, really well for them, because their audience starts to expect them. It's kind of like a podcast drop, right? Like, if you drop your podcasts, I don't know what time you drop it, but 7am On Mondays, right? Like people know to expect that. So it is good to have like a show like a specific time, if you can, if that works with you. But also, maybe your audience is never available that time and they forget to go back and watch the replay. So I pretty much go live all the time, like every day is a different time, it's different. am or pm, sometimes it's multiple times, it just depends on what's going on in my business. And it still works, because you may attract people who couldn't attend at that time. So I think if you're really diligent about promoting it and talking about it, and then maybe sharing the replay to your email list or in your stories or something like that, you can still attract a lot of people that way too. But I don't think it's like you have to do it this way or that way. And I think in sometimes in business, we get to where we have to do things. And so we feel like oh, I can't do a show every week or every day at the same time. So I'm just not going to do it. I would rather you do it than feel like you have to be like strict about it and show up at a certain time every single week.

Jennie Wright 8:43
I think that's smart. Because for people so there's some people I like a schedule. I know Allison, not so much, right? So between and we're, hi, we have a podcast together. It makes it fun. But being able to, for me to be able to say okay, every Tuesday I'm gonna go live at 10 o'clock in the morning or something that works for me because I like that sort of regularity. Right. The problem is, how do you keep people going? What if they've created a regular show Kersey Tuesday mornings, you know, 10 o'clock in the morning, they're supposed to go live. And they do it for four or five weeks and nobody's showing up like they're not seeing anybody with them. Nobody's doing anything with them. That can start to feel incredibly discouraging. What advice would you give people?

Crissy Conner 9:26
Number one, I would say do anything for 90 days. I'm a big 90 days girl, like do things in one quarter because you start to really see the results the next quarter. So I would say number one, give it 90 days. Number two, are you promoting it? Like you can't just like literally show up once a week and be like I did my thing right like and walk away like your email list your texting list? Are you promoting it on other platforms? If you're going live on Facebook, are you talking about it on Instagram or, you know, sharing it on LinkedIn or even repurposing it right like sometimes I think You got to talk about on the last show like working smarter, not harder. Like, honestly, if you can take that video and repurpose it other places, you never know. It's just like, when I create a tick tock, it may bomb on tick tock, but may blow up on reels or YouTube shorts, or Facebook reels. There's so many places now. So it could like do really well, one place but not really well on another. And so I say give that piece of content, multiple opportunities, give it multiple places to live, so that you can reach the maximum amount of people with less effort. And also again, just keep promoting it and talking about it. Even if you get tired of hearing yourself, talk about it, keep talking about it, because people don't listen, there's so much noise and we get to break through the noise by continuing to repeat ourselves.

Alyson Lex 10:51
Okay, so I have stuck with it for 90 days. Let's say I was the client that has that daily morning show. Yeah. Which sounds so undoable to me, but I've done it. I've stuck with it. I'm growing my audience. It was hard at first, but I stuck with it yay, me. How do I make that mean something in my business? How do I leverage that? Or use it to grow my income? What do I do with that?

Crissy Conner 11:19
So there's a couple different things I have about that comment. And you tell me if I'm going in the right direction here. So number one, the way I leverage it is I multiply that piece of content or every piece of content we did for 90 days. Number two, I leverage it because I did something really hard consistently for 90 days, right? And I am a big believer that when we do things consistently, without let's be honest, into gratification, right? That's very uncomfortable for us to do, how much longer can we do it, we're gonna see a lot of growth, personal growth, I know you don't want to be personal development episode. But we do see a lot of personal growth from that, saying I did it, you know, I didn't see anything out of the 215 lives I did last July. But I didn't see anything immediately out of it. But then I started seeing it like further down the road. So I think a lot of times, we want that instant gratification. It's not always there. But everything that we do builds up, it builds a foundation, maybe somebody started watching us on the day, the week before the 90 days was up, right? And so they're just starting to get a taste of us and they want more. And if we choose to give up then then we don't know who else we could have missed or attracted. And honestly, if, again, if you are not, if you're okay with not getting that instant gratification, and you know that you're supporting people, you're helping people remember, everybody's there's always somebody watching, and we're multiplying that piece of content, it's going to reach more people than we ever know. And it's just that consistent action that we get to keep moving forward. I

Jennie Wright 12:58
completely agree with you have proven exactly what you've said is real. Like in my own business. The other thing is actually spoke to a woman yesterday, she was doing all the right things, everything that you basically say to do. The problem was is that she wasn't she wasn't getting outside of her own reach. She was in her little microcosm. She was like doing a post doing the lives, putting her on a blog, sending it to her email and things like that. But the problem was, she just wasn't getting any exposure. So I think that the plan that you have shared is awesome. I think we need to look at adding something on to it, which is exposure to OPA other people's audiences. Yeah, so Exactly. Right. So going live on your own thing is great. And doing it for 90 days. I'm super onboard with that. But making sure that you can also grow outside your reach, which for Alyson and I we talked about this all the time, you know, doing a podcast tour, so getting on other people's podcast, doing other people's live streams with them, or getting a buddy to come in live stream with you who has the audience. When I started live streaming on Instagram, quite honestly, nobody was showing up. And you know, whatever it happens. So I started live streaming with a buddy who has an audience. And they started coming to the live streams. And they, you know, checking out with this person was saying and stuff like that. And I started having a little bit of that transference of credibility from that person over to me, which helped me get some exposure, which increased my fellowship, but every time I started going live, then I would have like, you know, when Instagram says, you know, 29 of your followers are active right now, like that number started climbing. Yeah. Right. And that was encouraging.

Crissy Conner 14:33
Yes, absolutely. I 100% and all about leveraging other people's audience. The other thing going back to the 90 days is let's say those 90 days, we've never really done video, right until we start and we're doing video. What happens is we get into this really comfortable groove of being people pleasers, like always saying things that are not going to like offend anyone are not gonna like make anybody upset. And sometimes we have to get to a point. And I'm not talking about politics or religion or anything that's going on in the world today, what I'm talking about is what you feel about your craft, about your industry. Like, sometimes we get to activate our audience, and stop being so likable and so lovable, and it's okay to be that, but also like, basically activating them to move to make a move, like whether it is to go, you know, act on that call to action that you leave at the end of your, your video, or join your next program, or, here's another one, unfollow you, because they don't agree with what you have to say. I recently got analytics on my Facebook personal page. And so I've been activating a lot of my audience. And it's very interesting to see that people unfollow you, because they have really, really strong feelings. But the same, the other effect happens too, because people just fall more in love with you. So I don't want to be like wishy washy to my audience. And when we first get on video, it's kind of hard, right? It's kind of hard, because we want to be very liked. We want people to love us. But then we get to start activating them to move. So sometimes it can be a content situation to where we just change up our content. And just say some maybe tough love things to our audience or, you know, like before, I've heard people say introverts don't need to get on video. I think introverts can get on video. Sorry, I am an introvert. I've helped hundreds of introverts get on video. So I do think you can it's just is your passion, there is the will to grow your business there is your why big enough. Like all of those things come into play when it comes to that too.

Jennie Wright 16:44
Yeah, and they override those things override my need to put my hoodie on and not be seen. Yes, exactly. Right. Those things overwrite it. So I want to dip in, and I don't want to talk politics or anything. Cuz there's a lot going on right now. And we don't need to talk about the specifics at the time of this recording. But I want to ask the question, because this is happening right now. Yeah. Should you use your platform? So let's just say your platform for the past 90 days has been 100%, about talking about your thing, your your niche and everything, right? And then something in the world happens, which is kind of big. Did you and is it encouraged? Or would you encourage people to take a break from whatever it is they're sharing, or inter inter disperse? And like, Hey, here's my opinion on this big thing that just took place in the world. This is you know, and if you don't agree with me, unfollow me. Do you recommend that? Is that part of the not people pleasing? Is that part of the taking a stance and defining your niche?

Crissy Conner 17:44
So I'm gonna go back a couple years, I used to say no, I would say no, don't bring it up. And when, back in 2020, when the Black Lives Matter, situation, didn't all happen in June. I didn't know what to say. And I didn't know how to say it. And I literally wrote this heartfelt email, I didn't go live, I did write this heartfelt email to my audience and said, I am going to try to say the right things I'm going to mess up. I'm not going to always be perfect. I am asking you to educate me when I say something that doesn't seem correct. And so it depends on the situation and how close the situation is to you. Number one, that one was very heartfelt to me, because I know that my audience is very diverse, right? The situation that's going on now, like, again, it depends on, I think it's your convictions, to be honest with you. And if you feel like you aren't being your authentic self, because you're being quiet about it, then say something, understand, you will get people who backlash you will get cancelled by some people, right? We get to understand that. But people also rally behind you if they feel the same way. So it's just it's a gamble. I'm not gonna lie, it's totally a gamble. But if you feel convicted, that you cannot sit and be quiet, then that's not being authentic to you, either.

Alyson Lex 19:08
I think too, you know, some of your audience may wonder why you're being quiet. If it's important to them, they'll kind of want to go back to the whole video isn't about you. Yeah, it's about your people. And sometimes your people need to know that who they're following who they're spending money with, shares the same values and ideals and beliefs that they do. And I did something very similar. Around that time, I took a stand and I said, Here's what I believe. And if you want to leave, and I got a bunch of unsubscribes and I was happy to see them go because they're not the fit for me. My right and so I believe that you know, I have a business that is my name. Yeah, it is me. I am part of this business in this business. needs to operate in a way that aligns with myself. Absolutely. And I need to work with people who aligned with me. Yeah. And that's, that's how we want to do it. So like, I really like how you said, if it's something that's that important to you, then yeah, you should stand up. But also, is that important to your audience?

Crissy Conner 20:19
Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, here's the thing we get to realize to even show up on video, and not even talking about anything that's going to upset anybody. People may see me on video and be like, Oh, she's annoying, right? Like, I mean, everybody is not for me, no matter if something comes out of my mouth they don't agree with or not right. So not everyone is for me. And every I'm not for everybody. So I think you know, just understanding we're all humans, we all have different personalities. And even though we don't have to be mean to each other, but we don't have to like or love everybody either. Right? We can unfollow and you know, I tell people all the time use the unfollow creates a feed that you want. Don't you know, if you don't want negative comments on or negative? You know, things in your newsfeed. unfollow those people get rid of it? You don't have to follow that. Right. So the same thing with me if I'm annoying, or you don't agree with something I say, I'm follow.

Jennie Wright 21:15
So I don't even know why I follow you. I mean,

Alyson Lex 21:20
you follow her? So I don't know.

Jennie Wright 21:27
Yeah, hey, I mean, we've had you on the show. This is your second appearance on the podcast, you also were a guest on grown profit online, which was an event that, you know, I hosted back in July. So you know, we kind of like you. We're not gonna lie about it. And we'd like you and we like what you say. And we like what you stand for, in terms of you know, how to get exposure and things like that. So we were up. We're on board with the with the Christie Connor train.

Alyson Lex 21:53
Thank you. Yeah. Cool.

Crissy Conner 21:56
I want to Chrissy Connor train.

Alyson Lex 21:59
Alright, so just real quick, you mentioned that you did 215 lives. And I know that we talked about it on your last episode kind of more in depth. And we can link that in the show notes if anybody wants to go listen, but why did you do that? Why, oh? Why did you torture? Why did you sign up for that? That sounds so okay,

Crissy Conner 22:21
I have to go back to July of 2020, July of 2020. My business was not where I wanted to be, I kept focusing on the revenue and the revenue was not where I wanted to be. And so I, I find that when sometimes we focus on things, there's not going to move, right, like a watched pot does not boil. So I had to decide something else to do. So I decided to do this KPI, and I was like, I'm just gonna go live 100 times in July of 2020. And so I did it. And then I started seeing all this growth happen in my business by fall, right? Like all this stuff happened. And I do believe that what we do in one set of 90 days, we start seeing in the next 90 days. And so last year, or July of 2021, I said, You know what, I'm going to do this, but I'm going to have other people do it with me. So I caught it. hundreds of lives in July changing people's lives. And also I was going to do 200 actual live videos. And so the real reason I did it was because it was uncomfortable. It was very challenging. And I believe that no growth happens in our comfort zone. I don't know about y'all, but I like my Netflix comfy blanket being comfortable in front of the couch way too much sometimes. So whenever I can push myself and get uncomfortable, I will do it now. Will I ever do 200 And I was 200 I was supposed to do and I'm an overachiever. So I did 215 Will I ever do that again? No. Was it uncomfortable? Heck, yes. Every time I missed a day, I had to add it on. So originally, it was going to be six videos a day. By the time I had missed so many videos by the last like two weeks I was doing 10 video 10 Live. And I cannot cheat. I made myself way too many roles. I couldn't like go live multiple places at the same time. Every place had to be a separate now may have talked about the same thing. But it had to be its own live video. So way too many roles. But I did it we'll never do it again. And mainly because I felt like I was literally just going live to go live right. I was just doing it to hit a number versus having an impact versus hat being intentional. But it was an uncomfortable thing that I wanted to do so like this year. I'm not doing that. In July 2022 I'm doing uncomfortable things every single day. They may have to do with video. They may not. So it just depends. So yeah, that was a lot. And I did it and I learned from it and I did it and I made it happen and I grew so much from that experience. Just not going to repeat it on purpose.

Alyson Lex 24:56
One thing that you said that I wanted To like, kind of pull out because that's an amazing story. And I don't want this to get lost is that you saw the results about in the next quarter. Yeah. And you've mentioned this 90 days thing a couple times throughout the episode. And what you said, I really like what you do now. In this 90 days is going to be reflected in your next 90 days. Yeah. And I think if my memory serves me correctly, we went more in depth on that on your previous episode, which was, I believe, 127. And I really just wanted to encourage that because I am an immediate gratification kind of gal. Yeah, if I'm going to go live, and only one person shows up, and it happens to be my best friend, Jennie Wright. It's going to zap all of that dopamine out of my system. And I'm not going to do it again. But you're focused on Not today, not even tomorrow, but nine days from now.

Crissy Conner 25:57
Yeah, it's always sowing those seeds. So we can reap the harvest. Like the more we can sow seeds, the more we're going to be able to reap that later. And so that's the way I always look at it fine. You know, if I take two months off from video, I'm really going to start seeing that right in the next 90 days. But if I continue, like a week is not going to kill my business, right? Two weeks isn't gonna kill my business. I went to Hawaii for 12 days, and my business didn't die. But I'm also going to keep so much video content that I can just repurpose it. So whether I'm really live, or I'm just showing up, you know, nobody always knows. They don't always know, but I'm still in their mind. I'm still very visible and I'm still showing up some way somehow.

Jennie Wright 26:41
Question for you. Actually, this is for you and Alison. Okay. Are you Chrissy? Are you neurotypical? Am I what neurotypical you're not ADHD? neurodivergent, anything like that?

Crissy Conner 26:54
I tested but dang, I get distracted. Wait.

Jennie Wright 26:59
I think because I think my question is, is that if we have any neurodiversity, and we have an neurodivergent audience that listens to this podcast, and my co host, Alison is neurodivergent, and I'm neurotypical. So for me being able to say, for the next 90 days, I will, I will do this thing, because the outcome I will see in the following quarter for the neuro

Alyson Lex 27:17
divergent crowd and imagine what 90 days looks like

Jennie Wright 27:21
exactly like the dopamine fix is not there. How do we how do we incentivize and encourage that community to stick to something when the outcome is not going to be right away? That's, that's my, like,

Crissy Conner 27:34
concern. Great question. So when I did 102 100 lives, I literally had this huge whiteboard this that sat behind me, and I wrote 100 numbers on it. Or I wrote 200 numbers. So I almost got like instant gratification. I know, this is really weird. By crossing off the number, and then I would share it in my stories. So I let it set behind me during all my videos in July, both both years that I did that, and so people could see what was going on. I was showcasing that I was doing what I was being my word. I was saying what I was doing, but also I don't know. And I don't know if that would give you instant gratification. But for me to be able to cross it off. And Like Video, my self like crossing off numbers felt so freakin good, because I knew I was getting closer. Now at the beginning, when you have even if you're doing 100, right? Let's say you're doing 100 days of something. It's beginning, it seems like oh my gosh, you got a long ways to go. But once you're 50% there, or even a third there, you can start seeing Dang, like, I'm getting through this. I'm making progress, right. And I felt like it felt like it helped me see that the end is near me that I can reach my goal. Not that.

Jennie Wright 28:50
I'm sorry. I just had like the Grim Reaper with the Sith just you know, the ritual for the end is nice.

Alyson Lex 28:58
And I I really liked the question that Jennie asked, because I like your answer. Because, yes, find the places of instant gratification. But I will tell you that 100 is completely overwhelming and it wouldn't happen. Yeah, even 31 a day would feel completely. So maybe instead of saying I'm going to do 130 days, you're going to do 10 In five days. Yeah, right. Shorten your timeframe get started. But that kind of goes back to the do you plan or do you? Do you go with spontaneous you have to make it work for you. And you know, I'm not the expert on all things neurodivergent I'm not even the expert on all things Allison's neurodivergent. So, but that's that's something to consider and I love that Jennie asks that question. Thank you.

Crissy Conner 29:51
Yeah, great question.

Jennie Wright 29:52
I don't understand. I'm always I'm always trying to understand ways to incentivize, Alyson to do you know, for things that we have to do Right.

Alyson Lex 30:00
She just wants me to get more stuff done. That was a freaking Loli.

Jennie Wright 30:03
But oh, my God, it was

Crissy Conner 30:07
kind of like when I did the 200 lives, I made this list of 200 Live videos. I never went to the list. I literally went I literally did videos on what I was thinking in that moment because I was passionate about it in that moment, so but I had the list to be safe to make me feel good about knowing I had something to talk about. But I rarely ever looked at the list. I really went with what was on my heart what I was feeling in that moment what was going on in that moment. And so I'm not normally a planner, but I tried to be less. And then it just like happened. Whatever happened happened.

Jennie Wright 30:40
Yeah. Awesome. Well, I think this is this has been really cool to talk about and we went down a couple different rabbit holes but but I think they were really interesting to kind of dive into find out more information. As again, you are the visibility queen. So if we've got you here, we're going to be pumping you for information to get as much out of you as we possibly can for our audience. And to that end, how can people find you get to know you better watch you in action. So

Crissy Conner 31:05
you can check me out all of everything that I ever do is always on the visibility So it has all my links to my social, whatever workshops or master classes I have going on at the time. Maybe my next changing lives in July program. So whatever it is, I always have something for everyone on that site. But I'm Chrissy Connor pretty much everywhere. It's Christy Connor on Instagram, and I would love to hear from you. If you have any visibility questions, feel free to reach out.

Jennie Wright 31:37
Personally, this has been awesome. We really appreciate you doing this with us and sharing so much information. Allison and I are gonna wrap up this podcast interview with you and then what guess what we're gonna go live so we're gonna have a good time with that. At the time that we're recording this Allison I have a couple of things to share. So that's where we're going to do so Thanks so much everybody for listening. Please check out Christy Connor and all the different places the visibility queen, check out her previous episode here and also go to system to forward slash 193 for all the show notes for today's episode, links to everything that Chrissy mentioned as well as her previous episode with us and how you can get in touch. Thanks so much for listening. Take care.

Crissy Conner 32:13
Thank you



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