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Have you ever used paid traffic for your business? If you have and you want to improve the outcome, or if you haven’t and you’re thinking about it – then today’s interview is for you. 

We’ve got Facebook Advertising Expert Michelle Bridger with us today and we’re going to be asking the questions you might be thinking of when it comes to paid traffic for your business.


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Alyson Lex 0:00
On today's episode, we're answering the question Why should I consider paid traffic for my business? And will it actually work? The big question is this as entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners, how do we consistently sell our products, programs and surfaces without making our customers feel like we're only in it for the almighty dollar? How do we serve the way we know we're meant to serve and still run a profitable business? How do we put good into the world while we put dollars into our pockets? How do we change the lives of our community while also bettering the life we lead?

Jennie Wright 0:37
It's not a zero sum game. It's not an either or scenario, it is possible to thrive while serving your clients to the best of your ability. This podcast will show you how. I'm Jennie Wright.

Alyson Lex 0:49
I'm Alyson Lex, and welcome to the System

Jennie Wright 0:51

Alyson Lex 0:54
paid traffic there, I said it, the two words that drive fear into the hearts of many online entrepreneurs, myself included. Why because paid traffic is two things a risk, and a leap of faith. The goal with paid traffic is to actually increase your reach online, it can be on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, and then ultimately, turn that traffic into leads and customers for your business.

Jennie Wright 1:27
Have you ever considered using paid traffic for your business? I know I have. And if you have, or even if you want to improve your outcome, you're definitely going to want to listen to today's interview. We have got Facebook advertising expert, Michelle Bridger with us today. And I will tell you, I have fangirled on Michelle now, probably for at least a year. And I was really looking forward to having her on the podcast today. Because we're going to be asking some really good questions today that you might already be thinking when it comes to paid traffic and your business. So Michelle, thanks for being here.

Michelle Bridger 2:00
Oh, my privilege. I love talking about Facebook, Instagram ads, because they can so rapidly grow a business. So you guys have just given me such a great intro. And I really do like talking about them because they're so powerful when used effectively.

Jennie Wright 2:16
Yeah. And I found you probably about at least a year ago, I saw a post that you did in a Facebook group. And it was this long post that you did where you talked about like a case study, I think it was for a client. And I was like, dang, that's really good. And then I started following you and things like that, and just kind of keeping an eye on what you were doing. And start recommending you to a couple of my own personal clients where I could and stuff like that, which has been really interesting. Now, here's why I've been fangirling on you. I love organic traffic. I'm really good at it. There's a reason I suck at paid. Okay, I've tried it. I'm not good at it. I know my limitations. This is a big one. So for somebody like me, and for people who listen who understand the power of organic traffic, because that's what I talk about, why should they consider a paid traffic for their business?

Michelle Bridger 3:04
So it's a great question, because the timing of when you take on Facebook ads is really important. If you take on Facebook ads before you have a proven offer, you can really ended up hurting you're like, into wasting time end up wasting money and feeling like Facebook ads just don't work. So a great time to bring on Facebook ads is when you have a proven offer. You have a lot of organic traffic or a medium amount of organic traffic coming through. And then you just need more eyeballs on it in order to make more sales. So that's the time when it makes it a no brainer. Recently, I started working with a gentleman who is an expert in the career space. So he teaches you how to interview well how to write a great resume. His name is Andrew lava, Sita and truly a write Rockstar in that space for the last 20 years. Well, all of it is well I'd say 98% of it is is organic. And so now is the time to really bring in Facebook ads and amplify his sales. Because he already has all these incredible working offers. It's just time to really explode them. And that's what we're excited to do is we take him on as a client so that's a great example of when is it time so you want to so how do you know if you have a proven offer? It's when you look at your when you put out a landing page and people are at the landing page and offer and people are like, oh I really that's really interesting. I really want that when it's easy to get opt ins if you put an offer out and you just get crickets. If you were to put Facebook ads behind that you're really going to waste time and you're going to waste money and end up feeling really discouraged about out the whole process.

Jennie Wright 5:01
Okay, I love that for a lot of reasons because I deal. I deal with a huge gamut of clients, and some of them are brand spankin new have no following literally zero followers on all platforms. We call those noobs. Right? Those are newbies. we all we all know that terminology. So are you saying that brand spankin newbies without a proven offer without really having had a following should focus on the organic side first before they do something in terms of paid ads?

Michelle Bridger 5:32
Well, and here's where it gets kind of tricky, because most of my clients have a proven offer, it's just time. It's they have a proven offer. And then they bring me on. There are rare occasions where they bring me on, and it's like, oh, I don't know if this is gonna work like I'm gonna. And I really, really am upfront with them like, Okay, we don't know that this is going to work. But it has to do. I'll give you an example of one where I didn't know if it was going to work. And it was for my client, Asia. She has a brick and mortar our business where people come in, and they and it's usually women who are retired and they come in and they paint, and they have they pay for session and the sessions, the six week 10 week classes are 300 to $600. So she didn't have she had no list. No following is a brand new business. And like, I don't know, Asia, like this is gonna be a tough one. And man, we rocked it. We filled her classes, we had a waitlist. It really worked. But I didn't know that it would and I'm so glad she wouldn't have been able to fill those classes. Have we not used Facebook ads? So here I'm talking out of both sides. I want my clients to have an organic following. Yes, I do. Because it's it's painful and expensive when they don't work. But occasionally, it's like, let's give it a try and give it a go. So that's where it gets kind of tricky.

Jennie Wright 7:09
I think I think that's a judgment call on your part at the time, right?

Michelle Bridger 7:13
It is. And there's like the vehicle makes a difference. So when someone comes to me with a summit, because people understand what a summit is, or when people under understand what a virtual event is, or we're going to be live streaming, they're like they can get a visual, they can wrap their mind around that. And if the subject is something they're really interested in, like, Karen's that we're running traffic to she is doing a segment around finding your voice for women to really stand in confidence and find their voice. Well, can we all use help in that like as women I know, I'm like, yep, me. And so that's something like you can use the title strong. And if people understand what it is, that's where even if you've never run ads before, you generally can do well, but you have to have a strong title. And people have to understand what the offer is.

Jennie Wright 8:10
I completely understand I know Allison has something she wants to say. But I want to pop in on this now. The the person that you just referenced, Karen is a is a mutual client of ours, I'm working on the tech and the back end and the project management side. And you and your team are working on the Facebook ads side. And you and I planned on you being on this podcast before that even happened. So it just was a you know, an awesome occurrence. But what I actually saw in play was you and your team, and how you went through everything that the client was creating, and the offer. And you guys, you did the fine tooth comb deal, to take a look at the offer to take a look at the pages, your team made some interesting and I think very helpful feedback on the look and the feel, and even the copy, which I thought was really, really cool. Like you didn't look at it and go and I think it'll work. There was a lot of back and forth, where you actually even rewrote some of the copy on the opt in page, you know, to sort of increase the amount of conversions. And I will say, with the Facebook ads, that particular clients opt in pages converting at 45%. That's so cool, right? And that's organic and paid traffic. And you don't usually see that.

Michelle Bridger 9:21
Right, but it's a high conversion rate for landing pages super

Jennie Wright 9:25
high, super high. It's great for Summit. I'll take that. I'll take that all day long. And you know, twice on Sunday. Trust me. Awesome. Yes.

Michelle Bridger 9:33
And that's how we in everything that we every project that we take on for every client, we go through every page, because if you bring on a Facebook advertiser, you don't want them just like well, I'll just throw up an ad for you. That's not the kind of advertiser that you want. You want someone who's really committed to the profit to your bottom line. And in order to bring in the heart highest ROI, someone has to be able to go through all of the web pages that you have the landing page, the thank you page, sales page, whatever pages that you have, and be able to move through those two and get the highest conversion. And that's where every part where you can bring up your conversion rate is literally Money in Your Pocket.

Alyson Lex 10:20
Okay, so you mentioned that you go through the whole funnel, the whole process everything. What are some of the big mistakes that you see people make? Not just with their ads, but with with the whole shebang? I

Michelle Bridger 10:36
love that question, Allison. So, you know, one is clarity, we all think that our offer is clear until we show it to someone else in our target market, and then like, it might be a little fuzzy. And so you always have to show your offer to other people in your target market. And make sure that what you think is clear is really clear. You also want it to be super specific. And I'll give you an example of a client of mine, Bill. He's just an amazing entrepreneur. And he's run so many different businesses over his lifetime. And so he can coach on anything. And he gave us a really broad lead magnet. And my me and my team were like, we know you are a rock star, it's so clear. But this is so broad, that it's not going to get we know that it's not going to get the opt in rates that we would like or the sales because it's so broad. So we ran that the results were like, but he all along has been working on something that's super, super, super specific. And we're starting that next week. And we're really excited to be able to start that because now he niched down, got super specific, he's really passionate about this new offer. And I think we're gonna see all the difference. So mistake number two is specificity. You got to be really, really, really specific. And the other thing is not really understanding the metrics that you want to look at. And so that's a whole, like, we could just talk like for the next five days about metrics and look at this and look at that. But I think before you ever start your ads, you want to know, like, what are the metrics? What are the key metrics that I want to look at? And of course, you know, one of the biggest one is what is my cost per lead and my cost per sale, those are the important two, two essential metrics that you want to know. And then as you do more testing, or your team does more testing, they're going to drive down those, those cost per lead and your cost per sale, as they do test more creative, more ad copy more audiences. And you should see those start to decrease.

Jennie Wright 12:49
Take some really good, like massaging of stuff to actually make things work, it seems which helps me go into my next question for you, which is, I really want you to spill the beans here. How the heck do we get ads to work, I will admit that Alison and I have done the typical, toss the money at you know, boosting a post or toss the money at an ad and running it for a week and then getting really ticked off or frustrated that it didn't work because we ran it to a webinar or something, and it just didn't work for us. And we know that's the wrong way to do it. We we absolutely no. I think it's a very typical way of some entrepreneurs like that's what they've done. So I really want you to spill the beans, like how do we get these things to work?

Michelle Bridger 13:28
When ads don't work, it's always the offer. And here again, we it comes down to the specificity and the specificity shows up in the title. So number one is having an exceptional title. And how do we get an exceptional title is where you can follow a formula like how to do blank without and then you list three pain points, how to become a New York Times best seller with out, blah, blah, blah, blah, without it taking forever, without getting lost with that, like all you know, you talked about the three main pain points. So one of the ways that we really drill down to what the title should be and how to frame out our copy is by running what's called a hook test. So hook test actually is running ads, but you're using you're controlling every single variable except one line of copy the very first line of copy, you don't have any other copy at the top of the ad and then even the headline and the image and everything is the same. Even the audience is the same and you see what gets people to click. And so we did this recently before we ever did a launch for my client, Christy Miller. She is a business coach for health coaches. So we did a hook test to figure out what is the biggest thing that where people are like, Oh, that's me. And that was the word confident It's so like really being able to have the confidence to launch an online course, that was a key word. And we made sure that that word, and that concept was in all of our ads, and she had well over a six figure launch. So it's about the offer. So when ads don't do well, it's about the offer, the offer isn't clear enough, the title isn't strong enough, or you know, or even if you get those elements, right, maybe you've missed it. And so then making sure to do a hook test, if you want to do that and ask, they're really super simple. But even if you have these, the title and the offer great, but you miss it, and you you're not quite on track, you still your ad still couldn't do well, because it really was a different angle

Jennie Wright 15:50
to that. It makes sense. I get that.

Michelle Bridger 15:54
But it is complex. And there's a lot of complexities to it. So there's no simple like, this is the one thing it really is. It just takes refinement and refinement and refinement and refinement. And that's what we do. Like every single day, my team, or you know, all day with, you know, our reports are going out to clients today. It's what we do every single Thursday. And so we're just going in digging deep looking at those results. And you know, Okay, our next steps are and, and so it's it's just a constant refinement, even if, like you do a webinar. So the next time how you know, how can you reframe the title? How can your landing page be stronger, that type of thing.

Alyson Lex 16:39
So you say it's all about the offer. And I love that. But there's also the like the audience, the target. So how do you went about that? I'm wondering so much I can't even form a very well thought out question. But tell me about that.

Michelle Bridger 16:55
Yeah, absolutely. So a lot of people will say if you just get the targeting, right, that's everything targeting is everything. But really, that's a myth. If you if because Facebook is so good at finding the target market, that even if you had very little targeting in there, Facebook knows us and knows our people and knows, and is reading things so well, that it doesn't targeting is it can be a myth, it's overused. So if you can write, if you hit those pain points, if you hit what people really need, if you have the specificity, if it calls out to their pain points, and they're like, Wow, I really want that I really need that, then you'll have a ravenous offer. As soon as people see that, and you put it in front of you Enough of your target market, even like a look alike of your email list, or a look alike of your fans. And people start to click, then Facebook will start to show it to more and more and more people in that audience. When what makes it hard is when there's no no ravenous effect. So is the targeting important? Yes, we do an awful lot of research, we have a six step process of really drilling down, we hear from our client, what their target market is like what kind of pages they like, we do our own research, we're really digging deep to find their target market. But at the end of the day, if we even found the perfect the perfect audience. And but our mark our what we're putting in front of them is vague. It's not interesting to them, it's not hitting the pain points, the creative isn't jumping out at them. It'll just go right by them.

Alyson Lex 18:52
That makes so much sense. And I think it's possible that I've that myth is maybe carried on because it used to be that Facebook wasn't as kind of intuitive as a picking audience. And you had to really drill down that audience. Am I right?

Michelle Bridger 19:09
Yes, there every I probably every day, but yes, every single year, they're they're more and more AI learning where they if it's more even more so to get the copy and the images and everything right? It's always been like critical that you know, it's it's still is but Facebook is even more so dependent on the AI learning. Audiences are really important. Your Offer your copy, your headline is even more important. So for example, if using the the example of the summit going back to what we were just talking about with Jimmy and Karen, my client, Karen, that if someone comes to me with a weak headline for a summit, I'm like, Ah, you know, I know that I are the costs will be higher than if it is a topic. I knew immediately that her topic was strong. I knew immediately that our ads would do well. Even before like we did, I didn't have to do all the targeting research I we did, my team did. But when I when she had that she and I had that first conversation, it was your newsletter topic where she told me what her headline was, and then I knew that we would be would be good because of the offer.

Jennie Wright 20:29
Yeah, and the offer was the offers, it's a good offer. And we've and we're showing even the data does show that that particular client is having a really good result. Which leads me to my next question. And you know, you can I know you have a ton of case studies, I know you do. I've seen them. I'd love if you could share an example that isn't like somebody who's making seven figures or anything like that, but like, maybe somebody who's a little bit, you know, a little bit more in the earlier stages that's used this successfully are a case study that you have, that can you know, show the power of these things. Maybe it was their first time doing Facebook ads ever or doing any sort of paid ads. It's where if you have something that we could just talk

Michelle Bridger 21:09
about, no, absolutely. I use again, the example of Asia because Asia is a serial entrepreneur. And she'll come to me with an offer. And she'll just be like, I have this idea. Like, okay, let's do it. And she just so so she's such a joy to work with that, where we just experiment and ads together. But she always comes to me with no list, no following. And because that's a brand new offer. So I'll give you an example. She came and she had the idea of doing ads for small space garden, and she would teach people how enter challenge how to create a small space garden, they would in during that challenge, they would grow three different types of herbs for their window seal, she told them ahead of the challenge, like these are the exact things you need to buy. During the challenge. We're going to do this, this and this. And at the end of the challenge, you sold a membership for growing a small space garden. Yeah, it was really, really fun. And it worked magically, like I have never seen engagement like we had on these ads. Like we had hundreds and hundreds of shares. If someone will share an ad, you know, you have gold, because no one shares it had you share that. And so people were sharing it, people were tagging their friends like Hey, buddy, let's do this together. And we had just engagement was off the roof when engagement is good. That drives down your ad costs, so are a normal click through rate overall click through rate is good. If it's in the 3% range, not your link click rate. But just your regular click through rate is three, you're doing well hers were in the nine to 12% range. So we're just our league cache, we brought in over 1000 leads for her challenge. They were all less than $1. So that was magical. That was a brand new offer. And we didn't know how it would go. That's amazing. That was the offer that that was so key. So we had really great images, we tried different images of just you want to try images of the we tried images of my client and without them. And so we had images just have like plants in a windowsill. So you really understood the idea and of Asia just sitting in front of her garage holding a big pot of oil.

Jennie Wright 23:39
I know who you're talking about. Now I saw that. And the one with her holding the pot is the one that did really well. Right. Exactly, yeah.

Michelle Bridger 23:47
So another one that I've helped Asia with is iron deficiency. So Asia is a health coach, and she suffers from iron deficiency. So she and I have been going back and forth. She's been reading your own ads, but soon I'll take those over in October about iron deficiency. And so when I work with her to consult on that, I'm helping her to really refine her copy to make it so specific. So like she showed me the copy, I'm like, Okay, we're gonna nail this down more, we're going to be more clear about what the offer is. So when the offers not clear, like this is a you know, you really want to be clear, this is a webinar, you want to blah, blah, whatever it is, whether it's what we want, whether it's live, where it's there, whether it's evergreen, whatever, but we want specificity. So, I've helped her to refine that both on the landing page and the ad copy to make it more specific. I've helped her to make her title more specific. So that's another one. So with her we also did the the classes when they were in the physical location that was huge. And then she had to take those virtual and so we He did that I believe it was, was that April, June, May, June, somewhere in there. I helped her to take her art classes, virtual, again didn't know how it would go. But it was just really, really, really well. And how do I know that? Because I looked at how much we're basing it on, how much does it cost to get someone to sign up for the membership to be part of those art classes. So it was our cost per acquisition or cost per sale? That was well below what we what she was willing to pay to get someone in several examples of someone at seven figures, and just like, Hey, should I try ads. And so those are some success stories from her. And we've also had some failures. Like, she also hired me, the very first time she hired me it was for how to teaching how to run a workshop. And we could not get that one to succeed. We tried so many copies, we tried so many different things. She's a teacher at heart. And so but we could not get that one to succeed. But the last three or four have succeeded.

Jennie Wright 26:09
Well, it's great that she gave you another try, right? I've been 16. Normally people will like, Yeah, but she gave you another opportunity, which I think is great. Because obviously since then it's done really, really well.

Michelle Bridger 26:20
Let's Yeah, that's good.

Alyson Lex 26:21
Well, and that makes me feel better to like, if you had something that didn't work, then maybe they're still. Right. So know

Michelle Bridger 26:31
what seven, you gotta expect that 70% of your ads were fit will fail. So I know that every single time like I mentioned, Andrew, lava Sita, who is the Career Coach, I know that when we start his ads, 70% of them will fail. And we know that and so that's why we're trying different copy different images. We're trying different targets because like we go in big, we turn off what's not we scale, what is we learned from it, and we're just every single day, it's like, okay, we learned we learned we're building we're building we're building off of it. I'm always looking at the ROI. So you've got to know like, if you go in thinking that you're going to succeed on everything in Facebook ads, it just isn't true.

Alyson Lex 27:15
So I'm sorry, I just I first I love the transparency of of just admitting that it's not always under percent successful. I've seen so many ads experts who were like, I can make anything work. And you're like, yeah, no, you're not going to. Yeah,

Jennie Wright 27:31
I think that's why we wanted to talk to you.

Alyson Lex 27:33
That's amazing.

Michelle Bridger 27:36
Oh, that's that. Yeah, absolute transparency. Like, I can spot it now that when someone's offer is not clear, I just know we won't do well. And that's why we dig in deep into every page into the landing page, the thank you page, the sales page, every single page, because I want my clients to succeed. And if I really know an offer, even with our help, won't succeed, I probably won't take them on, there's plenty of people that I turn away, because I it's just too painful. Like I really, really am committed to my clients success. And yeah, there's plenty, plenty, plenty of failures, and I want my clients to succeed. So

Alyson Lex 28:19
when is the best time to get in touch with you to promote something? Is it before everything's built? Is it after everything's built? I know, it's not like the day before I launch. But I don't know anything beyond that?

Michelle Bridger 28:34
That's a good question. So if someone is getting ready to go evergreen thinking about the different types of launches? Well, let's use a summit. Let's use that. So someone's going to launch a summit. Let's say they're going to launch the summit November 1. So I actually like to start working with them the three to six weeks ahead of time. So that we're like talking about the strategy stock starting and talking about the plan. They know what they're going to need to provide to us, then we're starting to think about images because we know how, you know images, we're going to tell them what kind of video we're going to need from them. So we're having that kind of discussion. Also, we're talking about the budget, how much realistically if they want 1000 leads from their summit? What is that going to cost them and if they need to plan at way ahead for that or they need to do a flash sale or whatever to bring in more ad budgets so they can meet their goals, then they know well ahead of time what that looks like. So that's how far in advance it's really we know we can do things last minute but we really really really prefer not to and that turned away some people who come to me like oh, I have summit next week. Yeah low but we but we send we you know we We work with designers on the images. And we have to have the ad copy and things like that. And it's just just 10 days, seven days ahead of time. It's just not enough time for us. So

Jennie Wright 30:10
definitely not. And from the from my side of building summits, you know, I'm glad that we've already worked together on a project where I saw the lead time that's necessary, because there was changes happening. And I mean, these were, these were some big changes that were happening, the page was changing, move this move that change this Papa video, do this, like there was a lot going on to create that, that optimization. So I have one last question. And then we're going to wrap this up for you today. And that is really like, and this might be I don't even know if you can answer this. But is there really a realistic budget to say promote, like something like a summit?

Michelle Bridger 30:50
Ticket question. So, for example, our mutual client when I suggested that she budget for is $5 per lead. So you know, and here's where your title and your offer is going to make all the difference. So if it's really specific, it's really like a hot topic or something that people really be interested in, want to learn more, it's near and dear to their heart, it might be that your leads come in much less, they might come in around 250, or something like that. But a good number to plan on for Summit is $5 per lead. And then if you bring in lower cost leads, you're like, yes, you know, I don't know where leads I budgeted for if your leads for summit are coming in seven $8. Either, the offer isn't very good, or something's wrong or your landing page isn't converting. Right. So there's a problem that you want to troubleshoot. So that's, we did a summit that in May, we did, I think it was Yeah, May June because what I was supposed to be a live event. And because of COVID, we couldn't do that. So we pivoted to make it into a summit, we brought in over 2000 leads and those leads were right over the $2. Mark, they were around Oh, that's awesome. Something like that. And it was 1000s of leads. So and it was it was a topic specific for serial entrepreneurs. And and that one went really well. And the page converted well, but I think if you go into summit and you plan for $5 per lead, then that's a really good number to plan off of.

Jennie Wright 32:32
Okay, I like that. Yeah, I've tried to run Facebook ads to a summit that I did. We were we had to shut them down. Honestly, I don't know what you know, and to be transparent. I was getting like $14 a lead. And I was like, This is insane. And he's you know, I can't I can't manage that budget, or we couldn't manage the budget at the time. So we turn them off. But I'm really good at organic and I made it up on the other side. So it was fine. I want to ask you one last thing, and that is where can people find you, Michelle, how can people get in touch with you and your team? You know, by the end of this I'm sure there's a bunch of people who are like, wow, okay, I need to talk to Michelle. I've obviously been doing things way wrong. And I need her people. So how can they find you? How can they get in touch?

Michelle Bridger 33:11
Oh, that's perfect. Yeah. So you they can find me on my website. So Michelle with two L's Michelle Bridger ber Michelle On there, you can see a case study you can see the testimonials. We've worked some really incredible people like Jenna Kutcher, and Alison, Prince, and, Krista, make sure she's an incredible real estate coach. So lots of lots of incredible people that we've worked with, you can go to Michelle's free And if you're running ads, or you're thinking about running ads, there's an assessment to you know, show you like, how are my dad's doing. So it's a way to grade, how you're doing in your ads right now. And it'll show you your strengths and I'll show you weaknesses. To to grab that. And if you're not at running ads yet, it'll show you like, oh, you need to be thinking about this for retargeting. So that's something that when someone's running their own ads, and they're throwing them up, and you know, sometimes they're even successful, and they're doing well, but they're like, I just don't have the bandwidth to pull off the retargeting. I talked to a lot of people like that. They're like, I can, you know, break even on the front end of my offer, but I just don't have the bandwidth to get the rest of the branding and the retargeting is going to show you, you know, like how these type of categories in place. So I encourage you to pick that up and Michelle's free And, you know, if you want to jump on my schedule, and you want to, you know, talk about how to really ramp up your summit or your ads, you can reach out to me at Michelle, Michelle

Jennie Wright 34:48
Well be prepared to be inundated because that is fantastic.

Alyson Lex 34:52
I might have to email you some questions just saying.

Jennie Wright 34:55
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I know Alison, and I have some things we're planning for the future. And trust me, we've been, we're chatting about it because I think it would be fantastic to, to really use paid ads in the way that they can be used. I still wouldn't, you know, Elston, I still want to use our strengths of organic. And I think it's a great marriage between the two, which I think is fantastic. And I think this has been a fantastic episode. If you've never done ads, or if you've done ads, and it's been like, I tried them, they didn't work for me. And if they don't work for me, they can work. Obviously, we can see that, you know, and we have an expert in front of us that can show us how to do it. So thank you so much, Michelle, for being here today. I really appreciate it.

Michelle Bridger 35:33
It was so fun. Yeah. So I'm so glad to help. I love helping people really be successful in ads, because they make such a difference. So that in fact, it's so significant when you can get your ads going, it really can make a life changing difference that all of a sudden, you're like, wow, my revenue really started to climb. And so that's my job is to really help people really get their incredible offers out into the world more.

Jennie Wright 35:59
Absolutely. Thank you everybody who's here who's listening. We really appreciate it. And we'll be back again soon answering another big question. Thanks again for watching or listening to this podcast. We hope we've answered some of your big questions today. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast anywhere you're listening and leave us a review.

Alyson Lex 36:19
Also, make sure you've checked out the Thrive collaborative podcast community, our Facebook group for listeners and entrepreneurs. Find us on Facebook or online at system to



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