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Multiple streams of income has never been more needed than right now. After all, we diversify our investments… why not our businesses?

Daniela Nica has not only mastered multiple streams of income… but she's done it in multiple countries, in multiple languages. And now she's giving us the behind-the-scenes on how to make it happen.


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Alyson Lex 0:02
putting all of your eggs in one basket is the thing that we hear a lot when it comes to investing, right? We want to diversify our investments. But a lot of times, we forget that we can do the same thing, or not do the same thing. Depending on which cliche I was just talking about. We forget that we can diversify our business as well. And we're talking about creating multiple streams of income. What this does is it protects you, if something happens to one of them, or multiple of them. I don't know pandemic, something like that. And so that's why Jenny and I are so excited to be here today. With business mindset. strategist, host of the monetize your genius online event, all around awesome person, Daniela Nika. She's going to talk to us today, Daniela, thank you for being here with us.

Daniela Nica 0:53
Thank you for having me. It's great to be here.

Alyson Lex 0:58
Absolutely. So you have an incredible story that I've heard bits and pieces of, and I would love to hear just really quickly, in your words, a little bit more about your story.

Daniela Nica 1:11
Yeah, so I was born in Romania, you can hear my accent is pretty cool, right? So I was born in a small village in Romania, I will not share the whole story. But I was born in a car because my mother couldn't make it to the hospital. So I basically I was born on the street. And I suppose that's why I'm traveling so much. Now. It's like, that's why I was born for so long story short, I was born in a poor environment. And I always wanted to get out. So and I did whatever I could do. And to me that that means that I should learn a lot, study a lot. And so studying and learning is my thing. I am a nerd, and love books. And I went to college, of course, I went to college. But because I confused two things, our knowledge and confidence are not the same. And I thought if I would accumulate a lot of knowledge, I would get more confident. And that's not true. So after the college, because I was not confident in myself, I just did what I saw my parents doing so working hard. They were working hard in agriculture and all that stuff that I wanted to get rid of. But now I went to Italy as an immigrant. And I did the same. So I worked hard. And I but you know, my spirit is it. We are spiritual beings, and we want to grow. So in my way, I always wanted to grow. And I always wanted to evolve. So, you know, I started by doing dishes, but then they promoted me because they saw I wanted to grow. And then I learned to make pizza. And so I was pizza and waitress in Italy. For five years. It was hard, but it was like another college and like it wasn't a life

Jennie Wright 3:19
Academy. To me. Yeah, real life experience.

Daniela Nica 3:22
Yeah. And I laughed, and I learned a new language. I learned Italian. My first college I did it in in French. So now I was speaking French and Italian to other languages. So that's probably the biggest win of those five years because now I have an entire business in Italian as well. And long story short, I came back to Romania, matter of personal development organization. And I became obsessed with growth in personal growth, leadership group books, seminars, conferences, and they wrote down my first goal, which was I want to get paid for a reading. Because it's so I love reading so much. So I did that for seven years. And then I finally started to put together my own speaking and coaching business. I had seen so many people on stages, so many inspiring people. And every time I was thinking, why not me, I want to do the same. So one day I will do this type of business. And so I did and now for the last seven years, I've been building this coaching and speaking business in my country. In Romania I have multiple streams of income in a country with 100,000 email list 100,000 People in my email list and 1000s of clients and 10s of programs online programs, so the digital program, passive income, and not only. And yeah, that's the story.

Jennie Wright 5:19
That's the best story ever. Right? Wow.

Alyson Lex 5:23
literally born in the middle of the street to building the confidence learning those languages.

Jennie Wright 5:30
Yeah, I mean, I can start speaking French to you. But you know, we'll do that on another interview or some.

Alyson Lex 5:36
Any love speaking French, she goes to me all the time. She just like rattles off because I understand. I know, languages I

Jennie Wright 5:44
do. I do. The first day I met Daniela and her team, I was like, teach me Romania. And I was like, they're all shooting out these words. And I'm like, I'm trying my best,

Daniela Nica 5:54
like the best English speaking person in pronunciation of other languages words, so Oh,

Jennie Wright 6:01
thank you. I try. I try. Because I want to, I want to respect people's languages. And I hate when people like, you know, anyways, we're going off topic, but your story is amazing. Your stories, you know, your story's incredible. And you've done some incredible things with your life. You've overcome some serious adversity and some serious issues. And I know that and I think it's been out for like, phenomenal. I'm desperate to know more about multiple streams of income. Because when everything happened in 2020, there was you know, Allison Lawson business, I lost some business, we immediately diversified. We immediately were like, we were like, we got a, you know, we got a problem solve this poopoo pile real fast. And we did and we diversified as well. But I want to hear from you tell us more about multiple streams of income? What does that look like in somebody's business? Have you know all the details?

Daniela Nica 6:56
Yeah, so I think I can speak most of about a speaker, speaker and trainer and coaches business, okay, because this is what I do. But probably some principles apply to, to each business, okay. And I think the best thing is to continue to speak about my story, and to just tell you how I did it, probably, this is the best thing. So at the beginning, I was only trading dollars for time for money, right? When you work hard, do your best, you know, get better as an export. But at the end of the day, you you are tired, even if you are very passionate about what to do, and you can only earn that much. Because you can you only have that the time. So I did that for about two years. And I'm glad I did that, because I put some good foundation to my business, I was working with all those clients, one on one and small group sell so and they, they, I build that trust, and that a call in the market. And then people started to want me to work with them more and more, but I couldn't because of my limited time. So that's how I started to look for you know, other ways. And one of the things that I I basically did two investments in my business, one was in content, and another in lens building course. That was, yeah, that was probably six years ago. So I know speakers, coaches and trainers, usually they invest in content a lot. They, they always feel like they don't know enough, and they need another certification and other but it's not, it's not true. You need good content. Okay. You are I mean, we are all unique, but we're we're not so original, we basically can't invent invent the wheel. So there is great content out there, and you can buy it. And then if you become a great solid storyteller, that content becomes yours, and it's uniquely yours. But then, uh, one mistake that I see people do is that they keep getting better and better and better as experts. And they keep investing in content and certifications, but they don't get better in their marketing. So this is something a mistake that I didn't do. Okay, so I I soon understood that 80% of my time, and money and energy, I should invest in my business or on my business, as I learned after that after a while, but that's another probably another topic. And the mistake is that people invest 80% of their time, indirect in in becoming better experts, and only 12% 20% or less in building the business. There is a difference between being an expert and being an entrepreneur in your expertise field. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So lists building, when I started, I started to build my list. And I know you are very big journey on that. And you are an amazing expert on this building. So I think we here we come together very well. So I started to do that, like crazy. I started to put together everything I could possibly imagine webinar after webinar after webinar series of webinars, free courses. And then, you know, now, challenges and summits work very well. And you are such an expert in putting together both of them. And you can teach other people as well, and you help people with that. So, and I've done all I could do and I became aware I could do in my country to build my list, like list building became an obsession. Because when you have and I know, they say it's not important, how big is your list? And it's true. But if you have a great, I mean, if you have an engaged the list, and the big one at the same time, I just have with the thing that it's better. Okay.

Jennie Wright 11:36
Yeah, it works. It definitely works for sure. For sure.

Daniela Nica 11:41
So I think one of the things that I never stopped doing was offering my lead magnet and my webinars and my free trainings. In order to build the list, like when I sleep, I build my list. When I eat, I build my list in our domain, so I don't angry, I don't get angry with my team for any other reason. Well, I for some reason, yes. I need to tell the truth here. But anyway, the biggest reason I get really angry, is when we stop putting out there our content in order to build a list. Because, you know, that's the blood of your business. If you don't do that, your business will stop growing. So that and back to your to your question, Jenny. So when you have, you know, when you build your list, you it's easy to create multiple streams of income. Because now, for each, you know, I can have funnels, right, and I will have funnels for different products that I put together. So I have several products, several coaching programs and digital programs in my my language, and then I have my Italian business. That's another stream of income for me. And I actually I try, I'm trying to build multiple streams of income there as well. So I guess one short answer would be build your list. It's not all fashion. It's something that work works. And it's essential, like I see. And with my Summit, that it's coming right now, I have so many experts, and they are amazing, and they speak on so many amazing topics. But one of the things that I keep repeating is that I filter every information through this, does it help building the list? Does it help creating a steady flow of income? Because I'm fine with high tickets, I'm fine with, you know, everything that can increase profit, and help people on a deeper level because that's what high tickets do. Right? So that if you only work with, you know, one on one, and it's fine that you you can charge maybe 10s of 1000s of dollar for your high end programs. But if your client doesn't renew, you need to find another client. Am I right or wrong? Okay, so, yeah, it's fine. But you also need the foundation and the foundation is given by you haven't balanced like guys a quick story. So when I like back back in, you know, maybe four years ago, when I first needed a certain amount of money $20,000 $30,000 In my country are a fortune, okay? And I was doing Where I went my business but business but $20,000 was, was a big a big thing. And I needed to pay that money to my mentor, and I wanted him to mentor me. So that was the first time, I could see the value of having a list. Because I put together a flash sale. And I was in the moment is in vacation, it was August 2, and they put together this first sale and that where That's where copywriting comes in, because you need to learn how to write to sell. So I put together that flash sale, sale, and I sent this, I don't remember how many emails and a killer offer. And I made there was some I made my first $8,000 in like three days. And then I continued to do it. And they made my money and all this by offering great value to people

Jennie Wright 15:58
right course. And when do you not work on vacation? Can I just ask you, because every time that I've known, like in the time that any like you're

Alyson Lex 16:05
wanting to talk, Fash

Jennie Wright 16:07
seriously. You're always ready. Okay, so you're totally blowing us away right now, right?

Alyson Lex 16:13
I have like so many things to say. The whole idea of you mentioned like, Yeah, high tickets, great. But if they don't renew, then you got to find someone else. And then you mentioned giving value. And it just really reminds me of the Wii in thrive, which I know Jennie doesn't know what it is. But I do it's good value. And really what it means is at different levels, right, there are going to be people who can work with you at a high ticket level awesome. But there are people who can't, and they get value at a lower level. So it really goes on with our Thrive framework. I have 80,000 pieces of feedback about all that you blow my mind. So I love your story. And you've mentioned a couple of things like copywriting and list building. I know you happen to have four parts of a have successful businesses with multiple streams of income, list building and copy are two of those. What are the other two?

Daniela Nica 17:14
Yeah, so I think that our four pillars to the business that I have built, and I teach other people how to how to build them. I think they are crucial. So the first one is the mindset. Okay, so I know it's everyone will will say that, but it's because it's true. Okay, so if you don't have the right mindset, you will not apply anything else. Yeah, I mean, I coach people I, I know, I just know who they are. Some of them are so much better than me. And they don't don't don't have 10% of my business. And this this is because they don't. They don't believe in themselves. So you need to put yourself together. And I have a I have some some things here to share, like passion over here. You need to find your passion, and your passion will be will fight your fear. So it's going you're going to be fine. You're going to act against the fear if you have a big passion. That another thing that I'm very big on is do the next step. That's all you need to do. Set the direction and then don't get overwhelmed by that big grid dream. Just do the next step.

Alyson Lex 18:33
Yes, I tell Jenny that. I'm like, Jenny, I just need the next step. Yeah, not 12 steps from now. Just tell me what to do next.

Daniela Nica 18:41
Yeah. So I, this is how I put it the way you the way you do the impossible is by doing possible steps. One by one by one. So yeah, it's no, I might not be so original, but it works. So then persistence over perfectionism. And we all know what that can mean. Right? We want to just polish things a little bit more and then we will act. Now

Jennie Wright 19:15
it's Oh, that's me. That's me Allison's like, let's get it done. Let's get it out. But she's, she's a one and done expert. And I'm like a an niggly, like, has to look, we're gonna change the font. We're gonna do this and that. But between the two of us, we have this amazing Venn Diagram of like, overlap. Everything just works.

Daniela Nica 19:31
I happen to believe that association is another maybe it's the fifth pillar. So you guys are Yeah. So yeah, persistence over. Over Perfect perfection. And I have so many other things on mindset, like, mistakes are fine. But if you do the same mistake again and again and again. You're not fine. Like, we are not going to, you know, to say now do it. Just do it. You're good. You're great. Now you're just have put yourself together, evaluate your mistakes, learn from them. Okay, so, yeah, and then speaking, so we have mindset, speaking and specifically storytelling, storytelling, and then list building and copywriting. So I'm very big on storytelling. I happen to believe that ah, personal brand should learn how to tell their story. And this would 10x their business. Like, sometimes people come to me to coach them, and they want to learn marketing and techniques and technology and stuff like that. And it's cool. I mean, everything is important, right? But so many times, they don't want to be vulnerable and share their stories. And I'm like, you know, you are a personal brand. You are not a robot. You are not a machine. You don't sell potatoes.

Jennie Wright 21:03
I did that I totally hid behind the veneer of I am an expert. And you know, my personal life nobody you know, there's no story. I was like so bad at Alyson was like Jennie people want to know you and get to know you. Right. She's like, you're so you know, you're so cool that nobody like, knows you or anything. So yeah, she was like encouraging me to kind of break the veneer. So yeah, I totally get to

Daniela Nica 21:28
do that more. Because I feel like this helped me Tenex maybe I have with my story. People connect with the stories, right? That's for 1000s and 1000s of years now and they you just build trust so faster. And you are human. And they they rely on on you. They feel like they can trust you and there is so much more I feel like I it's because of time. I I'm not sure I can share more stuff on that but it would deserve

Jennie Wright 22:11
right probably totally like its own podcast, right? They're just talking about the stories and percent Yeah, sure. Like how storytelling can 10x your business? I think that's the title of the next podcast right there.

Alyson Lex 22:21
I'm just saying I mean,

Daniela Nica 22:24
I'm not I'm not a copywriter expert, like I don't do that for living. But, guys, I think it's the end they all are related, right? Because if you if we're able to write powerful words that sell you then speak those words. Okay. So, storytelling and copywriting are so related. And I I couldn't emphasize enough the importance of learning how to write copy. I love copywriting I love psychology and I think copywriting is very much psychology in writing. And I love a good good copywriter. And I know Alyson Lex is amazing. So yes,

Jennie Wright 23:16
she is phenomenal. If you're if you can't, yeah, well, you guys can't see if you're listening to this and you can't see us. Alison's blushing. Daniel and I are like we like you. So it's all good. That is fabulous. I love these four pillars actually it's more like 10 pillars but mostly it's for I'm desperate to share about the event that you've been working your tail off on building out so tell us more about the event. Alison and I are going to share it we have a link for everybody to go check it out. But tell us first more about the event.

Daniela Nica 23:50
So my Summit is called monetize your genius is a seven day Summit. To help speakers trainers coaches and course creators yet monetize their genius through multiple streams of income. So what we will do is that we have about 60 talks with over 50 speakers. It will be amazing. A lot of content on these four pillars and more. Okay, so it's everything i i wouldn't be very bold here. I think it's everything speakers trainers and coaches need to know in order to start and you know, not only start but skyrocket their businesses to six and seven figure Okay, so now I'm not sure I can go in more details but we have seven days each day is like for example, day one is called Build on solid ground and we will build on solid ground which is Mindset and Marketing. And we have amazing time Here we have Ray Edwards, for example, here on day one, he's an amazing copywriter as well. Right? So as you have some mindset, but neuroscience staff, and we have a lot of amazing speakers in day one, it's we put, we put the foundations there, okay. And then we have a two it's built, it's around building your message. Here we have Allison, and story strategies and we have? Well, we have so many speakers, I don't think we have time to go through all of them. So maybe I'm looking at my own page now. And I'm like,

Alyson Lex 25:44
almost overwhelming. And I want to mention, I'm sorry, go ahead is that, um, one thing I want to mention really quickly, is earlier, we talked about not getting so much content that you forget about the marketing side of your business. And this event bridges that gap. It gives you the marketing knowledge and the mindset help that you need to take the action that's going to get you to where you want to go. It's not like taking another course or getting another certification. The exact action designed.

Daniela Nica 26:14
Exactly. So what what I, when I put together this I had in mind, Daniela Nika from seven years ago, what would I need in order to build my business faster, and maybe a little bit easier as well. So it's not only about it's not only about content, it's what do you need to know and apply, so that you can grow your business and also the resources that you need tools that you need, and go to persons go to experts, because not everything can I mean, you guys will not implement everything by yourself, and you shouldn't. So but you when you go and try to find people to help you, you don't know where to go. So my promise to you is that I have built this business to good point, and then happened to now what a speaker in the coach needs. And so that was my filter. And when I present this, because I do it, because I trust them. And then now the talks that they they give is that I requested them to give those talks, because I now this is what a speaker and a coach and a trainer and course creator need in order to build the business. Yeah,

Jennie Wright 27:43
you've created an incredible event. Thank you. Yeah, an incredible event. I've happened to have the pleasure and the ability to see what's been going on in the background. And I've been really, really excited about that. I've been able to work with your team for the past little bit on making, hopefully some impact and helping them. And Allison and I are both featured experts. So how have two talks, right? Yeah, each of us were like two talks each. Yeah. So that's pretty cool. If you guys want to check it out, this event is actually happening very soon, you'll want to check it out soon. If at the time of this recording, you do check it out. And we want you to go to system to forward slash m y G. And that note will be in the show notes. So you can check that out as well. If you are checking that link out post, you know you're looking at it like after February 2021. You know, then I think that probably with Daniel, this team will have that forward somewhere else that'll be perfect for you to go and visit. And you can still get great information about Daniel any gun, everything that she does in her multiple streams of income in her multiple languages. Right. So thank you so much. Right multiples and multiples. Yeah, we really appreciate you being on here with us. And if you haven't already, please do consider subscribing to the podcast so you don't miss great episodes like this. We're going to have Daniella back. Allison and I have been taking notes. We've actually already written the title for the next podcast episode. We want Daniella to do and we're totally stoked. We're basically roping her in right now. She doesn't even know it into doing another podcast episode with us. So

Alyson Lex 29:21
they volunteered you for it.

Jennie Wright 29:22
Yeah, you've been told. Yeah. Thanks so much for being here. Everybody. We really appreciate you blue back again soon answering another big question.



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