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#truth time: You don’t need to publish 100 pieces of content per day to be successful. In fact, creating 100 pieces of content is going to suck up SO MUCH of your time if you don’t have a team that it’s not going to be worth it. 

Yes, even if you “repurpose your content!!!” like so many experts want to tell you.

So what do you do instead? Listen as we talk about the SMART way to repurpose your content without losing your mind in the process.


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Alyson Lex 0:01
Before we dive into today's episode, let's talk about making content generation easy. When you have 128 topics at your fingertips, it really shortens the process for coming up with new content that works. So I Jenny and I created the content topic generator, which you can go ahead and pick up at System to THRIVE comm slash content to completely free download, and it'll give you all the steps you need to take those 128 topics and make them yours.

Now let's dive in. Because let's face it, you have a business to run. You can't be spending your whole day on Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok or clubhouse.

Jennie Wright 0:47
Sorry. But that was hilarious.

Alyson Lex 0:54
Apparently, the way I say Tick Tock is funny. You can't be spending your whole day on Facebook or Instagram or clubhouse or Tick Tock trying to create new content to engage and impress and gain new followers. You have a business to run. So what do you suppose to do? Do you try to post five to 10 times a day or more like some people who shall remain nameless, have recommended? I know we've done episodes with experts who say no. But even once a day can feel overwhelming when you consider that seven pieces of content per platform per week. The last thing we want to be doing is creating that different content for every single platform we're on. It's not effective, it's time consuming. And as we're gonna talk about in today's episode, it is not necessary.

Jennie Wright 1:53
If you don't have a team, it feels almost impossible. Let's just kind of put that out there. Because the person that is on social media saying you need to post five times a day has a team of like, over 20 people. So how are we supposed to do it? Just you know? Yeah. So every platform out there has a different style in terms of the content that it wants. Instagram is incredibly visual, and it wants video, and it drives its posts with stories and reels, etc. So you have to have very visual looking posts. LinkedIn is all articles, posts, and all video videos tend to do pretty good on there. It's more the posting that it really, really wants. Facebook is also about post short, long, it loves images of those videos. And if you're on things like Tick tock, and the others, then that one is like 15 seconds or 30 seconds of you know, don't ask me because I'm not on Tick Tock. But it's that little piece of information that's very much into the entertainment value. So how are you supposed to service all these different social media masters? How we supposed to do that?

Alyson Lex 3:04
Well, I'm going to drop Jenny's favorite word right now the word plan, what you want to do is plan your content ahead of time so that you know what you're doing, and then repurpose it. And luckily, we kind of have that plan written out for you. So the first step, write a blog post loaded to your site to go live. And that might feel overwhelming. So let's back up, record an audio, turn it into a blog post, and then load it to your site to go live. And if that feels overwhelming, let's step back, take a podcast episode that you appeared on. Get it transcribed, and turn that into a blog post the content already exists. So what can you already? And what are you already doing? Are you live streaming? Do you have a weekly show? Do you have a podcast? What do you have that is creating content that you can turn into a blog post long form and load it to your site. Let's say it goes live on Monday. Your next step is

your next step is to create a social post or to with quotes from your blog post. Do a short little write up about them. Use them as pure content. Then create a social post designed to promote the blog post. Then what you're going to do is you're going to take that social post to promote the blog post and you're going to turn it into an email like copy and pasted into your email marketing system. That's how you turn it into an email and send it out to your people let's say on Tuesday to promote the blog post. Then you can also go ahead and do some quick Instagram rules or Tick Tock about the content, download the video and upload it to Facebook or another platform

Jennie Wright 5:14
or having too much fun on this one.

Alyson Lex 5:16
Because I keep saying Tick Tock in a funny way, and you're doing it, you're doing it on purpose,

Jennie Wright 5:21
you're absolutely doing it on purpose. So we're the plan that we're kind of talking about is, you know, and this may not work in the exact sense that you want it to, in terms of writing a blog post and getting it out on a Monday and whatnot. But you need to take a look at what you can take and repurpose.

The whole goal here is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every single time that you need to put something on social media. because trust me, it doesn't work for it doesn't work. It doesn't work for me, I'll tell you that. And we do what Allison and I do our personal, our personal plan is that we record these podcasts, they get recorded a couple times a week, quite honestly. And then we actually get them transcribed. And then we're working forward to taking those transcriptions. When we create those social pull outs, those get put on graphics, they help us write our blog posts. And we put those, everything goes into publisher, which is a publisher for us, and it helps us and Alison, there's something that I know you want to add here. So what is it that you're sharing,

Alyson Lex 6:24
I really liked what you said about how this is not necessarily the plan that's going to work for you. I should have said at the beginning, this is a sample plan. And as I was talking and why I kept pausing right before the TIC Tock giggle breakdown, is that I even felt overwhelmed saying it. Like let's just put it out there.

Hashtag transparency like content is overwhelming. And so I want to encourage you that if it feels overwhelming to do this every week, do it every two weeks, do a blog post every two weeks.

Jennie Wright 7:02
I don't even get my blog post on that often. And I know I should think this is for me, this whole content creation thing is something that as soon as I'm able to, I don't want it on my hands as much. I want this. Like I'll create the content. But I need the the editing and the social pullouts and the creation of the graphics and the loading of the graphics. That's the stuff that I want off my hands at some point. Because that takes for me It takes time. So my plan, and Alison's plan, which we were just talking about, is we use the podcast as a format to create the content. And then we do the pull outs the Polo, it's become our social media content, we create the graphics, we already have templates that we spent time and effort creating in Canva. And then those get loaded into polar and they get recycled every six to seven weeks. Okay, so that's our cheat. We don't have to keep you know, we've loaded all this stuff. And it comes in fits and spurts. Like I'll spend like a weekend loading stuff into polar and it gets done. But then it's content on the ready, like it's always happening, which is great. I think the thing that is challenging is what do I write, that's where I really think you should grab the the generator that we have. There's a content topic generator. So System to, forward slash content, I'll tell you right now I use it alive, helps me create my Facebook Lives, which I do get transcribed and use those for social posts as well. Anything that I do, when I'm creating content, I try and I load it into otter, because we have, we have some really good minutes, we have a good plan in order where we have all these minutes, we have to use up. And we'll put all this in the show notes. By the way, you can go and transcribe everything into otter and then you're just kind of go in there and go, whoo, that sounds good. Pull it out and throw it on post. So there's a lot you can do here. But the main thing is you have to find something that feels good. If reading a blog post and putting it up on a Monday and then creating the thing and getting it on a Tuesday in the doing the thing and doing that on a Wednesday feels like holy crap, are you guys totally you know, losing your minds right now, then find the thing that works for you. But as long as you're consistent, please, please be consistent. If it's once every two weeks fine. Beef, so do what you want. But make it consistent. It's the inconsistency that start and stop. We actually talked about this as well. And in Episode 56, where whatever it is that you do, you have to have the consistency because if you're not being consistent with that lead generation, or the content creation, whatever it is, then you're creating that feast and famine in your business. So if you really want to create an impact online, and you also don't want to have any excuses where you're like, social media doesn't work for me, then be consistent. Because if you're consistent, it'll grow. But if you're doing the start and stop, it will not because people will be like, Whoa, who is this person and why are they in my stuff and then you go quiet again and they go and find somebody else. That's just the facts.

Alyson Lex 9:55
One of the things you said that was really interesting that I wanted to touch on was the fact that you Sometimes just take a weekend and get a whole bunch of it done. And I do the same thing with our blog posts. So I, again, hashtag transparency, let's just get in there. I am the one that preps all the blog posts for this podcast. And there's a cover image or a featured image. And then I dropped the audio in and I do the little tiny write up and I throw in the resources and the transcription. And even though we're just recording this episode right now, the blog post has been ready for a couple of weeks, two weeks, I made the cover image, I dropped it in, just saved it as a draft. We when we started planning out this episode, we started saying, Hey, we might mention these XYZ resources. So I prep those, I'll remove the ones that we didn't mention if there if there are any. If it's a guest expert, that's recorded well in advance, well, those are ready to go. They literally just have to hit Publish. And so I schedule. So I sit there and I do those all at once. I don't say I'm going to do Episode 56 today, and I make the image and I drop in the image and I pull the resources and I just I make all the images. I think I've made all of the images that we've planned out for the rest of the year. And Ron Phil.

Jennie Wright 11:25
Well, we're on episode right now this we're recording Episode 58. And I know that you've created images all the way to Episode 83.

Alyson Lex 11:33
I have. So anything that's planned out has an image created for it exactly as I sat down and did it one day.

Jennie Wright 11:39
Yeah. And that makes us love past Alison. Future. Alison loves pastels and future Jenny loves past Alison.

Alyson Lex 11:44
So yeah, so does con Alison. And that is the other thing, hook yourself up. If you have an extra 20 say a sales call doesn't show or a thing got moved or the clubhouse room is boring. Take that found 30 minutes and hook yourself up.

One of the episodes that we have coming up is with Linda Reed ever and she talks about finding those five minute spots in your day. She's got a really cool resource that we'll talk about on the episode and I forget what number it is, but I know it's coming up.

Jennie Wright 12:23
She has Episode 8383.

Unknown Speaker 12:25
There we go.

Jennie Wright 12:26
You have to wait a while guys, sorry, a little while,

Alyson Lex 12:29
meanwhile, just Googler and look it up. But she talks about finding those minutes in your day when you would otherwise lose them to something else. This is the kind of stuff we're talking about. I'm not talking about overhauling your whole day, or getting up three hours earlier, or spending the rest of your business trying to post on social because we I said it at the top of the episode. We've got businesses to run right. I am a frequent guest on podcasts. And I get them all transcribed. I was just on one the other week and I was it was a live stream. And I couldn't figure out how to get the video to load it up into otter. And so I just reached out to the host. And I said, Hey, I get all these episodes transcribed so that I can easily create social posts, is there a way you can send me the audio. And guess what she did? She sent it to me, I have it transcribed. And now I can use it to create social posts. That's quality content that I didn't even really have to think about. The other thing that I wanted to mention, as far as coming up with ideas. I've seen this a lot. And I have fallen victim to this too, that we feel like every time we do a live stream or a podcast or blog posts, it has to be some unheard of take that has never ever before been presented to the world, especially not by us. This is not true. You can present the same information to five different people in five different ways. And you will actually get like 25 different reactions. Okay. Do not feel like you can't recover previous information in a different way from a different angle with some different language. Okay, I'm working with my kid on simple math. And when will the other day we looked at five plus two is seven. He knew that. And on a whim, I said what's two plus five? And he said seven. I was really proud because he's five and he's got that reciprocal property down. But what I'm saying is just because the end result is the same just because the information is the same the way it's presented is different. Five plus two equals seven and two plus five equals seven. Yes. But not, I mean, not everybody's going to pick up on that right away, they're going to read it differently, they're going to process it differently, it's going to work differently for different people. So it's okay to kind of reuse some topics, or just go to the content topic generator and get 128. And what's that, like two years,

Jennie Wright 15:26
pretty much, I reuse a lot of my content all the time, because it's not the same. It's not the same content, it's the same message, there's a difference. I repeat my message all the time, the same thing, I'm on the same soapbox constantly. And that's never going to change reason why. Because I need to be the voice of what I represent. I need to be out there and saying all the time, list, build, do this, do that. Okay. So I think this is what we need to talk about. And we've written a couple takeaways that are going to help you implement what we're talking about today. So I'm going to take the first two Allison's gonna grab, I'm gonna take the first three, and Austin's gonna take the last three. So number one, find a way that works for you to create content, we give you some examples. And we would just want you to like, figure out what's going on, okay. But get consistent with your content creation, and do it in a way that fits your life. As long as you're doing it, please just do it. Number two, use transcription to your benefit, we load everything we do into Then we grab that content, we make our social posts, and we get them done. It might take us a little time. But it actually fits right into my takeaway number three, which is hooking your future self up, do things in batches, work on graphics for a day, work on or for an hour, work on content for an hour, get everything loaded up where you need to get it loaded up. Get yourself hooked up for the future so that you're not scrambling the scrambles, the worst and the scrambled means you put out half assed stuff, we don't want that.

Alyson Lex 17:06
Number four, consistency is key dude get consistent. They say it takes 62 days of daily action to create a new habit. And so I want you to set a challenge for yourself that every day for the next 62 days, you're going to take a step toward your content, repurpose plan. And make it a habit. Get get it in there. Alright. Number five. With a lot of takeaways today, thanks for sharing. You can be repetitive I love what Jenny said that the message stays the same, it actually helps you to be repetitive in your messaging. Because you know that the same people actually don't even see the content each time. Very interesting and cool point to make. Not everybody's gonna see every piece of content you put out, it's okay to repeat. And this is the big one that I'm going to try not to shout in your ear right now. Stop freaking listening to those people that give you a quote unquote, super simple system to create 249 social posts from your daily 15 minute live stream. These people have huge teams that can get everything done. And you do not have to be this person. Do not let those super simple system people make you feel like you are not going to be successful if you don't post all of the time. There are other avenues to success besides overwhelming yourself and your followers. Okay. Do not compare yourself to other people, guys. This is your race,

Jennie Wright 18:49
especially your way of saying it, which is don't

Alyson Lex 18:53
compare your bloopers to someone else's highlight reel.

Jennie Wright 18:58
Exactly. That's my biggest thing. That's one of the biggest things that we can have people think about for sure. I just want to take a second to thank everybody for listening to today's episode. we sort of had a good time with this one. It was a little bit unstructured it was a little bit fun. We had a little bit of a tick tock giggle fast, but that's okay. We want to know that you like what you're hearing and enjoying what you're listening to. So please go ahead and leave us a review. If that makes sense to you. We'd love to hear. The other thing is if you need help with any of the stuff that Allison and I talked about on the podcast, head on over to System to forward slash, I believe it's work with us or just go to System to and click on the work with us button and see if Allison and I can be part of your team and add value to your business and take care of some of the stuff that you might be struggling with. In terms of list building or lead generation copywriting building out your funnels or even business strategy. These are all things that Allison and I really work on with our clients. And lastly, please do consider subscribing and listening to this podcast on a regular basis if you find it helpful. For you, we hope that you do, and we hope that you'll stick around. Thanks so much for listening and we'll be back again soon answering another big question.



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