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Marketing your business can be hard – especially when you’re so busy working IN your business that you don’t have time to grow your business. It feels like you have to spend hours and hours every single day so you don’t miss anything, and you’re taking advantage of every opportunity available to you.

Luckily, Linda Reed-Enever has the solution with her 5-Minute Marketing Deck… and she’s going to show us how – and why – it works so well. Say goodbye to hours of marketing and hello to marketing in those spare 5 minutes you have lying around.


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Alyson Lex 0:02
Making your marketing a habit, being consistent. And doing it regularly is pretty much like the key to being successful. It doesn't matter what strategy or technique or tool you're using, if you don't use it and do it with regularity, it's not going to have the effect that you want. Right? The hard part is figuring out how to make it part of your routine without getting completely overwhelmed. And that's why when we met Linda Reed anniver, she's known as like the PR and marketing go to girl, by the way, we knew that we had to have her on to talk about her five minute marketing deck and tips and all of those things. So Linda, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Linda Reed-Enever 0:50
Thank you for having me on. It's amazing to come and talk about what I'm so passionate about, which is actually making marketing part of your day.

Alyson Lex 1:00
So tell me why. Why is it so easy to get overwhelmed by this marketing

Linda Reed-Enever 1:06
thing? Oh, it's a really good one. And I'm actually involved in a group, of course creators at the moment starting to put out their causes and market. And you know, what I'm seeing, and it's a common thread, no matter whether it's cause creators, whether it's business owners, whatever it is, is we overthink it and we overthink it, and then we paralyze ourselves from actually taking any action. And when we overthinking we've never, never, ever, ever, ever, in any marketing campaign I've run in 20 years is anything ever perfectly aligned and ready to go. So forget the perfect, it's not going to happen. You know, you can think you're perfect. And I can guarantee you there'll be a flaw somewhere. And that is just life. So we're never going to get the perfect so we are better to be taking small consistent steps and taking action and continuing to market our business than sitting here three months down the track. I've got no leads because I haven't marketed and the three months three months of what you do now doesn't affect you tomorrow and affects you three months down the track in your business. You might see some instant results but it's that three months time that we're talking about where the effort kicks in and shows up.

Alyson Lex 2:20
I have noticed and I talk about myself in past present and future tense I call myself past Alison today Alison and tomorrow Alison. I have noticed when past Alison hooks me up, my business does better. But the problem with segmenting and compartmentalizing is sometimes past Alison is like that is totally future Allison's I don't care about her today. So I really like the way that you just keep bringing it back to what you do now matters next month, two months from now three months from now, I think that's really important to keep in mind.

Linda Reed-Enever 3:00
And the other thing to bear in mind guys is past we can only do something now about it. We can't worry about the past we can't fix what we did six months ago, I got all the Finally I did this, that's only going to lead to paralysis. Again, we need to be taking consistent action. So it's about consistently you know, checking out before I jumped on the podcast here today I was recording you know hair makeup done. I'm recording a couple of Instagram real some really short ones using the deck that we're going to talk about today. And getting some short Instagram reels ready to go because they're only 30 seconds. So I technically have to talk to the camera for about 24 seconds so that I can add the little bits that I want to add to it and was ready to go and that's done right here on your site. So you can get three of those done in five minutes. I can tell you

Jennie Wright 3:47
Oh absolutely. I really I am getting into that whole thing. I am a late adopter into Instagram just because I'm a bit of a stubborn something underscore word because it is so true. I I love my Facebook Instagram for a long time just felt like an extra chore to me it's no longer feeling that way i'm i'm on I'm on board choo choo trains on the way I'm all good. But I was I was a late adopter you know my partner kept saying to me for years do Instagram do Instagram do Instagram but I was just like, oh, like it was it just seemed like it seemed like a time suck to me and I'm only focused on income producing activities. And it didn't seem like an income I couldn't see the the like the connection I just couldn't see the connection between the two. But now I'm seeing it right so now I'm getting leads from Instagram which was like, like a huge aha moment for me. So you know you may

Linda Reed-Enever 4:46
think you can link through your website and link through to your call to action. So if you're using the right bio tools within Instagram, you can be using things like smart bio, which tailwinds guard or or Lincoln bio, which later has got a link tree and links through your blog post in your image. Send it that feed on Instagram, that visual feed actually becomes shoppable or clickable and it makes it look a lot better for you. Absolutely, yeah,

Jennie Wright 5:08
I've got link tree on mine, which isn't great. I'm always updating it with whatever I'm doing in the moment, you know, doing that, which is fantastic. And you mentioned before that we overthink, and then we paralyze ourselves, I feel like you're speaking into my soul. Right? And nothing, nothing is ever completely perfect, which I completely understand. I've, I've done so many online summits and challenges and you name it, I always tell clients that doesn't matter what we do and how good we plan something's going to break, or a link won't work or something's gonna happen. We can only do so much as human beings, right? But my question for you is how, what's your solution? For this struggle that we have this overanalyzing the, you know, the regret the worry? Like, how do we solve that

Linda Reed-Enever 5:50
problem? I have the answer to that. And that magic little pill, I would be out there selling that. Wish you had someone on the weekend, if I had the magic marketing pill, I wouldn't be teaching you how to market your business, I'd be selling the magic marketing pill. But look, you know, it is about using the time you have and using increments. And as I said before, it's about getting into that five minute mindset. I have five minutes now I could scroll Facebook, or I could make an Instagram real. I could go make a cup of coffee and respond to a couple of questions inside Facebook groups. I could go online shopping, or could I possibly make that? You know, we all know we don't mind talking about doing that for five minutes. We're there for half an hour. Right? Exactly, minimum. But it's what can I do with the time that I actually have? So rather than, you know, thinking about what am I doing, and what I get most of my students to do is I get you to sit down and write down for a day. I don't care how long it takes you use the toggle app use whatever it is, most of my marketing circle members go. Linda's gonna ask me to use toggle, because I don't know where my time is. And that's exactly what I'm asking you to do. Write down everything you do for the day, every friend who drops in while you're walking, working from home, kick their butts out of your house. These are your work hours. I had to

Alyson Lex 7:17
I had to set that boundary early in my business because I became crisis central for the whole family, y'all. Yep. Allison, this person is going to be at my house. Allison, I needed to do this. Allison, can you return this? No, I'm working.

Linda Reed-Enever 7:31
What was that resource you

Linda Reed-Enever 7:32
just mentioned to travel is a good time, your time checking out, you pop it on your phone, you do start a task started, do it, you know, move, move away. And the reason you do that is because you can start to identify those five minute blocks that you can turn into marketing. And then once you start to go, Okay, well, you know, I shouldn't be scrolling Facebook, or all of those sorts of things. You can tap in and use those opportunities, but the paralysis is taking action. And you know, part of why we created the five minute marketing deck was I would say this to people, you don't use that time to market you and they go, Well, what am I going to do? So we created a deck of cards that was literally designed for them to pick things up and do and take and do an action and those five minutes then all add up.

Jennie Wright 8:15
So tell us a little bit more about this. Right? So that's five minutes. deck, tell us a little bit more about that. share that with us.

Linda Reed-Enever 8:24
Okay, well, it is a deck, it's literally a deck of cards. And the idea is it sits on your desk or it sits in a handbag and you use the five minute increments within your day to do that to take into action along the way. And we've got you know, 50 cards, so there's 50 different ideas so you can cycle through them and come back and continue to make that activity. And just add those things up. Because one of the major components next to I don't know what to do is I don't have time to market. That's the next thing I hear from people on that book, you want the sales you have to make time to market. You can't just expect the sales and for lots of business owners, we get into business because we're good at what we do. For me, that's marketing. So I'm pretty lucky I know how to market my business. But for other business owners it's not it's that they're good at creating a product, they're good at, you know, painting walls, they're good at doing whatever they do. And marketing is such a brand new field for them. So taking it into bite sized steps until you said it before with Instagram. I didn't want to do Instagram. I'm late to the Pinterest train, although I know it works and it worked for our parenting site as a personal brand. And I know that Pinterest is where I look at nails and hairstyles and

Jennie Wright 9:41
I don't look at Pinterest for anything but recipes right now.

Linda Reed-Enever 9:43
It's my dad's on social media. I don't want to make that business social media. I'm addicted. took me a long time to do that. Now guys, I'm not saying that you have to use every channel. Socially, to do to market your business but on your real estate. Get your usernames, get your head Get all of those sorts of things. And at the moment, we're in a massive world of confusion because Facebook is being remade Facebook, today's wanting something similar the clubhouse. Twitter's launching their spaces conversation. It's only a rumor at this stage. You know, you've got stereo out there, that's an android version. And there's all this audio noise that's going in. And what I'm going to say to everyone might be contrary to everyone else who's jumping on the bandwagon at the moment, while others are jumping on the bandwagon. What it's doing for you is opening up opportunities inside the existing platforms you already know, like and trust with those people already know, like, and trust. And it's not a time suck. The amount of marketers and professionals and people I've seen them spending about seven or eight hours a day on club has at the moment, or when I'm getting a client are getting decent, which is good, right? But I'm not sure that they're actually tracking it. And this is just my little cynical marketing mind kicking into gear, I'm not sure that actually tracking with actually still getting those clients doing what they were already doing. But I do know that they're opening up the market for people like myself, iPhone users, who can sit out there and go, okay, lost a weapon, my Facebook and my YouTube and my Twitter people. And I'll share my knowledge and expertise there. So don't fret about the brand new, bright, shiny object, let the bright shiny object take some time on your handle. And let's work out what it's going to do first. Tick Tock was the same last year.

Alyson Lex 11:27
Yes. So you have my interest. So peeked about this deck of cards, and I know that our audio listeners, they're not going to be able to see this. So we'll make sure we, we describe what we're seeing. But can we play?

Linda Reed-Enever 11:43
Absolutely. I know guys, I'm going to stress this to you. Now what we're about to do is we're going to pull out a couple of cards, what you would be doing in a normal situation, he's one card only. So please don't get overwhelmed as we do this, because the reality of it is we're not going to do it. I'm going to do it, how I suggest to all clients and how I do play, which is a shuffle of the cards. Because you know, we don't want to come in out of randomness. And that means that I'm caught off my game. Okay, so your first five minute marketing tip for those who can see it is to check your profiles. And I'll read what the card actually says, check your profiles are up to date. Quick, quick, look at your description, is it accurate? If you've got numbers in your description, make sure they're up to date. With BBB, we have 32,000 half the time I haven't updated where it needs to be. So this is a monthly check for us now. Because I went on a radio interview and we were at 20,000. And we actually had 30,000 members. So you know it was it? Wow. You don't want to correct the journalist but also at the same time I remember the guy but there is 30,000 people in there. Yes, we've not date my bio. So check that your description is up to date and accurate. I your contact and link pages all working on those profiles. So if they if someone hits the Email button, does it work? So I hit the book button? Does it work? on your profile and hidden images? are they up to date? Do they look right? You know, as much as I would like to go back and have the photos of the 19 year old me on Facebook, it's most probably not appropriate. You know, 20 something years, that might be how I look in my head, I don't look like that now. It's about making sure that there's a connection between the image that people see on you. And they connect with you. And for those of you who are using your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter, and LinkedIn to network and make sure that they're professional, even your personal profile. Look as much as you love your cat. There's most probably not a position for your cat in there. As much as I love my kids. If I get a photo of her and then she's normally coming to work with me, there's normally something like that that we put in. When we put that photo out there. It's not a case of facial things updates so and the hidden images because the world of social media is fun. The image works yesterday, it doesn't work today. We need to resize it, we need to work look at the video, or you know, just the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, whatever God's decided to change the size today.

Alyson Lex 14:12
They always do that. Sorry, we totally do that. Yes. But I do love that not only do you kind of tell us what to do you give us a little bit of a checklist, which I think helps because it's like, oh, yeah, I could totally just do that in five minutes. Here's my list. Okay, Facebook. Okay. Exactly. And it is something that gets missed a lot. But it's important for marketing, so I really liked that when that was fun.

Linda Reed-Enever 14:37
Ah, let's pick another random one out. Give another shuffle. Okay, what do we got on top of that? Oh, Matt, your ideas another favorite one. So this one is about mapping out your ideas. And this one is five minutes enough time to draw or map out your ideas. Grab a notebook or whiteboard on the big whiteboard, you know, texted lady, or post it notes and Write down all of your ideas. So write down whatever the idea is, how do you think it's going to leave, you know, get this at the time you get really creative and you draw the outlines and those sorts of things and just go, okay, I've been thinking about this, and I'm going to map it out. Pro tip. If you're doing this on a whiteboard, or a piece of paper, and you're likely to lose either one of those or a napkin in a restaurant, if you're using the five minutes while you're waiting for your coffee to arrive, take a photo of it. I used to have a boss who come in and wipe off whiteboards.

Jennie Wright 15:31
Yeah, I had a boss that did that once we did an entire plan on in marketing and communications, and somebody came in and just like wipe it all off, and then drew Happy birthday, Carol.

Linda Reed-Enever 15:45
Oh, no,

Jennie Wright 15:49
right. It was brutal. It was brutal. But and the funny thing is, is right after that the company bought one of those whiteboards, like the electronic ones, and they cost a fortune at the time. It was really crazy. But I want to talk about some boundaries with you. Boundaries are something that I find a lot of people struggle with, right? And five minutes, I can totally see five minutes stretching into way longer if you, me. So how important is it to stick to stick to the five minute rule? And how are we going to enforce it?

Linda Reed-Enever 16:19
Okay, set a timer. So use things like toggle, use things like the alarms on your phone, set a timer to be able to do it, I actually have here with me, we have a timer that actually runs for five minutes. It's a little sad one that comes through. But you know if I went and I won't say it, because it will kick into gear. But if I went hate particular software, set alarm for this moment of time. It's gonna make a bit of noise at me. And it's going to break the subconscious habit, I'll continually going down that rabbit Warren, I think what we also need to understand, when we work at look at five minutes, we're not looking at completing a blog post, we're not looking at completing something, we are looking at the ideas phase, so that things all add up. I mean, really, the only peaceful piece of content you can create in five minutes is an Instagram reel, or a short little tick tock video, that's 30 seconds, or take something to a tool like lumen five, and have some text or video done within the five minutes. So we're not looking at a fully paid paid piece of content, what we are looking for is actions that add up to getting us towards a fully completed piece of content. That got time. If you actually have time, look at your calendar, look at that sort of stuff. And you're really in the zone, then there's moments you will be in the zone and you just got to go for it.

Alyson Lex 17:36
That actually answered my next question because I can see, especially with that card, that second card, mapping out ideas, like you could hit on something and then that alarm goes off and you're like, I was on the verge of greatness.

Linda Reed-Enever 17:50
Yep. And if you've got the time, okay, that's the hardest thing. Otherwise, you're gonna walk away and come back. And see, it's actually a good thing to do. So walking away and coming back quite often brings a fresh approach. And those moments in time when we talk about boundaries, you know, that moment in time when you're marketing or you're doing something, you feel like you're bashing your head against the wall, this is not working, this is harder than it should be. I don't know why it's harder than I should be. We need to actually not continue to work on it. We need to almost shelve it, and then come back to it. And I've done it and I've been I want to have something done by what I call school pick up time here. Can't get it can't get it can't get it five minutes down the road in the car because I've walked away from it. The clarity comes in. And then I'm using the five minutes that I have in the car, I'm hitting the voice recorder and saying, okay, software, record my record this, and I'm recording the answer because the clarity is coming.

Alyson Lex 18:46
I find that that's actually just driving to school to pick up because I have those same things and usually what I do is I message Jenny with a voice memo. Yeah, she's my voice recorder,

Linda Reed-Enever 18:55
driving and shower, your voice your Franco's in the office.

Alyson Lex 18:59
They have waterproof notebooks that you write in with a grease pencil that I'm actually going to buy for the shower because I get the best ideas on there.

Jennie Wright 19:08
I don't I am one of the only people on the face of the planet that doesn't have shower thoughts.

Linda Reed-Enever 19:13
I only have good plans to get this thing

Jennie Wright 19:15
right but i if you give me like the weird thing is is if you give me and this is my I swear to God rest her soul My mom, she's probably laughing at me. If you give me a mop, a dusting cloth or something to clean. I can come up with the best ideas. It's also the way I get my answer out but that's a totally different episode. Right? But that I don't have the shower thoughts. I have the cleaning thoughts and that's like cleaning is when I I get my my calm and stuff like that. So you'll see me leave the desk for five or 10 minutes and I will like tidy the counters or, you know, go futz around with something and that's when the inspiration comes. And then I come back to the desk because that's when I need to walk away, right. But I don't get the shower thoughts I feel really left out. I

Alyson Lex 20:06
feel like we might have just landed on a special tip here, like, know where your clarity happens. And go do it when you need it.

Linda Reed-Enever 20:15
Absolutely. That's it steady something degrees here today. So it'll be about 36 degrees Celsius here today. Yesterday, I picked up my daughter from school, it's been one of those days where we've just done lots of little components and stuff. And my husband laughs at me because I put my my headphones on and my headphones are noise cancelling headphones, which means I can't hear any of you, I don't care what who you are, what you're doing. And I walk out to the treadmill. And I'm walking and I've got got up to that, you know that the seven and a half K's I'm quite happy with that. And I got a hit. And in the moment of clarity of everything that hit him was was there it was clear it was everything was ready to go. And I could get off now. But no, I'm gonna continue to do this other stuff. So once again, we voice recorded it. So look out for those moments of clarity. And remember, you are working in your own business, you can do this your own way. There's no one in the office looking at you. And if they are, and you're in the business anyway, just go with this is how it works.

Alyson Lex 21:15
Linda, I can't thank you enough for this because that is I mean, I feel less overwhelmed with my marketing. And I mark it for a living too. So thank you so much for sharing all of this. Where can we find out about you? Your amazing five minute deck, and all of the good things.

Linda Reed-Enever 21:34
Okay, most probably the easiest way is to actually just type lynnderella number into Google, I'm pretty gullible, which means I've done my job. But you will. You will find we run the Facebook group business business business. And we also run the community called the course creator circle, which helps you market and create and put your courses together as well. But if you head to my website, you'll find it now please don't get overwhelmed. You know, I have a systems girl. So we do have seven brands within what we run here. And it's the systems that I teach you guys, which is what allows me to be able to go, okay, bright, shiny object. Yes, it fits within our puzzle. How do we how do we make it go to market?

Alyson Lex 22:18
Awesome. And what we will do is go ahead and put all of those links on the show notes page of our podcasts so that people can just click right through, I will probably go ahead and link right to the page where you talk about your deck too, because there's so much fun. I'm going to order one. And I go into my marketing in five minute increments.

Jennie Wright 22:39
I want to give them to my clients.

Linda Reed-Enever 22:42
That's what I want to talk to me. Right.

Jennie Wright 22:44
That's Yeah, we definitely should talk about I think it's a great I think it's a great thing. I think it's a perfect thing that's on your desk and you're like, Okay, you know, you

Linda Reed-Enever 22:53
figure it out, you

Jennie Wright 22:53
pull it that five minutes, the information they shared with Sorry,

Linda Reed-Enever 22:57
it's not the only one we have. Oh, okay, quick, quick slides. And then we have the Inspire, engage connect on social media once to which literally social media actions,

Jennie Wright 23:07
oh, Linda, don't send me down the rabbit hole.

Linda Reed-Enever 23:09
Ah, this is not a trade coming at me. She also takes our the way we get our people to take action. So we've got ones coming up for blogging, clients go to business wisdom, one. And I've got one coming up. Yeah.

Jennie Wright 23:21
That's amazing. That's fantastic. Because

Linda Reed-Enever 23:23
as much as books are great people take action when they've got something in front of them, they do

Jennie Wright 23:27
100%. So go and check out everything that Linda just shared, we will link to everything in our show notes, because that's what we do. So go and check that out, check out our Facebook group as well, as well as all the different ways you can get in touch with Linda because we think she's amazing. And so will you. Thanks, everybody, for being on this particular episode with us. If you like what you're hearing, please do subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any episodes at all. We do these great episodes with our guests on Tuesdays. And then Alison, I get to have some, her and me time on Thursdays just the two of us. And then we drop episodes on Mondays, which are our Monday quick tips, which is just us by our love zones. So go and check those out. And if you like what you're hearing, please do also consider leaving us a review, we'd love to hear from you what you think. And if you've got any ideas or interests that you'd want us to cover in the podcast in the future, we're always looking to hear from you. And don't forget to check out so an eye out on our website System to There's lots of resources, great downloads, as well as all of the episodes where you can see Linda and all the previous guests. And you can also find out how you can work with Allison and I this is you know, this is a great team, the two of us and we love helping our clients grow their businesses in an authentic and transparent way which is part of our thrive framework. I got it and and we would love to connect with you. So thanks so much for being here, Linda, we appreciate you. And we'll be back again soon answering another big question.



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