About The System To Thrive

In March 2020, there was one word on everyone’s lips: Coronavirus.

Anxiety was high.

Business was down. (Like, way down. For a lot of people.)

And Alyson was up late one night messaging Jennie that they needed to do a webinar.

A webinar that would HELP others and show them it was OK to keep building their businesses.

Less than 24 hours later, the opt-in page was up and the webinar was being promoted.

That webinar was called The System to THRIVE.

Just a couple months later they realized that something BIG was born.

A system that actually allowed their clients to make money and feel GOOD about doing it. Even after the global pandemic began to ease. 

So it got turned into a podcast. A website. A movement.

And here you are.

So Who Are You?

You’re a coach, online business owner, or service provider… and you’re just about all done with the sleaze and the slime from selling yourself online.

You know your customers and clients want more… but it seems that everywhere you turn, yet another guru is telling you to pull yourSELF out of the business and automate more.

To put your stuff 100% on autopilot. That’s the only way you’ll make money.

And you know that there’s got to be more than that for you.

You want to embrace your community with open arms, show them who you really are inside, and still make boatloads of cash doing it.

(Am I close?)

It is 100% possible to THRIVE while still serving your clients. That’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it.

The T.H.R.I.V.E. Framework

We talk about the THRIVE Framework in Episode 1 of our podcast, but here’s a quick rundown:


You want to be there for them. You’re also running a business. This is OKAY. It’s OKAY to make money. As long as you’re up front about your intention so you don’t come across as inauthentic or scammy.

be HELPFUL before you ask for money

Your customer has probably been burned before. They’re not going to just hand their wallet over. If you just up and ask for money before you help them come to terms with their situation, you’re going to leave a bad taste in their mouths.


Not everyone will be able to work with you at your highest level program. THIS IS OKAY. This is your opportunity to create resources to meet them where they are.

INVITE instead of command

Instead of commanding, make the ethical ask or invitation to talk about the next step. Give them a no-hard feelings out… and MEAN it.

Deliver VALUE before all else

No matter what you do, provide real value. This can be in the form of a few moments of consulting on your sales call, a plan that you’ve put together in the form of a proposal, or a list of resources they can use if they don’t work with you. Providing value helps you step out of sleazy territory and into an authentic business owner.

ENGAGE before, during and after the sale

Before, during and after your content delivery and sales presentations, engage with your prospects. Let them know you see them, and that you understand why they’re making the decision they’re making.

So… are you ready to THRIVE with us?