The Magic of Collaboration 
Between Two Experts

Committed to Helping 
You Succeed

When you’re a coach, online business owner, or service provider… It can be hard to distance yourself from the sleaze and the slime from selling yourself online.

And let’s face it: the world - it’s a-changing. COVID has accelerated the timeline of getting back to the people-in-business way of doing things - and your customers and clients want more of you. (Even if the “gurus” are telling you to pull yourself out of your business, automate more, and give less of yourself.)

You know there’s more than that for you. You don’t want to put your stuff 100% on autopilot to make more money.

You want to embrace your community with open arms, show them who you really are inside, and make boatloads of cash while making your people feel seen and fully served.

(Are we close? Awesome, then you’re in the right place.)

It’s 100% possible to THRIVE in your business while still serving your clients. That’s our story. We’re sticking to it.

But who are we?

We’re Jennie and Alyson

Two industry experts and best friends who have joined forces to be the change we want to see in the marketing world.

Not performative transparency.

Not hit-you-over-the-head authenticity.

Just real people serving real people who want to serve (you guessed it) - real people.

We’ve been friends since 2014. 

We’ve been experts a lot longer.

And now, we’re the podcast co-hosts and strategy experts of your dreams - because we actually give a damn about our clients’ success and frankly - we get our kicks from helping others succeed.

Ready to See How We Can Help?

Jennie Wright has produced over 500 list builds - summits, challenges, giveaways and webinars. She’s the List Build and Lead Generation Strategist you want on your side when you’re committed to organic growth of your list, community and profits.

Alyson Lex has written millions of words of high-converting copy since 2007 - and those millions of words have translated to millions of dollars in revenue for her clients. She’s the High Conversion Sales Copy Expert you want on your team when you need marketing that works.

And now that we’ve teamed up to share what they know… watch out, world! Because we’re coming for your low conversion rates, feel-bad marketing strategies, hustle-and-grind until you drop work life, and wondering how you’re ever going to do this on your own.

Whether you want to simply listen to the podcast and do it all yourself… or you want our expert help on your side, one thing’s for sure:

It’s gonna be a fun ride.

Have a project you want to get off the ground? Not sure how to build your business? Want to create a course or launch a book or grow your list?

It all starts with the discovery call.

When you schedule a discovery call with us, you’re signing up for WAY more than a “here’s what we do and how much it costs” type of situation.

Because we’re strategists and brainstormers by nature. Yes, we’re well-versed in list building, copy, implementation and marketing techniques… 

but we L-O-V-E getting down & dirty in your business to create a strategy that works not only for your audience… but for you, your life and your goals.

See how we can help you build the business you want.

So… What does THRIVE Mean, Anyway?

THRIVE is an acronym. (Alyson loves these.)

It’s our system (hence the podcast name) for being wildly successful while still being the kind of person you want to be.

It was developed during the pandemic for a webinar that Jennie & Alyson held to help their circles of business owners get back to their roots and still feel good about selling while the world was going… well, you know.

We talk about the THRIVE Framework in Episode 1 of our podcast, but here’s a quick rundown:

Want 128 Content Topics Generated for Your Business, Your Niche, and Your Expertise… 

so you don’t have to think twice about the content you generate for blogs, emails or social media?