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So you know that in order to gain new clients, you’ve got to be seen as the expert by your clients. And frankly, one of the best ways is to land on some stages. BUT 2020 hasn’t really been helpful in that regard, so things are going virtual.

Which means there's a HUGE opportunity for you to reach a global audience without ever stepping foot outside your cozy home office… and we knew that we wanted to get someone in here to help you talk about exactly how to do that.

Enter Caterina Rando – an amazing business breakthrough specialist and speaker who helps women entrepreneurs claim their expertise through their knowledge and speaking. She’s got an incredible strategy that I can’t wait to learn more about and she’s going to share it with us today.


Thriving Women in Business Community Website – TWIBC provides a variety of resources for women who want to thrive even more in their businesses. If you're an ambitious female entrepreneur who is in business and wants to uplift others, has a mission, and desires to serve, this is the place for you.

Caterina's Website – Caterina's home on the web and where you can find out about her programs, speaking engagements, and more!

Set Yourself Up to THRIVE In Sales Workshop – This workshop will show you:

  • The big mistake many entrepreneurs make when wanting to add new clients and what to do instead that will work
  • The influence equation and how to make it work for you so that more people want to discuss working with you
  • The guiding principle that will fill your virtual, or live and in-person room every time, so you have more influence with more potential clients
  • Simple steps to ensure you always have time to have sales conversations that result in consistent new client enrollment
  • How to keep your clients coming back so that they are not short term, instead your clients become long-term and life-long clients
  • BONUS: Caterina will also share a few super tips for delivering amazing virtual workshops every time.

PLUS use code VIP27 to save $20 off the $47 registration fee.



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