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So if you're in the US and you're in business, you might have set up an LLC.

Alyson has been doing it this way since 2013. And she will be the first to tell you, she's make so many mistakes. And we knew that other entrepreneurs have made the same mistakes too.

Enter Wendy Byford – She is the LLC expert. She knows how to keep you protected. She knows how to keep you on track. She knows how to help you fix your mistakes. And the best thing is she tells you it's not too late to start fixing them. As long as you start now.

We are so glad she's here and we know you'll find this episode useful.


BizEngaged For Entrepreneurs with LLC's – The BizEngaged Facebook group is a great resource for all entrepreneurs looking for solid, practical advice on how to use their LLC effectively AND grow their business.

Wendy's Website– Wendy's home on the web and where you can find out about her programs, speaking engagements, and more!



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