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Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex

The big question is this: As entrepreneurs, coaches, and business owners - how do we consistently sell our products, programs and services withOUT making our customers feel like we're only in it for the almighty dollar? How do we serve the way we know we're meant to serve and still run a profitable business? How do we put good into the world while we put dollars into our pockets? How do we change the lives of our community while also bettering the life we lead?

It's not a zero-sum game. It's not an either/or scenario. It is possible to THRIVE while serving your clients to the best of your ability. We'll show you how.

We're Jennie Wright & Alyson Lex - and welcome to The System to THRIVE.

What We Cover On The Podcast

We're SUPER honed in on helping you market authentically and transparently. But that doesn't mean we won't help you be successful! We cover the following cornerstones of marketing:

money turning into a plant/seedling

Organic Promotion

There are plenty of people who teach how to run ads. But we're focused on organically building an authentic relationship with your audience ... in a way that yields results.

woman writing in front of a computer

Sales Copy That Converts

From social media posts to emails to sales pages... your copy has to be on point if you ever hope to make a sale. We'll show you inside tricks to copy that converts (and trust us... we know.)

Building Your List

Building a list full of raving fans will help you serve the people you love to work with... and generate income doing it.

Engaging Your Following

Not everyone will be ready to work with you the minute they meet you. That's why engaging your following is critical to your sales success.

Product Creation

So you've got a list and they love you. Now it's time to figure out what to sell! We'll help you create products that generate buzz, results AND income. From the research to the execution, you'll have products you can be proud of.

holding out credit card to purchase

Selling Your Products

Whether you've got a few products already created or you're making new ones... you've got to position and sell them in a way that not only gets the conversion, but helps your audience see the win-win in the situation.

Hi, I'm Alyson

I’ve been writing direct response sales copy for 12+ years, with a few of the following results:

  • One landing page I wrote had an 82+% opt-in rate
  • A copy review I completed resulted in $23,000+ in additional revenue for the business owner
  • I was the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle and my copy contributed to millions of dollars in sales of events, products, coaching programs and memberships.
  • A client of mine increased optins by 21% and she's converting at 25% to the sale.
  • I routinely get 40-50%+ conversions on landing pages and help my clients achieve multiple times the investment to work with me.
  • The first salesletter I ever wrote resulted in over $8,000 in under 3 days from a list barely over 200 people. (I guess I'm just that good.)

I’m also a crazy cat lady (I have 8 of them) and have once been bitten by a giraffe. Neither of those contributes to my copy skills, but the giraffe thing is funny at least. 

Jennie Wright Image
Hi, I'm Jennie

I've been helping digital marketers (like you) figure out how to market, communicate, brand and grow their niche businesses to super success. 

I'm a List Building and Lead Generation Expert and it shows in my experience: 

  • My clients routinely see 45-75% opt in rates on landing pages
  • List Builds I plan have generated anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 income for the host.
  • I've done nearly 250 online summits, 40 digital challenges, 100+ webinars ... and more happening every single week with my "List Build 2.0" System
  • I've grown and run 3 successful Facebook groups and used them to generate thousands of leads for myself and my clients. 
  • I've grown my list by THOUSANDS using only 100% ORGANIC traffic.

I passionately believe in authentic list building and marketing, but I'm even more passionate about authentic marketing that drives real results.

My office is full of houseplants (I'm completely obsessed) and I not-so-secretly love Star Trek and history documentaries.

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What Others Say


Alyson is fabulous! She truly cares and provides value and the advice you need, meeting you where you are. She took the time to give me the tips for my biz for which I am very grateful and look forward doing business with her in the future. Thank you Alyson!

Mirela Borsan 

Career & Life Coach


 If you're looking to learn how to build an email list - Jennie is your go-to person. She provides 150% value in what ever she does. She wants you to be successful - she pushes, and has homework so you really have value at the end. THANK YOU Jennie for everything you've done to support me!

Wendy Haney



At any rate, I am raging.  The material way over delivered, which is a good thing, and I congratulate you all.  You were all very comprehensive and very organized with what you offered.  And it's clear that you are the consummate professionals on each of these subjects.

You not only talk about the what needs to be done, but you show the how.  I can't tell you how rare that it, and it is super appreciated.

Cheryl Meyer

Health Coach