The resources on this page will help you implement your own System to THRIVE.


Clickfunnels - Our favorite landing and sales page builder - made to be easy. Get a 14-day free trial.

ActiveCampaign - Our preferred email marketing system - it has easy automation and segmentation, a user-friendly interface, and other powerful features. - Offers free machine-driven transcription with decent quality and fast turnaround. Use our link to get a free month of premium features.

StreamYard - a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Captivate - we host our podcast here, and we couldn't love it more! They have incredible analytics, and their pricing system is super fair (based on number of downloads instead of audio length.) They offer a 7-Day free trial.

We Love

The Ultimate Sales Letter - One of the first books Alyson ever read about copywriting, and a perfect resource for anyone looking to up their game.

Traffic Secrets - If you want to get a handle on how to get traffic to your website, funnels etc., then you'll want to check out Traffic Secrets. These are long term strategies that will help you build a list of buyers and followers in record time... no matter what platform you're using.

Expert Secrets -  A great resource for finding your voice, and creating a message that will connect with your audience so you can convert more visitors and email subscribers into buyers and help the people you are called to serve.

DotCom Secrets - This is the first book Jennie read about funnels and it's been updated recently. This is a great go-to for building an online business using high converting sales funnels.

Copywriting Resources

The Sales Page That Writes Itself  - This free download will give you Alyson's easiest way to create sales copy from scratch - withOUT writing a single word.

Headline Analyzer - Use this headline analyzer to double check how powerful your headline is. Alyson & Jennie don't write anything without it! 

Organic Promotion Resources

Poddit  - This free platform helps to connect podcasters and guests to organically and authentically boost each other's audience and provide high-value content.


Better Proposals  - Jennie & Alyson both use and swear by this proposal software to create proposals that contribute to their 85+% close rate. (Discover how we use it during Episode 5 of the podcast, available 7/23/20.)

Some links contained on this page may be affiliate links. We never recommend any product or service that we haven't personally used or found to get good results for our clients and network. You are always free to search and purchase directly from the company withOUT using our link if you so desire.