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When you want to grow your business online, you have a few options:

Option 1 - do it alone

We love when people go it alone. They have the grit and the determination to make it happen no matter what. After all… that's how we started in our own businesses...

But going it on your own can lead to a few things. Paralysis, misinformation, and overwhelm are the 3 big ones. Because doing it alone means you’re only relying on yourself - your own expertise, your own ability to learn, and your own time constraints.

When that happens, a lot of people move into…

Option 2 - get some help

Now, if we love it when people go for it on their own… we REALLY love it when our audience tells us they’re getting help. Why? Because they’ve identified where their limits are and have actively worked to overcome them by hiring experts to help them.

Now - just to set this up properly: This is the part of the sales page where we tell you why Jennie & Alyson are the ones to help you. If you keep reading, you’re going to get some good questions that you should be asking ANYONE you’re interviewing to help you with your business… and ultimately, it’s our goal that you’ll schedule a call with us to see how we can help.

Want to skip the reading?

Jennie and Alyson.... give actionable steps, they set achievable goals, but do it in a positive encouraging way.

Tonya Sowles

Business Consultant, CEO of Sowles Consulting

How Jennie & Alyson can help you grow your business, increase your profit, and serve your audience… in 4 easy steps.

Step #1: The Discovery Call

When you schedule a discovery call, you’re signing up for WAY more than a “here’s what we do and how much it costs” type of situation.

Because we’re strategists and brainstormers by nature. Yes, we’re well-versed in list building, copy, implementation and marketing techniques… but we L-O-V-E getting down & dirty in your business to create a strategy that works not only for your audience… but for you, your life and your goals.

Want to put in a lot of work now and have a hands-off business later? We’re helping someone do that right now.

Want to leverage some publicity and credibility you already have in your industry? Funnily enough, we’re doing that now too.

Want to use the expertise you already have and break into new markets or new niches? You guessed it - we’re doing that as well.

All of these businesses look different because the business OWNER is different - and you’ll be no exception. No cookie-cutter business building here - it’s all fresh ideas customized to exactly what you need and want for your life.

Want to get that awesome
discovery call started?

Step #2: We’ll work to leverage the expertise & audience you already have

Everyone has to start somewhere. So whether you’re starting with 1 follower or 100,000 of them… we’re going to figure out how to create some fast-cash wins in your business.

This is what will help you see profit FAST while we work with you behind the scenes to create your long-term play. It’s all part of the strategy and it’s what we do best.

Step #3: We’ll help you create programs & products & courses that convert

Whatever offer you have right now - awesome. We’ll use the heck out of it. But we’re also going to figure out what you can do down the road so you continue to grow.

We’re not just building a funnel with you - we’re building a business. And we’re as invested in your success as you are - because we love nothing more than celebrating with you and watching your wins stack up one after the other.

Step #4: We help you rinse & repeat and keep it going

All of our strategies are designed to work together - because your marketing doesn’t belong in a silo. Your marketing should all work in a way that builds your entire business so you can leverage each and everything you’re doing in a way that matters to your bottom line.

What’s more - all the strategies are meant to be long-lasting. Of course we may create specific campaigns that are for specific purposes - but we don’t want you to create special courses for one small segment or small marketing initiative and then never be able to use them again.

So we’ll help you rinse & repeat everything we do together to get the most out of your time with us.

Want these steps for your business?

I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. You helped me warm up my audience and get my ideal clients into my beta course. I'm thrilled to keep working with you.

Wendy Byford

Business Coach

But the best part of this whole thing is that baked throughout these steps is that you’re not just getting a “here’s your strategy now see you later” type of team on your side.

You’re getting partners who will help you get. it. done. 

Need a landing page? Cool - we’ll get it written and implemented and all you have to do is say “yup, looks great.”

Want a social strategy? We’ve got pre-qualified and trusted partners that can do it all from posts to growth to community management.

Want someone to mail out physical gifts to your clients? We happen to have a long-term relationship with a fulfillment center that can handle that for you.

In our 25+ years of combined business, we’ve amassed a network of people who can do practically anything under the sun to grow your business…

and what’s more, we will personally work with them AND you to help make it all as seamless as possible.

(Yes, that means we’ll work with anyone that’s already on YOUR team, as well. We don’t want to replace anyone and we don’t get kickbacks from the introductions we make.)

It’s all in the name of providing excellent service and results for our clients.)

Ready to grow your business?

Ever since we've started to grow my list, there are exciting things to come in our collaboration. If you really want to build a list, if you want to grow your audience, reach out to them.

Alex Brueckmann

Strategy Expert

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